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  1. It is open but the las time I was there was a bit of a disaster , the food was tepid at best , our server spent most of her time smoking outside , the crab ckes looked good but were 95% filler , I don't think I'll ever go back
  2. Qhite a compliment coming from you Lee
  3. The Bing Sheng at Renfrew and 2nd is actually an offshot of the one in Richmond After several weeks of growing pains they are now almost up to speed Prices are reasonable due to the competition from East #1 across the street
  4. part of the job is to show the flag
  5. I avoid all chain restaurants/franchises and anywhere that has a line up (the ultimate in uncool) Last 3 places Golden Phoenix Co Do Mistral I walked by La Brasserie , it looked good , but it was packed , I'll try again midweek
  6. Good thing you'll miss DB Goulu overpriced lame food , do yourself a favour and go to Lyon for the real thing
  7. I doubt they'll come anywhere close to the price/quality ratio of Mistral Plus considering the sycophantic press they received ... "the please look at me" crowd will be there in force
  8. Vietnamese food along Kingsway Pear Tree in North Burnaby , the only reason to go to the burbs Lime on Commercial (go on a night with no music) Mistral on West Broadway (next door to Lumiere/DB Goulu , 1/4 of the price and better)
  9. Alvin's Bucket of Pig's feet is the best , and it really comes in a bucket Last 3 places were Ngoc Nguyen Café , Chong Qing , The Whip
  10. If you're staying in Richmond there is some of the best chinese food anywhere , if you're in Surrey I really feel for you
  11. Marc , this is a wonderful map , packed with all my favourites , thanks
  12. Red Pagoda Bun Bo Hue Pho Royal Pho Dac Biet Pelican Dim Sum
  13. I eat out quite often and have never used Open Table (nor will I ever) , I go for the phone call to the place , whicj IMO gives you a much better feel of what your experience will be like
  14. I lived in east London for a year and all the chinese restaurants had sides of chips with every dish But for Indian food I still miss it
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