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  1. You'll be pleased to know that there is no A/C.
  2. Very cool report!!! I'm heading over to your side of the lake for Thai food and I think I'll start at Thai Spice. Just out of curiosity, what about Thai Pot? I've been there twice, but not too recently. I thought it was so-so, but clearly you're an afficianado, so what's the scoop?
  3. Add Brennan's to the list for classic cocktails and some "Funk" Check out this link: http://www.brennansneworleans.com/menus.html
  4. Come on, you're comparing The Swizzle Stick to Zig Zag??? That's not even remotely fair. There are only a handful of bars like the Swizzle Stick, that actually craft cocktails, and you've mentioned most of them above. The most interesting and intruiging drinks right now are coming from the restaurants, many of which are launching fantastic cocktail programs. I think of Lilette, Bourbon House, Cochon, Iris, Emerils, Delmonico, One Restaurant and Lounge, Marigny Brasserie, Dante's Kitchen, Commander's and more. That trend is on the rise. The Delachaise is indeed pursuing more cocktail craftwork at the behest of the Chef, Chris Debarr and one of the bartenders, Neil, who is quite talented. I'm a fan of the cocktails at The Napoleon House, The French 75, Napoleon's Itch and St. Joe's, in addition to those places named above. The TP bar guide had no cocktails? I didn't have a chane to read it, I was still crying about there beng no restaurant review from Brett. No cocktails in a bar guide is pretty lame, but maybe there's a method to the madness?
  5. I know one thing, those cash only places are definitely placing themselves in a position to be heavily scrutinized by IRS, so they'd better be keeping some seriously tight records. In the early days post storm, it was one thing to be cash only and I get it for small spots like Casamento's who also operate seasonally. Random restaurants that operate "cash only" are conspicuous IMHO and. P.S. I used to work for the IRS Criminal Investigation Division.
  6. How cool! Let me (us) know. I love a food smackdown.
  7. So, have you been to Castle Cafe in Covington? I understand the Middle Eastern food there is quite good. I haven't checked it out yet myself, but I thought I'd let you know about it, if you didn't already.
  8. Happy to help. If I hear something, so will you.
  9. LorinGaudin


    ← So Todd, why is it called Mila? ← Lorin, MI-Mississippi LA-Louisiana Slade hails from MS and Alison is from LA. I really like the name for some reason. B ← I think the name is odd given that MS = Mississippi and therefore it's a bit of a stretch for me. However, MSLA is not pronouncable versus MILA, so okay. Really and truly I couldn't care less what they call it, I'm looking forward to having the Rushings in New Orleans. I know one thing though, MI is NOT the "abbreviation" for Mississippi. Do you think they just forgot that MI is the state abbreviation for Michigan?
  10. LorinGaudin


    ← So Todd, why is it called Mila?
  11. Does that mean that the Schwartz family still has some financial interest in the Camellia Grill? ← That question crossed my mind too, but for some reason I didn't ask. I'll see if I can find out.
  12. For you, anything. The place is called Chile, Tomate y Cebolla and it's one door down from Norma's. It's just sweet - nothing life changing.
  13. I've been told that the original owner of the Grill, the Schwartz's, wanted to "franchise" Camellia Grill long ago, but couldn't get it together. They purportedly hand-picked Mr. Khodr for the precise reason that they knew he could make it happen and fast. Destin is interesting and on my most recent visit (late July/early August), I got a kick out of going to another global institution, Trader Vic's.
  14. I did a Williams Blvd food crawl yesterday and today. Lots of fun stuff to share. Some to be seen on Steppin' Out and some for radio. Sure wished I had your Spanish-speaking skillz as I cruised Kenner. The baked goods were magnificent. I found a tiny, new Mexican supermarket that is so sweet. Baru in Kenner was very good - fresh, pretty plates, beautiful room that took me by surprise considering the strip mall it's in and the uninspired facade. I'm all a-twitter.
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