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  1. I have only one night to dine, where should I eat? Carnevino Alex Bartolotta I have never been to any of the above.
  2. Once I have saved $500, I will purchase a Vita Prep. The speed control and blades are the best in the business. From making soups to sauces to purees, nothing beats a Vita Prep plus a $100 chinois.
  3. Congrats, indeed, to Eliot, Chris and the NOCA team. The award up for grabs is actually Best New Restauant U.S., not Southwest, which makes it an even greater accomplishment. For a complete list of semi-finalists, click here. Way to go, Eliot! =R= ← Sorry for the wrong info, I was confused.
  4. Congratulations to NOCA. After barely being open for 7 months, the restaurant is a semi-finalist for the James Beard Foundation Best New Restaurant Southwest. NOCA has definitely changed the City of Phoenix Dining Scene.
  5. The photographs speak for itself! Good job Ronnie! I can't wait to get the chance to go back and dine at Noca.
  6. we are limiting the covers for a bit, but ring me at the restaurant manana and I will make sure you are taken care of... E ← I called, Frank put me down for 6:30pm this Saturday, party of 2. I'm excited!
  7. E, Are you guys boooked up for this coming saturday?
  8. Did anyone notice how hard Ruhlman judged Flay's food?
  9. So can I walk-in this coming Saturday night for Simple Supper?
  10. Day 4 - rain has mainly stopped Late (2pm) dim sum lunch at: Majesty Seafood Restaurant Pan fried stuffed tofu sheets Char Siu Bao Shrimp and Chives Siu Mai Steamed Sticky Rice - this had shredded dried scallops along with chicken meat Har Gaw - look at the size of their dim sum. This Har Gaw was filled with 3 whole shrimps! Dessert - Egg white, milk and coconut juice custard steamed in young coconut Majesty Seafood Restaurant 3rd Floor, Regent Center Building 88 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong Little advice, Majesty offers 10% off entire bill after 2 pm. I preferred this dimsum over Luk Yu Teahouse. Majesty might not be historical but the quality of food, price, value and service is way ahead of Luk Yu.
  11. Day 3 Typhoon Signal Number 8 - most businesses were closed till noon... I stayed indoors and enjoyed this: After the Typhoon Signal was lowered to 3, I ventured out to the following: and bought the following baked goods to eat on the street: Late lunch at: for some Chinese BBQ Salted Egg, Sausage, Roast Pork, Soy Sauce Chicken Suckling Pig My love for Soft Shell Crabs led to this dish: Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crabs
  12. I guess I have to revisit Chuk Yuen for the cheese lobster! I really liked the food at Chuk Yuen, I didn't say it was bad in anyway, I just saw quite a few tourists there.
  13. Day 2 continued... My family and I started to walk the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui in search of dinner. We randomly stumbled upon Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant Random pictures of live seafood at the restaurant entrance Live Mantis Shrimps Giant Clams and Abalone Jumbo Prawns Live Lobsters Garoupa or Grouper two ways, filet and braised - I preferred the braised grouper over the filet. The filet was a little dry and firm for my taste. Minced Squab Lettuce Cups - this dish was mighty tasty Steamed Jumbo Prawns w/garlic - one of my favorite ways to eat jumbo prawns Dry Fried Chinese Long Beans w/ red chiles - one of my favorite long bean dishes, this was seasoned well and very tasty. The long beans were wider and of different variety. Fujian Fried Rice - look at the pic, need I say more? Overall, I enjoyed this meal. The restaurant didn't have a bigger selection of live seafood in their tanks but was adequate enough for my palate. I sensed that this restaurant was inbetween a tourist trap and also catered to locals. I saw quite a few Japanese tourist groups in the restaurant while we were dining. There are two locations for Chuk Yuen. Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant 35 Kimberley Road Tsim Sha Tsui Tel 3106 5868 Fax 3106 5636 Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant Basement, Hong Kong Pacific centre 28 Hankow Road Tsim Sha Tsui Tel 2722 0633 Fax 2722 6961
  14. I will post another short report on another dim sum place that a local brought us too (if Image Gullet doesn't give me a hard time) to compare with Luk Yu. In terms of quality, (like you said) I thought Luk Yu was ok, not bad but not outstanding and I believe it was quite expensive compared to other Dim Sum places.
  15. Luk Yu Teahouse Main Entrance to Luk Yu Braised Pork Belly w/ steamed buns Pork Liver Siu Mai - The combination of the liver with the siu mai was quite tasty but the liver alone tasted just like, plain liver. Pork Siu Mai w/ tobiko and Steamed Pork Spareribs Deep Fried Shrimp Balls and Milk Custard w/ sweet and spicy sauce - I ordered this dish mainly for one of my favorites, Deep Fried Milk Custards. Steamed Chicken and Mushroom Bun Dining Room on the 2nd floor of Luk Yu, the waiters wear white coats. This was around 2pm and the place wasn't packed compared to high noon. Random pic that my 9 year old niece took at the teahouse Luk Yu Teahouse 24 - 26 Stanley St. Central District
  16. Good luck to Molto E. He knows good, quality food and I'm sure he will be successful in his venture! I can't wait when NOCA opens. I'm sure I'll be a regular!
  17. Day 2 Dimsum was at Luk Yue Tea House, one of the oldest dims um houses in HK.
  18. Ok, let me try my hand at this. This will be my first travel log with image post so please be patient with me. I visited and stayed at Hong Kong last week for 5 nights. My last visit to HK was in 1990 so I don't recall much but was very impressed with the improvements on infrastructure and technology compared to the US. And the food, let's talk about food. Day 1 My flight arrived at around 7:00pm and I took the MTR route to the hotel compared to taking a taxi or airport shuttle bus. MTR cost $70 HKD, not bad compared to almost double the price for an airport shuttle. I arrived at Kowloon station and took the free Airport Express to my hotel. By this time, it was around 8ish and I had to meet part of my family at Yung Kee Restaurant at the Central District at 9pm. Fast forward, after taking the wrong shuttle and rather walking across the street to the MTR station and figuring out which street Yung Kee is on, I arrive at Yung Kee at around 9:30ish with part of my family hungrily waiting for me. I didn't take any pictures on this meal because my sister's friend was sitting on the table and I was extremely late plus my family started dining without me. We had Yung Kee's famous Roasted Goose (I wasn't very impressed, the meat was dry, bland and tough), Sauteed Scallop's w/ vegetables (the best dish of the night), Yang Chow Chow Fan (good), Chinese Brocolli w/ oyster sauce. (Sorry, I can't remember much of the other dishes)
  19. I found this article while surfing... http://www.reuters.com/article/pressReleas...008+PRN20080519
  20. Thanks for the recommendations... I love asian food but I think my colleagues would skip on them.
  21. Cuisine wise, anything. The hotel is in Northbrook but will go anywhere downtown.
  22. Aside form Fronterra and Topo, what are good places to eat at? $50 pp, 3 different restaurants. Thanks guys.
  23. I see the title of this thread has been modified. Anyone been to Cafe Bink and care to report about their experience?
  24. I have eaten at all the Chinese Restaurants you mentioned and my best bet for a Chinese Banquet is Golden Buddha, in terms food, service, cleanliness and atmosphere. Eventhough GB will not offer a Banquet Menu for CNY, you can always order ala carte catered to a CNY Banquet. I looked over the CNY Banquet in the Philly thread and it does look appetizing. There's also Great Wall on the west side that serves Chinese Banquet Food, they offer live seafood (lobster, dungeness crab, live fish etc...) Hmmm, your thread is inspiring me to do my own hunt for a good CNY Banquet Dinner.
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