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  1. Hi there. I think I have risen from the dead to give you somewhat researched Juneau restaurant advice. For breakfasts downtown, I would recommend the cafe at the Baranof Hotel for their great pancakes among other tasty stuff. BaCar's is back in business and will serve you up a big, tasty grease bomb cheap, if you enjoy a hearty breakfast. I had an incredible breakfast at Paradise Lunch of spinach strata and my lunch date had blueberry french toast which was amazing. The Fiddlehead isn't what it used to be as the owners are concentrating on their other restaurant, Di Sopra, but their bakery is
  2. Pork is incredibly lean these days due to breeding. What do you think of today's hog verses that of 75 years ago? What characteristics do you look at when choosing hogs for your business? Do you take issue with pork injected with a saline solution like much of the supermarket pork is today?
  3. Isn't that Indian restaurant in the Ped Mall area of Iowa City called Mandala? They aren't half bad. Hamburg Inn is where my parents would go to eat off a hangover they aquired at Joe's Place. If you are willing to go out of your way, the original Machine Shed in Davenport is always a pretty good bet. They were headed downhill there for a while but they brought in their best manager to bring it back up to snuff. They still serve some of the best pork dishes, including a tenderloin, in the state. I love their Iowa chops with apple stuffing. And don't forget the Candy Kitchen in Wilton, oldest w
  4. Hooo doggies, Northrup and Beans are right, Southeast Alaska is expensive and not very diverse at the grocery store. Right now I am in rural Iowa where I was born and raised. Now, in Iowa, the grocery stores all seem to assume that you are going to be cooking out of a can. For being in a rural area with tons of potential for good food the food can suck donkey balls. It's easy to get in the habit of pouring melted Cheez Whiz over boiled cauliflower... which, by the way, is one of my Mom's favorites. EGADS! I would have brought my own knives but I think Alaska Airlines would have confiscated the
  5. I am, uh, enjoying an extended vacation with my parents right now and having had to eat and cook "mama style" for a while has brought out the devil in me. Unlike many people, I do not fondly remember Mother's cooking... the most commonly found items in my mother's kitchen are Windex, flies, and moldy peaches (and I ain't talkin' 'bout the band). The kitchen is always a mess and food is prepared as quickly as possible with little regard for taste. Tacos are served with a regularity that would impress the Army and contain about as much imagination as a typical recruit. The meat is pretty much fl
  6. Just basing this (admitted assumption) on the fact that people/tourists, even while on vacation in a great city like NYC, will go to TGIFridays and Bennigan's. Also, there are reports that Rocco's is still full on a constant basis. Just thinking too about the tv medium in general, and how many look at the very appearance or mention of a place on tv as an 'endorsement'. Of course, many are more discerning but IMO there are enough folks out there who are not, to keep the place full in perpetuity. I really hope that I'm wrong about this. =R= I've never lived in New York City. I've been a fe
  7. Foam Pants


    I also think it was the cold oven. Don't popovers get their rise from steam? I think that by the time the steam got rolling inside, the outside of the popover had already set.
  8. I find that the first wiff and quaff of Rolling Rock beer is just like a dish of ham 'n' beans. The peaches I used last night came out of the hot water I used to skin them smelling like used socks.
  9. How hard is it to turn the pig and does that rebar get as hot as I think it does? In Iowa, people often don't dig a pit, they have these big barrel roasters for the whole pig. Being hog country, people roast whole pigs often. What is your take on the barrel roaster method as opposed to the pit?
  10. I finally caught some of this show, the two most recent ones. Such is life without a TV. It really is a train wreck of a business in my opinion. It just doesn't seem to fit because, as Bux indicates, Rocco obviously had his shit together or he wouldn't be where he is today. How could someone who got it so right before get it so wrong this time around? Do most successful people in the restaurant business have a few spectacular failures and Rocco's happens to be on camera? As far as Rocco talking about doing this again, this man obviously has a hard time with self-evaluation or he would realize
  11. This piece is great! The breakdown on soaking, cooking, and freezing beans is great. I think I will try this soon. I have always been dissapointed with canned beans but don't think far enough ahead to soak beans the night before. I do have a question. I see textured vegetable protein in the bulk bins. Do you know what that stuff is and what it is used for?
  12. I was pretty satisfied with the food at Iowa State. They are big enough to have their own food service and they did a really good job. The fruit freaked me out, though. They were losing a lot of money on fruit that students were throwing away half eaten so they cut most fruit in half. The banana halves were great in the morning, gross by supper. My favorite was to get up for breakfast and then go through the sack lunch line. You got a sandwich or a salad and about 6 points which you could use on all kinds of lunch fare like carrot sticks, pop, cookies, you name it. The breads were pretty good
  13. To further science, I cooked some bacon today. I ate it. It was yummy. I forgot to observe anything else besides a tomato and some toast.
  14. I use bacon because it is the easiest to get. I also do it very stealthily because, if my boyfriend ever found out that he was eating barely cooked egg, he would never forgive me. Cook's Illustrated ran an article on carbonara and I use their recipe, mostly because they give such a convincing argument for it!
  15. That's exactly what I was thinking of, those cheap plastic cups. Not glamorous but convenient. I did a bit of research into falafel. I found a recipe based on fava beans that had some advice on keeping it from falling apart. The recipe is from Claudia Roden's The Book of Jewish Food. She says "The secret to keeping the falafel from falling apart in the frying oil is towel-dry the soaked and drained beans so that the paste is not watery, and to blend them long in the food processor." This seems to go against the advice most people have about chickpea based falafel which normally says to proces
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