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  1. lunch on 8/5 - Restaurant was about 1/2 full. Ordered -burger, 2 cheeseburgers, one order fries, fountain soda, and a shake - Total with tax $ 22.19

    We really liked the fries,shoestring with some very crispy edges, not greasy. Burgers were okay,but almost overcooked. Cheese had a great taste, but burgers seem a little lost in the buns.My son had a shake, very thick but slightly blah flavor. I think the ice cream brand is below average.Kid's favorite part was how they walk around yelling people's names to deliver food and no one listens to them. It's an open modern looking space, so it's very noisy.

    Will we go back ? Maybe but probably not right away. Too many similar places.

  2. It was an experience.They search bags and pat you down when you enter. If you have a sealed bottle beverage they pour it in a plastic cup for you to take in with you. Same when you buy a drink they pour in in a a cup. Snapple $ 5 a bottle ouch ! The food items were overpriced and not very interesting. $ 5 hotdog, $ 6 burger, ect.

    Anyway It poured ,thunder, lightening and very few places were covered.The parking lot was a nightmare to get out of.

    I won't be going back. Guess I'm just too old.Kids loved it. Husband spent last part waiting in car.

  3. We ate here last night. There is a nice patio out back. We were seated here until we saw them bring out the big glass ashtrays for the smokers. The patio is definitely not a place for non smokers.

    Inside the front doors were opened to the street.They brought over a nice bread with an oil dipping sauce. Some items come in two sizes.There were some specials as well.

    We ordered the chorizo, yukon potatoes, tortilla with the stilton , chicken skewers, a fruit and cheese plate and a small pitcher of sangria. There were three of us it was around $ 80 before the tip. Service was attentive and very courteous.We left about 7:30 , but there were never more than a few tables.

    We walked around afterward looking for dessert but didn't find anything interesting.

  4. It seems the Arts centrer has a lot of new rules since the last time I was there. The artists ? decide if there will be tailgating. In this case NO and they don't open the parking lots until 2 hours before show time. I remember it being a lot different years ago.

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