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  1. No. Brown Sugar Restaruant is on Aquatic Gap in Bridgetown. And yes, heavy breading is very typical to Bajan Fried Fish. If you think that was alot you should see our Fried Chicken. If you want to see Brown Sugar's site, go here: Brown Sugar Restaurant ....and yes....I am still alive.
  2. I understand but it still feels as if a relative has died.
  3. Ah yes, Economic Success. But the things we have to sacrifice to achieve such a thing. Our dollar is one of the strongest in the West Indies but yet our people are paying $300 for One bag of groceries and $200 for an outfit for a child . Sad...very sad. Economic Success?? I am not too sure of this. Well, I guess I will be a good Bajan and buck up. There is always a rainy season coming after the dry months. It might take a little while, but it always comes. Que sera sera.
  4. Oh, Ive been to Oistins...what Bajan hasnt. I think that's the only place you can go to get REAL Bajan food. Im sure you've visited Bim Mr. Hamilton, but you have no idea what the "home" food was like. It's nothing like that now. Everyone these days wants hamburgers and pizza. No one wants to have Sunday dinner anymore, where the family sits down to dinner and you can get freshly picked lettuce from the Rastaman. Or fresh Goats milk, or Fresh Coconut water. Whatever happened to having Pone at Christmas or growing and roasting your own peanuts?? The little basic things. Like having a garden and cooking from it. Or making Passion Fruit Punch with Passion Fruit picked fresh from the vine?? Im not sure who's to blame for it......or even IF there IS someone to blame. I know the government is fighting to keep anymore American companies out so that the local businesses can have a chance to prosper. But the US is still trying to petition the UN to MAKE Bim let them in so they can open McDonalds. Now you tell me, do we LOOK like we NEED a McDonalds in Bim??? I mean, really!
  5. Hey Suvir, I'd like to know more about these sweets....texture, flavor, what you remember about them. All the info you can spare.... By the way, I found a place that sells them via the web. CLICK ME!!
  6. The wait is going to kill me. I can't believe it will take that long. ((SigH))
  7. True Bajan food was fresh food. Fresh everything.......fresh fish straight from the fishing boats, fresh picked peas from your yard, fresh vegetables from your garden. Now its canned and processed food like vienna weiners and eggs for breakfast and pizza for dinner. Everyone is gettin fat or obese and you can't find a decent Bajan meal these days. Some of the recipes ive given in previous posts are from recent times. It's kinda embarrassing but that IS Bajan food now.
  8. The food of Barbados has officially died......buggered and hacked to pieces by her very decendants. Barbados is now more like another borough in New York....full of "ethnic" restaurants and nary a one from the host country. (okay so that may be a bit of an exaggeration regarding New York but I needed an example ). May her soul rest in peace. Sigh.... Ah well, at least I still have US Southern Fare to enjoy.. ..very close to Barbados' old food. Can't believe I'm now a gal without a native food.... Think I'll just cook it at home. Edit: This is just my opinion!....Although I am sure that many a tourist can agree with me.
  9. ShawtyCat

    Cooking Myths

    I heard that one already....only it was that the olive oil is supposed ot stop the water from boiling over... I did read the truth about olive oil in Macella hazaan's book Essential of Classical Italian Cooking...you don't need it. Just bring your water to a boil, add salt and return to a boil. Toss in pasta and cook al dente. Doesn't boil over or stick. No oil is necessary! Err...I also heard this from Sarah Moulton on Sarah's Secrets. I never thought to add potato....just always added more liquid...whether it be stock, broth or water. All unsalted of course.
  10. I have been reading a post on British cooking and the general world view that British food is relatively poor in taste, or bland rather. The arguement of the British lacking a Peasant Cuisine to fall back on was brought up and I wanted to know your view on this issue. Is Traditional British Food as bland as many make it out to be and do you find it to be true that the British lean heavily on French cuisine and training?
  11. Thank you again for asking Malawry. I still haven't gotten through to the Disability Department at the CIA as of yet. I am hoping that since we are applying at the same time and since I have been his reader (?) for the past 4 years, they will just put us in the same classes. I have to do this everyday when one of our kids does something funny and he wants a description. Shouldn't be that hard to describe a demo. But if they do have readers who have done this many times before with other visually impaired culinary students then we shall take advantage of the service. I'll post an update of my conversation with the Disability Department in case someone browsing wants to know this information. Thanks again. Jodi
  12. Hello Malawry and thanks for the assistance. I did not know how hard it was to come by information on this subject until I started my research. I did call the CIA today and was transferred to the head of the Disability Department. Unfortunately for me, he was not at his desk so I will try again later. I did however find a page at the CIA's website regarding students with disabilities. Students with Disabilities Support - Culinary Institute of America I believe that my fiance may have to visit an opthamologist for another eye test just for the school. They want to make sure you still have your disability it seems. This shouldn't be a problem since he has Retinitis Pigmentosa and we need this updated evaluation so he can participate in the Artificial Retina clinical trials. I'll keep on searching. I'm looking forward to what your schools says about this subject. I am sure he will be accepted though.....I do know of Danny Delcambre who attended Seattle Central Community College, and is a blind/deaf chef. He did his internship with Chef Paul Prodhomme. So there is more than a little hope. Thanks for your help. Jodi
  13. Sorry....there isn't much I can say....except YUM!
  14. Seems someone beat me to the punch here. I, personally, cannot WAIT to get my hands on this particular book when it hits the press. I am not familiar with what happens after it reaches the publisher....does that mean it will be available at the book retailers in October? Jodi
  15. Im not entirely sure this is the right place for this question but here goes.... Do you know of any culinary school students with disabilities? My fiance is blind and not sure if he can attend a culinary school. I've been looking into culinary schools but am not sure if they offer accomodations for the blind. I did send a few emails out to a few CIA students but have not received any replies as of yet, and thought I would ask here. Thanks Jodi
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