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  1. MMmm! That cupcake looks way better than the Hostess one! Last night me and my friend Sarah spent the whole evening, ( 5 1/2 hours!) baking a cake for my friend Heather (Sarah's sister) sweet sixteen birthday cake. Her birthday was last month, and me and Sarah had made her a Kit Kat Cake. She liked it so much she wanted it for her party! So we made rectangle kit kat cakes, and a LOT of cookies and cream cupcakes. I don't have anything but leftover pictures, but we were very proud of are finished products. The taste was excellent!
  2. dystopiandreamgirl: That is the most beautiful cake I've seen!
  3. Thanks! This recipe isn't one of Carole's, I found the RECIPE HERE. It's very light, fluffy, sweet and soft. I used a hand method because I have no bread machine, and a different filling and icing. Don't get me wrong! I LOVE Carole's dough!! But for cinnamon rolls this one is so much easier, I'd use her's for something more...elegant, I guess, Like her other yeasted cakes. (Plus I didn't have enough ingredients to make her dough )
  4. Ah! I forgot I made cinnamon rolls on Saturday! Tasted great this morning for breakfast. Different recipe than usual, and my new favorite. Simmone, what exactly is a zebra cake, anyway? It looks so pretty! Is it vanilla and chocolate?
  5. Kim, the cake looks awesome, I love how you did the top! I really want some of that zebra cake!
  6. Deformed or not, they look delicious. Do you mind sharing the recipe? ← No problem! The recipe is here, along with my first time making them.
  7. Renka, those cookies look amazing! Especially the last ones!! Chocolate chip cookies pie, with substitute chocolate chips made with a crusty fudge icing piped and frozen. (I have no chocolate chips and no money ) Frozen Ricotta Cream Pie with Caramel Sauce Iced cake brownies (too cakey for me, I wanted a brownie, not cake!) Deformed chocolate chip cookies, with substitute chocolate chips Pecan Upside down cake with fluffly cream cheese frosting The frosting was so light and fluffy, tasted almost like Cinnabon!
  8. The batter for the chocolate pound cake is the batter from Carole's "black and white pound cake" but I made all the batter chocolate instead of half, and added the cheesecake filling. That's her chocolate streusel. I'm very obsessed with her recipes and how easy it is to play around with them. That pound cake looks so good! I may have to make that one now.
  9. Wow, guys! Everything looks so amazing...but those donuts are calling me! Here's what I've made lately Vanilla cake with sweet pastry cream, chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream. (picture is after it was in the fridge) Chocolate pound cake with cheesecake filling and chocolate streusel with very finely chopped almonds. Kit Kat cake- chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, crushed KitKat bars and topped with chocolate fudge icing. Kit kats "glued" on the outside with more buttercream.
  10. Wow. That's really gorgeous!! I have no idea what to say other than you're amazing!
  11. Oreo cookies spread with homemade chocolate buttercream. Yum.
  12. Brigid Mary

    Dinner! 2008

    It was fairly warm today so Dad got out the grill and cooked up some ribs. He let me spread the glaze and season 'em. Prawncrackers: The French chicken looks so good!
  13. Cali, I've made this recipe many times. it doesn't rise in the refrigerator at all,as far as I can tell. I'm not sure, I think it rises a little bit once I shape it but not much, once again I have a hard time telling, so obviously it can't rise much... when I bake it though it poofs up and tastes wonderful. Have you tried baking the dough yet? I use instant yeast as well. I always stir it in with the liquid like she says, but I don't let it sit so long. I'm not sure what's wrong with your dough. I really wish I had a better answer for you!
  14. I've never sketched the things I make before, mostly because I've never gone too into plating, or decorating. I love to drawing though, maybe more than baking. Next time I'm going to sketch out watch I make, and put more effort into decorating. Happy birthday Gfron! I can't wait to see your cake, it sounds amazing and the sketch looks really awesome.
  15. Gfron, your cake idea sounds simply amazing. Looking at the Dacquoise posts, I think I understand what it is. It would certainly make a beautiful cake! I see how it would really resemble a Kit Kat, and I can almost imagine how it would taste.Part of me really wants to do this cake, my the other part of me, and my mom and my sister, think I should just do a regular cake, since I know she'll like that. I think I'll have to wait on this cake, but I may have to make it for myself in the future, since it sounds really awesome! K8Memphis, I looked on the back of the can, and I see the recipe. I think I'll use this recipe because I have all the ingredients and it sounds yummy. The icing sounds delicious since it's very similar to my favorite scratch icing. I have a chocolate buttercream recipe I recently I recently tried I think I'll use for the filling. It has a light chocolate flavor that I think will go nicely since everything else will be pretty chocolatly. Thanks everyone!
  16. I'm sorry to say I have no idea what a dacquoise is, let alone how to pronounce it. Everyone here knows so much! I'd be afraid to make it because I've never tasted it, and I don't have much time for experimenting. I really love the idea of making it Kit Kat shaped. I think it would be a lot easier to serve, since other kids will be there. (I'm bringing it to a church youth group, to surprise her) I think I must have phrased everything wrong. I don't plan on using wafers anywhere, just crushed Kit Kats. My idea is to have a 2 layer chocolate cake, with some sort of chocolate filling and crushed kit kats, then topping with chocolate frosting. I know it's simple, but I know she'll like it this way. Golf Girl, Is THIS the recipe? It sounds delicious! If I did that, I wonder if I should make it the frosting as well as the filling. Or maybe frost it with that, then fill it some sort of mousse? Thanks to everyone who replied!
  17. Wow, I've never seen that before! It looks delicious, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. I don't want any peanut flavor in there, I wanted to go with a mainly chocolate/kit kat theme. In case it helps, this is for a girl turning 16, so you can get an idea of what she would like to eat.
  18. Yesterday I wasn't feeling so well in the head, but I really felt like some fresh bread without all the work. Then I found the recipe for "simple crusty bread" on the NY times website and gave it a try. It came out beautifuly! Super fast and easy, barley any work on my part. This morning I was in a hurry getting ready for work, but my mom was making marinara sauce and noodles for dinner and I knew we needed some bread to go with it. I made it again and it was even better this time around! I let it rise for about 4 hours, then had my brother place it in the fridge while I was at work. When I got home, I pulled it out, shaped it, and let it rise again for about an hour and a half. Delicious, crusty bread, perfect for when you're in a hurry. (especially when you have no food in the house!) The bread was still pretty warm when I cut into it, but we were hungry.
  19. Brigid Mary

    Dinner! 2008

    For dinner tonight my mom made noodles and marinara sauce and I baked some fresh bread. Everyone really enjoyed this dinner.
  20. I hate making topics on forums for fear of duplicating another post, but I need help. Search didn't turn up what I was looking for. I'm making my friend a Kit Kat cake for her birthday. So far, my plan is chocolate cake, with chocolate cream filling and chocolate frosting. The cream filling will have crushed Kit Kat in it. The whole cake will have a Kit Kat border. I'm looking for a chocolate cream filling like the one they use in a Kit Kat, or other chocolate wafer cookies. And I'm looking for frosting similar to the Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker already made frosting.( my favorite) Nothing dark chocolaty, since we're both milk chocolate fans. Any help is greatly appreciated! For picture of the frosting I'm talking about, go here: http://www.aulsuperstore.com/images/products/44209-00446.jpg And kit kats: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kit_Kat Edit: While you're here, feel free to post your favorite chocolate CAKE recipe as well. Not a fan of chocolate cake myself, since I feel like it has no flavor, but I've never made one that wasn't from a box.
  21. Marbled Pound cake. I made it as an Easter gift for a few friends. It was so yummy I could've eaten the whole cake if my sister hadn't eaten half herself!
  22. YUM. That's what I thought when I saw that! Beautiful picture. I love how you did the sprinkles! Care to share the recipe? AmritaBala: I've never tasted a Macaron before, but your look gorgeous!
  23. I will never again wear long, big sleeves while cooking on the stove, only to have them catch on fire because I wasn't paying attention.
  24. Anyone care if I post here, even though I'm still in the process of "growing up"? What was your family food culture when you were growing up? Lots of different food cultures. I'm a mix of Polish, Irish, French, German, Lithuanian, English and Hungarian. A lot of my Mother's family recipes are Polish, but everyone in my house loves Italian food and American food. Was meal time important? I'd say meal time is pretty important. Sadly these days we don't get to eat together that much, with everyone's working, school, extra activities, but on the days we can, we always sit down together and enjoy a good meal. Was cooking important? Yes. What were the penalties for putting elbows on the table? I can't really remember any. Maybe at my grandmother's house when we I little, but my parents never cared that much. Who cooked in the family? My Mom and myself, and sometimes my dad. My mom works in the evening, so it's usually my job to make dinner for my brothers, sister and my dad. Were restaurant meals common, or for special occassions? Definitely special occasions. I can't rememeber ever eating out very much when I was younger, maybe a few times a year at best. Recently we've started to go out a bit more. Did children have a "kiddy table" when guests were over? We usually let the adults sit at the big table, everyone else just piles on the couches. When did you get that first sip of wine? When I recieved my first communion. Tasted awful. Was there a pre-meal prayer? Always! Every meal, everyday, everyone. Our prayer is this, "Bless us O Lord, and these gifts which we are about to recieve from thy bounty, through Christ our Lord, Amen." When are whole family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) get together my grandfather or uncle, a deacon, will freestyle it. Was there a rotating menu (e.g., meatloaf every Thursday)? No. On fridays during Lent we usually eat pizza for dinner, either homemade or takeout. How much of your family culture is being replicated in your present-day family life? Since I'm still living it, all of it. I plan to carry on the traditions!
  25. Those cupcakes are crazy awesome! I especially love the last one. Swedish tea ring with crumb topping and orange glaze:
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