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  1. I like simple things when I'm hiking. Plain old roasted peanuts. The shells are natural, not litter and can help you find your way back when hiking off the trail. Landjagers, and for a quick energy boost I carry a block of Non Such mincemeat to nibble on. (it is loaded with sugar and fat)
  2. Are you saying there are 2 Turkish restaurants, in addition to the Turkish Deli on Rte. 13 in Bristol?
  3. I have a question. What makes a hoagie a hoagie? I have long mantained that a "tuna hoagie" is not a hoagie at all, but a tuna sandwich on a roll.
  4. Has anyone found shad and/or shad roe yet. I think it may be one of the few remaining foods that are truly available only in season.
  5. I don't know paczki, but I just ordered a box of fasnachts from a local bakery. They are the PA Dutch equivelent. Fried potato dough. GREAT TRADITION!
  6. A Polish co-worker once brought a stew to a pot luck luncheon that she called Bigos (Bee-gos) it is saurkraut, cabbage, keilbasa, bacon, and ham hocks It was great. I think I have the recipe on a disc somewhere. I will try to find it.
  7. Thank you all for the very usefull information. Just for clarification, my knife is not totally one sided. The right surface, being a right handed knife, is beveled in 4 stages. First it is hollow ground from about the center to the cutting edge. Then about half of that is ground on a slightly steeper angle producing a wave effect like a samuri sword. Then it is honed to a still steeper angle for about a quarter of an inch and finally a little steeper yet for about 1/32 of an inch. This final honing is repeated on the other side which otherwise is totally flat. Thanks again for all the help. Chris
  8. I was given a sushi kit for Christmas that included almost everything, except the knives. I find that you are supposed to have a vegetable knife, and a fish knife that is used only for slicing that fish and cutting the finished rolls. I used my chef knife for everything on my first try, but I just had to have a long slender, Japanese fish knife. I ordered one on-line and was surprised that they come right and left handed. I recieved the knife today, but all the instructions are in japanese. From the few illustrations I see that they recommend use a sharpening stone. Does anyone know if it is okay to use my steel? The knife is only beveled on one side, which is why there is a right and a left. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Chris P.S. The darn thing is so sharp, I may never have to sharpen it anyway.
  9. When I was in the Navy and lived on a submarine, we kept cases and cases of eggs under the missle tubes (no refridgeration) they lasted 30 days or so until the first rotten one hit the griddle. Stange, no one ordered eggs after that for the rest of the patrol. I do believe they were dipped in mineral oil as a preservative though.
  10. I got some good coconut ice cream at Trader Joe's, individual portions in coconut shells!! Very tasty and the shells were a hit as well.
  11. I went to a diner in Philly, with a group, after a party. Our waitress informed us that since it was after midnight, we had to pay our check BEFORE she put the order in the kitchen. And to top it off, since we were a group the tip was automatically added to the check Just try to get another cup of coffe
  12. London broil has always been one of my favorite meats to cook on the charcoal grill. Charred on the outside, rare in the middle, sliced very thin. The next day, I like the leftover slices, cold, on buttered toast with a little salt & pepper
  13. Crock pots are great for parties. I usually put out one with sliced roast beef and gravy, and one with meatballs and Italian sausage in sauce.
  14. I had been using Dietz & Watson or Hebrew National until I found Sabrett's at the local Acme. They are good (they only had skinless) But when I went in Sat. there was not a Sabrett to be had. I guess I'll have to go to Shoprite and try the Black Bear. (I do love the snap of the natural casing) While we are at it, can we discuss the difference between a Hot Dog, Frankfurter, and Weiner? I was always under the impression they were different names for the same thing, but on Usinger's web site, under product listing the have all three as though they are different products.
  15. Is this the same salt pork U.S. Civil War soldiers carried in their knapsacks and fried for supper?
  16. The meatloaf, in a standard loaf pan, had a boiled egg in the middle. It had been in the oven THREE hours when the "cook" announced that she was giving it a few more minutes to be sure it was done. It was DONE all right
  17. You're right, John Ketchup is for scrambled eggs and liverwurst sandwiches.
  18. When I worked in the area, during the 80's, the place across from Dalassandro's was a little diner. They made one of the best cheese omelets I've had. They whipped the eggs and cheese in the milkshake mixer so as it cooked it fluffed up. Yum!!!
  19. I read the article, but didn't like the way they scored the steaks, they included chicken cheese steaks and specialty steaks with things like brocoli rabe and sauted spinach in the rating process. My wife and I are doing our own comparisons of the Philly cheese steak joints. We use the "Wiz with" as the control sandwich. May be a problem at John's since you mentioned that Wiz was not available. Our comparision of the two big rivals Pat's and Geno's was very scientific. We bought 1 from Pat's and 1 across the street at Geno's, then we split them. We both like Geno's better. Since then we had sandwiches at Steve' Prince of Steaks which we liked even better than Geno's Next on the list is Dalessandro's. I've had them before and liked them, but I need to include my wife's opinion the keep the ranking fair.
  20. On the seasoned "dirty water theme" I wanted to discribe the dogs on the truck outside of my place of employment. Its a walk-in trailer actually. The operator has a mini giddle and a steam table and in his "dirty water" he has stewing hot dogs, hot sausage, mild sausage and kielbasa. How's that for flavoring?
  21. I had fried tomatoes often as a child, but my Mother always used red ones. Anyone ever try that?
  22. Ahh! Now I get it. I make green split pea and ham soup every time I can get my hands on a ham bone.
  23. Gammon? Pease porridge/pudding? I haven't the fogiest what you guys are talking about.
  24. The price of the dogs is not the only economic factor in choosing a brand. A supplier for Sabrett tells me a shipper (refrigerated) will charge up to $400 to ship 100lbs of hot dogs. That's $4.00 a pound before you even pay for the hot dogs. I am close enough to East Rutherford to get Sabretts on my own, but Usingers come from Milwaukee!! Buns- I'm working on this. I find most hot dog buns to small to pile on a good load of chili and slaw. Jimmy Johns in West Chester uses a bun that is a cross between a hot dog bun and a kaiser roll. (see Holly Moore's Hot Dog page for a pic) I'm still looking for the right bun. The chili will be mine, spicier than most hot dog chili, but not too much heat. Ketchup=Heinz Mustard - The jury is still out on yellow vs. brown. Serving bins,especially cold are limited on a cart, so a great variety of condiments woud be difficult. BTW Thanks for the feedback guys.
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