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  1. I have a Barbeque restaurant in Windsor, Ontario called Smoke & Spice. It would be my pleasure to have you dine with us as I am a huge fan of your site. Let me know when you are planning to arrive and I will make sure I am there to show you around. P.S. Don't miss out on Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit. ryangary13@hotmail.com
  2. The Windsor market has a shop called Far Flung Foods. They should be able to help. http://www.farflungfoods.com/index.html
  3. The one thing nobody is mentioning is the fact that people in Detroit have simpler tastes. Steakhouses and places doing fried or broiled fish are usually the busiest and most successfull. Perhaps the fact that Detroit is a blue collar city is the reason no one or hardly no one is breaking any culinary ground. Just look at Detroit Free Press restaurant of the year last year Seldom Blues I find it hard to believe that any restaurant that serves shrimp cocktail and Caesar salad can be the best anything. Just my opinion.
  4. I wast just wondering if Australia has any restaurants that specialize in Southern US Bbq. Smoked pork butts, chicken ribs and brisket etc.
  5. I tried to move to Australia a few years ago and my Visa application was denied(still not entirely sure why). I sent out applications for jobs beforehand and they all said they would not hire me unless I had a visa. I am still kinda bitter about not being able to go and hope your experience is rewarding. If I went I think I would have stayed in Melbourne or Brisbane as Sydney seems to be very expensive.
  6. I believe the reason most people add milk or cream to coffee or tea is to soften the tannins that make them bitter.
  7. It's a great way for us at our restaurant to get use the rinds of Parmiagiano. I just simmer the rinds in chicken stock for about 30-45 minutes. It makes the most amazing broth for risotto and also the best chicken noodle soup.
  8. From New York Metro Magazine http://nymag.com/restaurants/features/25586/index.html I personally like short sleeve chef coats. The long sleeve always remind me of pajama tops and I was always rolling up the sleeves.
  9. Why does everyone think that the head chef needs to be in the kitchen every minute of the day for the kitchen to put out good food. The cooks and chefs de partie and sous chefs are the ones who do the actual cooking day in and day out and just because the chef steps out for a day or two does not mean the kitchen falls apart.
  10. Anybody serving a good cheesesteak in Ann Arbor?
  11. Why are they serving asparagus and corn in late fall?
  12. This is off topic but this weekend special at my bistro is cervena tenderloin,butternut squash puree, braised cabbage and black currant jus. We are also 28 seats and located in Windsor. Bizarro world indeed.
  13. Yeah that's what I heard. I didn't mean to imply that there aren't any good restaurants just that given the landscape I would have expected more that's all.
  14. So what's the deal with the lack of a lot of good restaurants in this affluent part of Michigan.
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