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  1. Has anyone noticed during the credits if a different editor is named than in earlier seasons? In my opinion, the show has a very different feel than before and it is really difficult to watch. An example is this week's quickfire, I couldn't see any of the ingredients that had to be identified. Side shots or shots of Padma talking instead of showing the ingredient made it hard to play along.
  2. I would make huevos rancheros if I had my own backyard chickens. I'm dreadfully jealous of you, but my neighborhood says no barnyard animals allowed. Here's a few more A bacon and fried egg sandwich on sourdough bread Corn beef hash with a poached egg
  3. Whenever I hear and read "chicken lollipop" I hear that Tootsie Pop slogan, "How many licks does it take to get to the center...?"
  4. This program has become a favorite of mine. Rick's presentation of recipes, no matter what he is making, always makes my mouth water. I also love his interviewing skills, he is quite natural and never over the top. I've been looking for his recipes in the show online, but haven't had any luck. Has anyone found an online source?
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