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  1. conor610

    Bison Burgers

    Don't overcook it, or over-work the meat. Med rare is the most you can cook it for it to be juicy. Season the meat while mixing it, before forming the patties, too. If all else fails, a fried egg on top can hide many flaws!
  2. Jolly Rancher watermelon is ambrosia. So natural it's divine.
  3. I pronounce it "mas-kar-PO-NE" because that's how it's pronounced. It's not "mas-kar-PON" and it sure as hell ain't "mar-ska-PON." I'm not being a snob, or claiming to be Italian, or co-opting another culture; I'm just trying to say the word. As it's pronounced by the people who invented it (the cheese and the word). Re: the NPR comment, out here in LA we have Adolfo Guzman Lopez, who is the world's champion in speaking in an American accent for a whole story...until he comes to his name. Hilarity always ensues (which must look strange to the others stuck in traffic on the 405, but never mind.
  4. Am I a Philistine for thinking the one on the left looks about 1000x more appetizing?
  5. My wife and I had our rehearsal dinner at Backstreet Cafe, and it was really excellent--Sean, the sommelier, could not have been more friendly and helpful, and the food was superb.
  6. Fage and Liberte goat's milk yogurt. Haven't tried Chobani yet, but I've got some in the fridge for tomorrow morning.
  7. I. Cannot. Stand. Chopping. Garlic. The paper sticks, they cloves are too small to really do it the "right" way (like a tiny onion, right?), and you always need so much more of it than you think you do. Luckily, my wife LOVES chopping and prepping (it's her OCD I guess) and doesn't like doing the actual cooking...which I adore. So it all works out. (Except for the dishes. Guess we need kids.)
  8. My wife and I are taking our honeymoon in December, and will be spending a week in Rome (and a week in London and one in Florence...rough life, right?). I studied in Rome for a semester in 2002, but that's 8 years ago now (!) and, of course, I was a callow (and broke) undergrad. I'm only marginally less broke now, but I know for sure I'm a better eater (just ask my scale), so I don't really trust my food memories from that trip. My two favorites were Remo (glad to see it's still good, according to this thread) and Taverna de' Mercanti--has anyone been to the latter recently? Apart from want
  9. conor610

    Short Ribs

    Two words: pressure cooker. Just as good as braising, in one fifth the time.
  10. Jitlada, on Sunset in Thai Town. The Southern Thai menu is not to be missed--everything on it is great. Try the khua kling with lamb, and the green curry with fishballs stuffed with salted egg yolks.
  11. Stone's Sublimely Self-Righteous last night. After reading the reviews on BA, I kind of expected it to be a "trick" beer--it looks like a stout but tastes like an IPA!--but in fact I thought it was very nicely balanced, with the hops really giving a bracing acidity and bitterness and the black malts rounding out the mouthfeel. Delicious, and I'll definitely have it again.
  12. I can't stand uni. I know that I'm supposed to swoon over it, or something, but it's just so...so... squicky. Texture's usually not a problem for me (I love me some raw Kumamoto oysters, for example), but somehow the flavor-texture combo of uni just kills me. I try it every 6 months or so, just to be sure, and...yep. Still gross.
  13. How dare you knock the delight that is the Baron?! Man, I love me some Red Baron Special Deluxe. There's just something about it. Could be the msg, could be the incredibly low-quality meats, could be the easily burnt crust...but all together, it's just so satisfying.
  14. I've never understood why people are so opposed to Chipotle. It's not as if most other mission-style burritos are much better--how could they be? They are good because they are so simple--and when you live somewhere that doesn't have many other options for that kind of burrito, they're a great choice. And when I was growing up in a suburban wasteland, Bertucci's was a more than welcome relief from Pizza Hut, Domino's, etc...and I still think their rolls are delicious. So no, chains are not evil--if what they offer is as good or better than what else is locally available, they can be a very
  15. Someone spilled food coloring/cranberry juice/blood into the pot?
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