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  1. Heh, actually being *FROM* Vancouver, I looked at the program and wondered if I really need to go to that Culinary school after gaining actual work experience. Then again, returning to school WITH experience is much different than going to school for the purpose of gaining basic skills used in a kitchen. I think I'd like to go to Culinary school eventually, but right now, the best training I can get is on a line.
  2. Yep, I'm Saydee's husband and am now working for a restaurant in Seattle (which the Seattle Times just rated 3 out of 4 stars) as one of their AM Pantry Cooks. I do love food and for me, going to work and 'cooking' (as much as a Pantry Cook can do) is fun (it feels great). My Chef and Sous-Chef (at least one of them) never went to culinary school. My sous-chef even indicates that culinary school graduates / attendees have the wrong attitude about what to do in a restaurant (at least in the beginning). In his words, [Going to culinary school] "Doesn't teach you how to work the line" (which is true, how many culinary school restaurants actually put you through a 400+ cover day?) Which isn't to say that Culinary School is a BAD thing, it's a good thing, but personally, I think that culinary school is more to help enhance your experience rather than to start you off (then again, I've not gone that route). As for Seattle culinary schools, I'd *love* to be able to attend the Arts Institute of Seattle, but the cost is prohibitive and so is the time (2 years). Some of the other guys working the line are attending Seattle Central (HIGHLY recommended), and a Chef at another highly rated restaurant in West Seattle is a graduate of Seattle South. Overall, Seattle Central is the one I hear the most good things about. Hope this helps... Skie
  3. Very wow. Thanks for the post Toby. And best of all, being a 2.5 generation descendant from a small village outside Toi San (keywords: VERY SMALL VILLAGE), I can affirm what Toby's posted as being the truth with good translations too :) No, I didn't have a 12+ course chinese banquet at my wedding. We had a buffet at a Golf and Country Club with dancing afterwards... after all, it's supposed to be a party, not a damned stuff your face and complain that the chinese dishes weren't done right / not high quality enough for a Wedding.... but that's another story. :)
  4. Personal Fave FoodTV Chefs: Ming Tsai seems to do some good honest explanations with his TV Shows, plus he brings in guest chefs that he doesn't just toss over to the side. Mario always seems upfront about what he does Alton Brown.... Well, I'm from a scientific background so I really do appreciate when he starts going "in too deep" with his explanations and has to stop (sounds like what I'd do if I was tossed in front of an audience and expected to explain stuff....) *worship* Tony Bourdain... Honestly is refreshing, especially when you don't like something (at least you get a description of how bad something is, unlike a certain *cough* Keith Famey who just says "this is really bad" or "really good" and not really explaining why it's such) Emeril... Seems to try for lots of attention, less education than when he first started (which was the big attraction) Martha... Seems too good to be true Wolfgang... Seems like an Emeril wanna-be, don't really like his presentation style Gail Gand... Seems to be slightly aggravated, like there's always a bunch of annoying kids bugging her behind the set.... sorta on-edge all the time Rachel Ray... She's cute, but seems to be on too much caffeine/sugar/speed/something Guess I'd better stop before this starts a flame war... *grabs fire extinguisher and sprays himself down*
  5. Skie


    No kidding!?! I've been there at least 3 or 4 times and I don't recall seeing them before. But then again, I wasn't looking for crawdads at the time, probably salmon and/or scallops. I was surprised to see them, too. It was last year's (2001) Father's Day that I remember seeing them at Wild Salmon Seafood after our lunch at Chinook's. They were alive in a bucket, not in the window case, but on the other side. I'm thinking they must come from Lake Washington. BUGS! (aka Crawdads / Crawfish) I know that on occasion (I dont remember when, seemingly during late Spring-Summer-early Fall months) that some of the fishmongers down at Pike Place occasionally get them in. I guess it all depends on what the supply is. All I can say about cooking anything is to use what's available fresh. With Gumbos, I don't think you really have to be picky about exactly what you throw in, I mean, it's kinda like Nouveau Cajun cookin' using whatever's available (if ya got Gator, use Gator, or fresh Catfish, or fresh cat, or venison, or dog, or rat or.... okay you get the point )
  6. Skie

    The peaches are in!

    The wife and I've never gone to Thriftway yet, but we usually pick up our peaches from Sosio's down in Pike Place. The wife's from Georgia and still thinks that Washington peaches are almost as good as Georgia peaches. I can't disagree because I've never had a Georgia peach (I'm from Vancouver, BC so all we usually got up there was leftover California peaches.... Washington peaches are better than California IMO ).
  7. Honestly, when it really boils down to Credit Card transactions for places that require you to sign on the dotted line, it just means that if you don't sign, you can dispute it since your signature (or PIN code if using debit) is your confirmation to the restaurant that a) you are who you say you are (by your signature) and b) on a lot of receipts it will say something to the effect that "Cardholder will pay the above amount" (legal jargon-eze). I used to work for a company that resold prepaid phone cards in vending machines. People could easily dispute charges resulting in the company getting "charge backs" (ie 'gave' away something free because they had no signature). Of course, the company would then put the 'charge back'ed credit card numbers into a 'bad' list and any further attempts to scam the company would be rejected for that credit card. Southerner, I'd suggest you check any receipts you've signed for and verify they didn't have you sign for the person who didn't attend. Any other charges can and should be disputed IMO. Good luck, Skie
  8. Skie


    Actually I did a grilled peach+grilled sausage dish for my wife one time. Grilled Peaches, Grilled Sausage, Red onion, (Blueberry) Vinaigrette dressing. IMO, I could've made it into a full blown salad. I think it has a nice combination of meaty sausage and the fresh fruit flavour, with a nice light vinaigrette giving the whole dish a gentle acidic note.
  9. I was on the bus in Vancouver one day (heading home from work I believe). Someone had gone shopping in Vancouver's Chinatown and bought a durian. I didn't know WHERE on the bus it was, but I knew it was Durian (Well... I think old durian 'shells' are sometimes tossed into the dumpsters in Chinatown so you get the stench wafting out as you walk thru Chinatown sometimes...). One person got on the bus, a few minutes later started cursing about the stench of the durian (he had no idea what it actually was, hee :) I think he actually got off the bus before his desired stop Pretty much once you know what a durian smells like, you'll either bear it, or really REALLY find it offensive.
  10. Actually, now an expat Canadian living in Seattle... I've never ever had a bloody mary, only and always Caesars (well, aside from Martinis, and then there's always the cocktails). Actually used to just chug lots and lots of Clamato as a kid. One of the times we went to McCormick & Schmick's in Seattle, the bartender did an excellent job of making a Caesar. Kudos to her. If you're ever in Seattle and want to drop by somewhere for a bite during Happy Hour, I recommend McCormick & Schmick's restaurants. I figure that Clamato's Canadian in origin, but of course, the only other place I've seen it outside of Canada is the US (not that I've looked anywhere else ;)
  11. I'll prolly get thwacked for correcting my wife on-line (yes, saydee is my wife), but I heard Elvis (Presley) liked Peanut butter 'n bacon sandwiches.... yeah... PB&B. On the other hand (wrong board for this), another famous Elvis (Stojko, Canadian figure skating champion) likes his PB&J&B.... Peanut Butter 'n Jam 'n Banana. "Sorry Dear!" *ducks*
  12. Nope, we bought one a few weeks ago, but I'm always itching to use it, cept the gas grill outside is just so easy to just *turn* *turn* *light*. Ahh... Chimney starters.... I still refer to it as a "Jet Engine" (see "Chimney Tuna Loin" recipe from Alton Brown's TV Show "Good Eats" :) Guess I should get started on my chimney starter ;)
  13. Skie

    Bubble Tea

    Well, if not "bubbles" or "pearls", then perhaps have you tried Coconut meat in your "bubble tea"? Personally, I still like "bubbles" for the texture factor, gives me something to do to NOT just chug the whole drink. btw, my favorite flavours still are Passionfruit, and also Mango. What's yours?
  14. Skie

    Bubble Tea

    Ah, originated in Asia (Malaysia, can't remember which country), then made popular in Hong Kong among other places, then exported to Canada & US. Aka "Bubble Tea" (referring to the original drink being tea based with starchy "bubbles"). I'll only drink the fresh fruit (or tea ones for that matter), not the junk with powdered "stuff" to flavour the liquid. My personal recommendation in Vancouver, BC for good Bubble Tea places is Oasis (Kerrisdale area... West 41st Avenue). Nice soft, slightly chewy balls with real fruit for the drink. Anyone know of a really really good Bubble Tea house in Seattle?
  15. I know this is prolly really late so I'll just post mine anyways (BBQ salmon that's almost smoked ;) Dry marinaded my CRS in brown sugar, little salt, covered in the fridge. Pull it out (the moisture in the salmon pretty much turned the rub into a syrup), cooked in on the 'que until it was done. Get some nice sweetness of the brown sugar into the flesh of the salmon and the salt just helps pull some of the water out of the flesh (not too much salt!). I'd do it over low-medium heat on a gas grill, wish I had time to fire up the charcoal grill at my apartment complex...
  16. "Been there, done that" Seriously, the BBQ is decent (it's not the BEST I've ever had IMO...) and authentic southern BBQ, and "The Man" is definitely too much capcisin and not enough flavour (Sorry Gene...). Otherwise it's a good place to grab an inexpensive bite of food. I agree with everyone who said that Gene Porter and the staff (and location) is what makes the place special. Then again, that's just me.
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