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  1. Man, now the wife's not going to like you. Fortunately, I can't just run out and grab one. For me, the best 'Kitchen addition' of this year was actually purchased on Black Friday of last year. From (of all places...) Harbour Freight, I purchased 2 of the 3 Ceramic Knives they stock! The 'chefs knife' was OOS, but I bought the others for myself and as a gift for a friend. They have become my go-to knives for the kitchen, and I still return them to their cheap plastic holder that they came in (I know, I know) 3" Ceramic Paring Knife 5" Ceramic Utility Knife 6" Ceramic Chef's Knife
  2. LooseCard

    Making Bacon

    Check this thread, or ask the gang that's there; they are heavy into bacon, and could be of help: Cooking (or curing) from "Charcuterie", sausages, terrines, cured meats I think the best suggestion will be to tell you to try it. With a small piece, that is. I seem to recall this discussion for some other smoked product, and I don't believe they were happy with the Cob-smoke flavor (don't think it was bacon, either).
  3. It's okay if you feel that way, but please do let us know. My lovely wife is the 'sweets' person, and I am not. Now, judging from the input of you both, I will definitely have to check this one out, and go easier on the 'sweets' if possible. Thanks guys, for always providing insights.
  4. Nice setup Derek! I was wondering about the underside of your new 'lid' for the WSM. How did it hold up? Any affect to the wood?
  5. I am not far, and am seriously considering this... And congrats on the wonderful spread!
  6. I don't normally post as someone usually covers it, but allow me a moment... As a Cigar smoker, allow me to add 'a few cents' in....Rockwool? I'd rather recommend Oasis Foam, as used by Florists for FRESH arrangements. You need the Wet/Water foam, and not the dry arrangement foam. You should be able to find this in most crafting stores, and is probably cheaper. And "soaking" it would be wrong as well. By soaking the brick, you will leave no room for the absorbed moisture. Besides, I would also vote against this as, even though it will work, it will only be beneficial until full - then the water will puddle out and be capable of evaporating back into the air. This method is best suited for ADDING moisture to the air, versus taking it out. Salt: For the salt to work, it must maintain a 'mound' for the surface area to absorb moisture. And yes, that is a steady 75% - we use it to check the accuracy of our Humidification gages. ============ Just my two cents from my cigar experiences.
  7. LooseCard

    Pork belly confit

    Jeff is on the right track... there is also a huge thread from a large group on people who like to cure, smoke, and confit a large variety of items: Cooking (or curing) from "Charcuterie", sausages, terrines, cured meats Sounds interesting though!
  8. Looks like a Backwoods Smoker....... Party size.... (Dang, I live next to the wrong Springfield... )
  9. Let me start with a "Hello" to everyone! I got hooked on this thread, from a link off of TVWB. 1500 posts later, I ordered the book. At 2000 posts, I've joined the board, and... well... 2550+ posts, here I am (first post). I've been a meat smoker for a few years now, and I'm ready to take it to the next level! Just wanted to let everyone know that there's a new nut in town, and that's me!
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