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  1. jclaar

    Home Roasting

    So I just read up on the cast iron pan method.....not something I would have thought of but it looks interesting. My roaster just blows hot air....but like I said before it's dying slowly. I noticed something mentioned about how it smells...to me when it's first starting to roast it smells like hay, Then maybe burnt hay but doesn't really smell like coffee until it rests like LiveItUp said...a day or two is best. Has anyone noticed that a lot of times the home roasted coffee smells like chocolate almost? And does anyone have a favorite? Mine is Guatemalan anything, but especially Hue Hue
  2. jclaar

    Home Roasting

    Welcome jclaar, I think you'll get lots of responses but I must say having roasted my own coffee at home exactly once I am extremely stoked to do it again. I used a cheap-o aluminum stove top popcorn maker with a crank, waited for the first crack, and then ran outside to de-chaff with colanders just before they went black. I brewed some right away and then some the next day. The second batch was substantially better. I am confident that with a few more iterations I can approach and possibly surpass my local roasters. Plus its a lot of fun. You must check out an egFoodblog from earlier this su
  3. I"ll keep my eyes open as far as the book goes, any possible appearances related to that. When is that due out again? or is it out now?
  4. HI ...new to the forum so HI However I"m a long time fan of NR, I just love Tony I think he's one of the most awesome humans on the planet. I love his attitude about everything. He seems down to earth. I too missed the Cleveland episode, same deal where the DVR did a hiccup and it's not on there, everyone swears they didn't delete it. However I saw the HK show and this weeks SC show....that was some serious down home cooking type food there. I'm so looking forward to Tuscany next week, the food there ought to be simply amazing. Question: Does anyone know if he plans to come to the NW p
  5. jclaar

    Home Roasting

    Yay some other roasters out there! My poor roaster is about to die though I need to get a new one. This is the second one I've had in like 6 years or so and it gets used HEAVILY
  6. Hey all I"m new here and found a thread on coffee, one of my favorite things. At home we roast our own coffee, and it's by far the best tasting coffee I've ever had. It's super fresh all the time, and we get our coffee from a couple of different places who gets their supply from all over the world. So we get coffee beans from great crops, and it's also a lot less expensive this way. I don't know if this topic had been covered before but it didn't seem like it. Has anyone else on here tried roasting coffee? Or have you tried it from someone else? What do you think? Thanks! Jeanine
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