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  1. I just saw on the BHSB website that they are now offering a 12-course dinner. I think this is a fairly new option as I didn't see it on the menu a few months ago. Has anyone tried it? Any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. Andrew, I am in the same boat as you. I have absolutely no idea what is going on with Barnes and Noble. So frustrating. Thankfully, the folks at Modernist Cuisine are working very hard to try and sort this out. Of course, when I call Barnes and Noble myself, everyone plays dumb.
  3. Wayt, Thanks so much to you and everyone else at the Modernist Cuisine Team. I really appreciate all the effort you folks are making to figure this out. All my best, Charlie
  4. Hi Nathan, Thanks for the information. I had the feeling I was getting the run around from Barnes and Noble. I'm not sure what's going on over there or why they are withholding information. Do you know if additional copies are still reaching shipment centers/warehouses throughout the US, or are we done until the second printing arrives around July? I'm a graduate student in Cornell's Department of Food Science and I was sincerely hoping to use this book as the basis of a research project and a lesson for some of our undergraduate students. Having placed my order in mid February, I was hoping to receive a copy before the summer. Thanks again for any information you might be able to provide. Best regards, Charlie
  5. Hi everyone, I just spoke to a high up manager at Barnes and Noble (who is personally handling all the Modernist Cuisine orders). He informed me that to date, they have not received a single copy of Modernist Cuisine at any of there warehouses. This seems very strange to me since the first printing was supposed to be prorated for the different retailers. Unfortunately, this means that even though I placed my order many months ago, I will likely have to wait till at least July for my copy .
  6. Thanks Aaron! This remain's a mystery. Anytime I talk to someone at B&N they just say that their computers say they will not receive any copies until around July 1st. Their website has said this for the past several months, even though they have recently sent me emails saying that my order should ship by April 29th (before that it was supposed to be April 9th, and March 23rd) They have no idea if orders have been shipped. This includes a higher up manager I just spoke to on the phone.
  7. Hey Billy, I ordered from Barnes and Noble back in mid February...still haven't heard anything (just more shipment delays)....have you?
  8. Still wondering what's going on with Barnes and Noble in the US. I have a manager calling me this afternoon after being informed that my order was cancelled without my permission. Has anyone received a book from B&N yet?
  9. I ordered my book from Barnes & Noble back in mid February. My order kept getting delayed and today after emailing customer service they responded by saying that the shipment isn't expected until July 1st and so they canceled my order. I FURIOUSLY called B&N headquarters and asked why they cancelled my order without first consulting me. The women on the phone didn't have much information but she seemed to believe that everyone's order from B&N had been canceled. Does anyone know anything about this. Is this true? I have a feeling B&N messed up and is now trying to cover their tracks. Did anyone else order their copy of MC from B&N, and if so, what is your current status? If I have to reorder my book and wait another 3-4 months for this, I am going to be so upset! Thanks, Charlie
  10. Hey everyone, So I'm trying to figure out the name of a cheese, in order to win 4 tickets to a dinner at my favorite restaurant in Providence. The owner has sent out a bunch of clues as to the name of a cheese, but I still have no idea. If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it. Here are the clues so far: 1) I'm a nutty American 2) From the city, North into the hills 3) I am what I am, thanks to The Elements 4) My cheesemaker knows cheese from all angles (double pun). Thanks, Charlie
  11. I'm not positive, but I think I've seen them a few times in the NY fruit exchange place in Chelsea Market....I'd give them a call. Cheers, -Charlie
  12. Hi everyone, My name's Charlie Frohman and I'm a chemistry student at Brown University. As someone who has a deep passion for both food and science, I currently plan on going to grad school for food science after college. However, I'm not really interested in the conventional food science disciplines (ie - agricultural engineering, research, etc). I'm much more interested in the development of new chemical/technological processes that are applied to food. For example, last semester I studied abroad in Barcelona, and I was fortunate enough to visit the ALICIA Foundation, the new headquarters of the El Bulli laboratory as well as a government funded center of nutritional science. When I was given a tour of the institute, it was explained to me how one division of the institute was hired my different restaurants throughout Spain to produce different flavors and develop new technologies for them. For example, one scientist was working on creating a "dirt extract" using a rotovap, which was going to be used by another famous Spanish restaurant (El Celler de Can Roca) in a dish entitled "Mussels and Earth." Another scientist explained how they were testing out using nutrient enriched lecithin-based foams as a possible way of administering medicine to mouth-cancer patients who are unable to chew or swallow. I found both of these applications to be absolutely fascinating, and It would be a dream to be able to pursue some sort of related field. Unfortunately, I have no idea if any sort of similar (or even vaguely related) institute exists in the US. ...so I thought this would be a good place to ask for advice. Does anyone know of any places that focus on this sort of work? Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help out a crazy food lover who is trying to figure out how to figure out what he wants to do with his life! Sincerely, Charlie Frohman
  13. I believe they take reservations sometime around mid October each year....perhaps around the 10th-15th...I don't remember exactly, but I'm sure people will be posting here when it comes time! I was lucky enough to go last September when a fellow egulleter wasn't able to keep her reservation. I'm planning on going on a trip to next summer after college, and I'd love to be able to go back. But yeah, we've got a while to wait! -Charlie
  14. The 2008 ranking of the world's 50 best restaurants placed Mugaritz at #4 (up from 7 from last year). I fully agree with this decision....Best meal of my life....I only wish the restaurant weren't so far away from home
  15. wow! that's a full 30E more than last season's dinner price. It seems the price is going up year after year.....In a few years I won't be able to afford to go back (not that I even could at this point haha).
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