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  1. I'll eat and drink it all except for Lima Beans, raw Tripe, Sardines in the can, and roasted rats.
  2. The top-rated cocoa for both hot chocolate and baking was Van Leer 120 Cocoa, available by mail from New York Cake, 1-800-942-2539
  3. Thomas Jefferson... It would blow his mind. Mine too!!
  4. I will be travelling over to Leeds - York area the 3rd of August for 3 weeks. I can see York Place will be must do... Any other suggestions and might there be an Egullet get together during that time? It would be fun to meet some limey gulleters. Cheers Pat
  5. Yikes... Interesting. We have certainly come a long way from Horn & Hardarts!! It might be years away from reaching Sarasota, Fl. but if I make it up that way I hope they take cash!!
  6. Ditto on all that has been said here.. Huge influence in my life. Anyone remember his brass peppermill? I bought one after seeing how impressed he was and still use it daily and think of him. RIP
  7. Great pics.. I am a little confused though.. Egg rolls are made to the best of my knowledge with a Wonton type wrapper. They can be great if homemade, although most fall short where I live from a local Chinese restaurant. Spring Rolls are a totally different animal. Much lighter due to the wrapper and personally my fav. I make a ton of them. Vietnamese Rolls are see though. Rice paper. Very delicate and tasty. Of course the options of fillings for all of these run the gamut!!!
  8. Fabulous pics Jason and Rachael!! I am drooling here. One of my missions in life has been finding the perfect seasoned Gyro (pronounced yee-ro) meat to make at home. If you have ever had one well made your search never ends. It's very difficult here in SW Florida to find a decent one. I found a recipe on the web and played with it this weekend. It was as good if not better than some of the best greek joints I have tried. The difference between this and Greek gyros is the absence of lamb.. It's excellent!!! Next time I will lamb also. Bought lean ground sirloin and put it in the food
  9. I was just perusing my August Food & Wine and came across an article using a Mattone (Italian Brick) It's a two piece clay vessel. The top lid needs to fit inside the bottom which applies pressure to the chicken. Not sure if chicken brick on ebay does that but it looks interesting!! A Mattone can be purchased at Sur La Table, W-S etc.
  10. I was wondering if the guests on your show are friends of yours or are they chosen in a different manner. Any chance of copping a seat for a taping? Your friend
  11. I moved away from NY long ago so can't express any opinions here regarding dessert heaven there. My choice would be to go home, make some incredible flavoured whip cream with some fresh fruit and get into bed... The following day, go to the restaurant of your choice and time and have at it!!!
  12. BTW Steve, Great topic!! I have so many memories of restaurants back in the late 50's growing up on LI. That puts me at age 7. Luchow's in NYC... Manero's (Steak House) between Port Blvd. and Northern Blvd. Louie's Restaurant on Manhasset Bay. ( I started working there when I was 7). Ho Jo's, of course past Douglaston. ( Fried Clams and Mocha Chip ice cream... ummm.. This topic has knocked a few cob webs out.
  13. ummmmmmm. I don't get this? As a reviewer does it really matter if you are incognito or out there for all to see? I would think that a kitchen would strive to put out the best that they can and be consistent no matter what. Sure, they can throw perks if they know they are being reviewed but down the line what does that accomplish? An honest review, yes, but for the next diner? Just a thought....
  14. Interesting topic... The more you read here and watch food related shows etc. the more you learn about certain products out there. I love the old staples. Give me Parmagianno-Reggiano, white truffle oil, Dried porcini's, saffron, extra vecchio Balsamic, Madagascar vanilla.. etc etc.. It is expensive but I have found a little goes a long way. I guess it is a matter of taste. Bottled dressing? no phucking way!!! Well maybe if I was in a pinch and desperate. It is so easy to make fabulous fresh dressing. I could ramble on..... ;-)
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