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  1. Usually the rule goes something like this: Clear ingredients (martini, manhattan) -- Stir Cloudy ingredients (aviation, sidecar) -- Shake Clear drinks are supposed to have an almost pristine look to them, which shaking fouls up, as well as a clean mouth-feel, no bits of ice, no froth or foam on top. Drinks that use cloudy ingredients in most cases involving fresh juices are already cloudy so it's just as well to go ahead and shake. edit: also, water isn't necessarily a bad thing in a drink, shaking and stirring are both doing two things for your drink, cooling it down and distributing water which cuts the bite of the alcohol and helps to blend flavors.
  2. I don't mind buying it online at all, but from my limited experience most places do not ship to NY. I could totally be wrong about that though...
  3. Anyone have any idea if it's illegal for a bar in the US to serve actual (non FDA approved) absinthe? I ordered a sazerac tonight in a solid joint and while the cocktail was delicious there was a notable lack of the tell-tale anise flavor.....while examining the shelves behind the bar I noticed two OPENED bottles of honest to goodness (jade) absinthe....obviously the expense of my cocktail would have gone up if i would have asked for TRUE absinthe but then it got me to thinking about the above.... ...can they actually put absinthe in a cocktail and charge money for it?
  4. Warehouse has the MB Triple Sec....but no dice as far as the curacao is concerned....it could just be a random thing though their stock seems to change pretty often.. I've gone through a lot of the spirits and cocktails forum and although the product is mentioned on occasion I see no mention of a place to actually buy the stuff : ) Anyway,,,I'll keep checking. I'm heading down to South Carolina on saturday perhaps I can find some down south, lol.
  5. I'm looking for the perfect orange curacao and have heard great things about the Brizard product, but I can't find it anywhere. I've seen the triple sec but that's about it. If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd very much appreciate it. Best, Scott.
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