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  1. There is a man that comes around with a van - I can't remember the name of it - BUT - call Le Cordon Bleu in Marylebone, they have his name and number, that's where I got it from
  2. Wow, I would never put Aldi and Trader Joe's in the same sentence!! Trader Joe's is a PALACE compared to Aldi both in the UK and Australia! The Aldi in North Sydney is particularly bad, dirty and populated with a few surly staff members, definitely not enough to handle the volume that goes through there.
  3. sandra

    Green Bean Casserole

    I make one with fresh green beans, a bechamel made with sour cream and topped with crushed corn flakes and very sharp cheddar - would not be thanksgiving without it. I have never tried the Campbell's version...
  4. Thanks for posting - we pass very near to these places on a regular basis and never even knew they existed - will have to pay a visit soon. There is also a Mexican grocery on route 206 called Los Potros which is very complete - it's a bit further north
  5. Also, you won't be able to take your spices or any other food-related items form your pantry - we had a big party before we left to get rid of food and alcohol!
  6. I'm still waiting for shipping quotes and then decide what to take. I do realize that prices are generally higher. I'm hoping to score some good deals on cookware during the upcoming Thanksgiving sales. Hubby is looking at getting a transformer here as well as they seem to be cheaper here. One question though: will we be taxed on new items we ship over? I don't know specifics but to be on the safe side, I'd take them out of the original packaging and use them. Used items have a far lesser value than new and are less likely to attract attention from Customs. Exactly. Also, make sure that nothing is dirty - this goes for bikes, shoes, outdoor furniture, etc... you have probably read or been told that AQIS is very serious about inspecting everything that comes in - we had some golf clubs irradiated because there was a bit of grass on them - they had been packed in their bags and inside a wooden crate -
  7. Last night we ate at Tani in Glen Rock - suprisingly good crispy orange beef, some sushi and rolls and a mongolian beef stir fry dsh - it's "fusion" I ate that word and description for restaurants, but they have some japanese, some chinese and some thai - desserts are not great, but the food is good
  8. annachan, we have just returned from living in australia, my advice to you is take EVERYTHING you will possible want. prices are way higher, as you have seen, and you will not find everything you are used to. if you need new pans, etc... buy them before you go. this goes for clothing, linens and furniture as well! I ran my kitchenaid, magimix, etc on a transformer, it worked just fine. as for the fridge, we rented in several places in Sydney and Melbourne and never came across a property without a fridge?! how odd - where did you encounter these Snadra? as for your dogs - we had our little norfolk terrier guy in the Melbourne station and he did just fine, AQIS care for the animals exceptionally well - I have also heard good things about the Sydney station. if you have any questions about this aspect, let me know.
  9. Anything to add or change for 2010? We'll be there in January - skiing during the day, but eating at night! Any new suggestions or updates would be great! Thanks
  10. Sounds great I will definitely be checking that one out! Good! Ask for Marysol (she's the owner) and tell her Sandra sent you, I taught her chef a lot of the dishes that are now on the menu...
  11. Not really "around teh corner" but the McD in Hammonton, NJ (route 30 near 206) had them two days ago - If you're going to AC, you could pass by...
  12. Best Mexican in London = Mestizo on Hampstead Road NW1 most definitely not Tex-Mex, more of a classical high cuisine of Mexico
  13. Cool Chile Co have a stand at Borough Market - also, Harvey Nichols Food Hall used to have a good selection of dried chiles and other Mexican stuff Also, try these guys, the website is in spanish, but if you click on products, you can see the pretty pictures to order them http://www.elaztecafood.co.uk/index.php
  14. Blackfish was very, very good last weekend - and it's not that far to Stone Harbor...
  15. I've found out they don't respond well to "Pick up!" ← no, they don't, do they? although the dog does respond to "clean up!" when I spill on the floor...
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