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  1. You're going to make out like a bandit with the favourable-to-US-visitors exchange rate! Dynasty is a great choice for dim sum as you can make reservations and it has air conditioning. On the complete opposite end of the scale, Yummy Mammy is my favourite Chinese resto at the moment. No A/C, bare bones, in an out-of-the-way part of town but excellent if you love spicy. You can make reservations but there is a bit of a language barrier. Chinese can be as you know a bit harder to manage with only two diners but you'll do find if you order carefully. Or you'll have leftovers :-). Good luck and l
  2. No problema, Kentan -- I'm trying to convince the SO to go back now that Mochika's is open later for an early dinner and a car detailing :-).
  3. The Flying Swan has a sign on the door that says it opened in 1962 IIRC.
  4. Hey Kentan -- I stumbled across that place in mid-March -- you can check out the ramblings here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/695550?tag=search_results;results_list
  5. Nods to Vancookalex. Although even the carts we do have are not always offering the cheapest thing. I paid $7 for a European weiner at the stand in front of Future Shop on Broadway recently. Granted it had extra toppings (they have two special dog lids now to compete with Japadog) and was very tasty but that's getting out of cheap snack territory. And speaking of expensive (but exotic) snacks, they are developing a new dog that will be a mix of duck and pork, to be called the... wait for it... dork.
  6. That's the one. I actually went by today on my way to work. I got an apple turnover, which was very nice with flaky pastry and apple filling the way I like it, cooked down and not too sweet. I also got a mille feuille (jeesh, I hope I spelled that right, so much for 12 years of French) which was not so successful. It was huge ($4.30) but it was frozen nearly solid! I went back after work (not to whinge but because I had left a book behind) and the fellow who I take it was Fabrice asked what I thought of his wares. I told him about the congele situation and he said that he has to freeze that p
  7. Thanks, Mooshmouse, duly noted -- I'm not a huge fan of the 'Hawk but it needs to be on this list, and The Well sounds good. We almost went to Roundel last w'end but opted for Teresa's on Commercial instead. If anyone else has feedback, I'm terrible keen to add it.
  8. I think the word you're looking for is hyberbolic and you're right -- I'm always getting in trouble for that. I guess a better way to have put it would be to have said that I would not swap a stand-and-gobble snack from a street vendor for a sit-down experience if that is what I was seeking to begin with. As others have said, eating choices made on the fly could tip in favour of carts at times, but with good legislation and positioning, I still think carts could be a fun addition to our food landscape. Peace.
  9. To quote myself (how indulgent!): "Here's my in-progress list of places, most of which I haven't tried yet (and some are unconfirmed re continued availability)" Plenty more snacking to do first hand! Also thanks Mooshmouse for reminding me about Choppers. It was on the list then off when it closed. I had heard it reopened but obviously forgot to add it back in. Nice to have reliable recent feedback on it too
  10. Hi grayelf - great to see you posting again! I hadn't been posting when you were active before, but I've read some of your previous reviews.Wow - the prices at Baguette & Co seem really good. And if their goods are tasty too, that's amazing. You didn't try a croissant though? Nice to be back! Both times I went the main mission was 'erts as we call them in the family. The breads were a bit of an add on. But now that you mention it I think this Sunday would be a good day for croissants. There is another newish French bakery I was reading about elsewhere, Sucre something, on Arbutus that als
  11. I'm happy to see the greater diversity in Richmond but it doesn't do a heck of a lot for me in Kits. It seems to me street food is not really destination dining -- you grab something if you are in the area, or it's on your way to work etc. I find it hard to believe that any kind of street carts are going to compete seriously with most bricks and mortar establishments. I am not on my way to, say, Cioppino's for a sit-down dinner and suddenly decide to ditch my reso and get takoyaki off a cart -- just sayin'. Seems like with some judicious reorganization of licenses and pragmatic easing of bizar
  12. I've been meaning to try Giovane but haven't had the chance yet. Vancouverslop liked their desserts - link here. Another spot that's just opened is called Baguette & Co, at 3273 W Broadway, a few blocks west of MacDonald. Here's the Georgia Straight's blurb: "Owners Laurence Gatinel and Bernard Ho—she’s Parisian, he’s Lyonnaise—laboured nine long months before popping open the doors to pretty bakery Baguette & Co (3273 West Broadway) on April 1. French through and through (the baker is from Montpellier, the pastry chef, Ardèche), Baguette & Co delivers perfectly crusted baguettes
  13. Dylan is going to be way too humble to mention it but he has just started a food blog that looks mighty promising. I'll leave it to him to post the link if he feels so inclined.
  14. I'm looking forward to trying Acme's too, though it's Sunday am opening time of 10 am is too late for me -- we're talking diner brekkys here not brunch, right? Anyone know the exact status of Save On Meats right now? Here's my in-progress list of places, most of which I haven't tried yet (and some are unconfirmed re continued availability), that I've been working on from various sources. I've added the ones I didn't have on my original document from posts above, so thanks for that. Names have been removed to protect the innocent : Diner breakfast and/or burgers Hamburger Marys, Davie & B
  15. re Kentan's French question: There's also Pied A Terre which though small can be cozy at a two top. Went there for our anniversary dinner...
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