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  1. My roommate just made the most delicious oatmeal, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, and they were amazing! I want to try those next!
  2. LittleChef22

    Pork Pie

    I have never tried to make it, but my boyfriend loves them. Is it hard to make?
  3. I love the reduced fat wheat thins too! Those are my fave-- great with hummus, cheese, and any kind of dips!
  4. What is everyone's favorite Italian recipes? I was reading an article in More magazine about writer Ann Hood, who grew up in an Italian family that took pride in their culinary traditions. The article included a few of her family recipes that I am dying to try out- like Gnocchi in tomato sauce, and Polenta with Kale. Any other Italian faves?
  5. LittleChef22

    Dinner! 2007

    Your garlic chicken looks amazing... was it difficult to prepare?? My parents are in town this week and I am thinking about what to cook for dinner. That looks yummy!!
  6. It's very sad, but this approach is fairly common in the diabetic community. As you are probably guessing, it's not the healthiest approach. It is her life and telling people how to eat can be tricky business, especially siblings, but if you could suggest to her an alternative approach, you might very well be adding years to her life. Diabetes doesn't have to be that restricting but it should involve some moderation and a certain amount of self awareness. ← Wow this describes the three Diabetics closest to me right now. I have a lot of control over my Dads diet though. He doesn't know it yet but he's about to start eating Mediterranean. ← My boyfriend actually has juvenile diabetes, and sometimes he doesn't use as much self-control as he should. He is healthy and gets a lot of exercise, and that helps, but he still needs to cut down his carb intake. I think it's hard for him because he is in shape (and couldn't gain weight if he tried) and craves foods like pizza and pasta. He is on the diabetic pump, so gives insulin when he eats a meal. Is Mediterranean food good for diabetics?? What kinds??
  7. Indeed, obesity and diabetes are also strongly correlated with things like telephone poles per capita and plastic bag use. ← I understand your point, and I am not saying that HFCS doesn't play a part in this epidemic, but I don't think it should be blamed entirely. There are so many other factors at work. Also, as I stated earlier, why have obesity rates risen in Australia when they do not even have HFCS over there?? I just feel it is a combination of things that contribute to the problem, and we cannot point our finger at one in particular. There isn't one easy solution, but instead we need to focus on living healthier lifestyles overall.
  8. I am aware of the correlation between rising obesity rates and HFCS. Wikipedia: "There is a striking correlation between the rise of obesity in the US and the use of HFCS for sweetening beverages and foods, but it is not clear whether this is coincidence or a causal relationship. Some critics of HFCS do not claim that it is any worse than similar quantities of sucrose would be, but rather focus on its prominent role in the overconsumption of sugar." A correlation doesn't necessarily indicate a cause and effect, and that's the only point I am trying to make. I just don't think it should be blamed entirely for the rising rates of obesity in the US. How can you explain the rising childhood obesity rates in Australia and other countries where HFCS isn't even used? I just feel that we need to remember overconsumption of anything leads to health problems, and not place the blame on one particular thing.
  9. I don't know that HFCS is really any worse than sugar for you. There have been studies that report that there is no direct link between HFCS and obesity. I think that we all need to remember to consumer sugar and fats in moderation to avoid health problems down the road.
  10. I'm determined to make these this weekend- they look AMAZING!!!!!! They'd be fabulous with coffee ice cream and toffee chocolate chip cookies! Other combos?
  11. That's how I feel. Why not just take a vitamin and drink (free) tap water? I agree with you-- we don't need more wasted bottles.
  12. I prefer just a couple sentences to describe a dish. If you need more information, that's what the server is for.
  13. I love the baked Tostitos Scoops now!
  14. Any Vitamin Water drinkers out there? I used to be a pretty big fan, because I assumed it was good for you, but just realized it has 125 calories per bottle and 33 grams of sugar. I was a little surprised since they market it as a very healthy drink. My thinking is if I am going to drink something with lots of sugar in it, I will opt for a soft drink instead. Oh well...
  15. You must be a spicy-foods kind of guy. I've only used Tabasco sauce and it seemed fine to me....
  16. Those are good ideas...mine get dry too.
  17. That's interesting... I never knew that..
  18. I agree with you Mark, I always knew it was filtered water (not spring.) Even though it does come from a public water supply, from what I hear it goes through a pretty rigorous 7-step purification process. It tastes a lot better than my tap water, and that's what matters to me!
  19. I eat late in the summer too... around 8:30-9. I have a little snack (some crackers or something) around 6 if I get hungry in between.
  20. Wow, nonblonde those are a lot of condiments! I am a sauce person... I like every type of sauce/salad dressing etc so my shelves get pretty full too!
  21. I get like this sometimes too. A good break is all you need and then you'll miss it and want to start again!
  22. We never really had it for dinner... only if we had spaghetti or something..
  23. You can't beat Velveeta, esp. for chees dip! Yum!
  24. I'm not sure which ones are gay restaurants in Washington DC, but I'm sure there are some. Haven't noticed yet...
  25. I need to start doing that b/c I always forget which ones I really enjoyed. I was thinking about starting a little blog about restaurants and doing some restaurant reviews for all the places I've been.
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