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  1. hfaze

    Turkey sausage recipes?

    well, ducks aren't too cute if she doesn't know what it is! thanks for the ideas!
  2. hfaze

    Turkey sausage recipes?

    no, not health reasons. she doesn't like to eat "cute" things. she was a vegetarian when we met - took me over a year to get her to eat chicken, turkey and fish. i was wondering about the drying out part - any ideas on a good fruit to add? dried cranberries maybe ... where would one get schmaltz? i've never seen in the local grocery store - or maybe i never looked on that aisle.
  3. My fiancé doesn't eat pork (or cow or any other mammal ) so I'm wanting to make a sausage she can eat with her French toast in the morning. How can I turn a pack of ground turkey from the store and a few yet unnamed spices in to great patties? I like sweet sausages so a little maple syrup in the mix would be ok. Also, are the any other tips for altering ground pork or beef recipes into turkey ones? Meatloaf is next. edit: GAH! You can't fix misspellings in titles can you?
  4. hfaze

    Tim Tam Biscuits

    i saw natalie imbruglia on some talk show on BBCA chatting about this process. after this thread, i found a place online to order them... http://www.everythingaustralian.com/timtamor.html and, for adam, the violet crumble http://www.everythingaustralian.com/violcrumbar.html they are based in arkansas, usa! i think i'm going to try this when my package arrives!
  5. hfaze

    Flavored mayonnaise

    i've seen kewpie at the local (and only) japanese grocer in the city (charlotte, nc, if you know of another japanese store, lemme know) and almost bought it a few times, but found another box of pocky to be a wiser purchase. i'll have to pick some up this weekend. i'll make up a few batches of mayo using mustard and other flavorings. i'll just give the extra to my parents - they eat much more of it than i've ever dared to. this is all great advice!
  6. hfaze

    Flavored mayonnaise

    duke's is a famous brand of manyonnaise in the southern us (at least in nc, my parents and grandparents swear by it). glad to know the process is simple! i'll try it soon. thanks!
  7. how do you make flavored mayo? will duke's work or should i make it from scratch. what's the best way to make a basil wasabi mayonnaise? drop cut basil and wasabi powder (paste) in to mayo and stir? what about chipotle mayo? i'm asking for a generalized technique for the newbies. thanks
  8. hfaze

    Dinner! 2002

    italian pride day: sauted spinach (sea salt, cracked black pepper), fettuccini (heavy cream, butter, parmeian, ricotta, pepper) and tomato sauce (roma tomatoes, EVOO, shallot, oregano, garlic, sea salt, merlot)
  9. cracker + feta + honey = great celery and peanut butter is good. don't think i've seen that mentioned. my father likes pickles with brownies. his whole side of the family loves a slice of tomato (home grown) in a biscuit, but i find that disgusting.
  10. thanks for the help!
  11. forgive a newbie question but, i bought a few packs of dried mushrooms at d&d and i'm unsure as to the best way to bring them back to life. the package says to soak them in water or white wine. soaking them in wine and then sautéing them in butter doesn't seem bad, but is this a good approach?
  12. hfaze

    Dinner! 2002

    this has been a wonderful thread, and i'm so glad i found this board! after 25 years of watching cooking shows on TV i've actually decided to start cooking myself and this place has given me so many ideas! i cooked dinner for my girlfriend sunday: fettucine alfredo based off of a mario batali recipe: tossed cooked pasta with butter, chopped roasted garlic, romano, and asagio. topped with grilled chicken and fresh oregano. roasted roma tomatoes (EVOO, s&p). creme brule to finish.
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