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  1. 5 hours ago, kayb said:

    I was intrigued when I visited Japan to find beer for sale in vending machines at hotels and on streetcorners. We wondered if there was a minimum drinking age. There was, our hosts assured us: it was 20. Then how, we wondered, did they keep teens from buying beer? Shocked looks ensued. "It's against the law." Oh. OK. Well, all righty, then.


    Re: drive-through liquor store: We have drive-up windows, as well as "beer barns," where you drive through and pop your trunk if you're buying in case quantities. However, Louisiana has us beat, with drive-up daquiri stands.



    Reminds me of the podcast regarding how Ruth Bader Ginsburg used a case regarding frat boys trying to buy beer to fight gender discrimination.






  2. On a similar vein, here are some articles regarding Chef Gabriel Rucker (from Le Pigeon in Portland Oregon) getting sober:






    He has gone on to host an AA for food industry here in Portland, and documents some of his exercises on instagram (fitchefpdx)

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Anna N said:

     Thanks. I suspect this is one case where one person’s yellow rice and another person’s yellow rice are not the same yellow rice!  We would have been in an Asian restaurant so almost certainly not quite the same.  Thank you. 


    Do you recall what it tasted like?    There are several types that I am aware of.  Might have been curry fried rice, made with powdered curry to give a vibrant yellow.   There is also just rice made with chicken bouillon instead of chicken broth (like for Hainanese chicken), that can give a yellowish tinge as well.  There is a similar dish in Vietnam, Hoi An Chicken, where the rice is colored with tumeric. 

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  4. Inspired by a hot brown, while trying to eat healthy and get my protein in.   Slice of turkey, sauteed spinach, broiled tomatoes, cheddar, and a soft boiled egg.  Followed by a matcha protein shake...



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  5. 8 hours ago, kayb said:

    How about Hello Dolly bars? Graham crust, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, drizzled condensed milk, flaked coconut. You can vary with different chips, dried fruit, adding peanut butter into the condensed milk, etc.


    I won't be doing anything exceptional. Game comes sandwiched between two out of town trips for me, so I'll likely watch it, or have it on while I'm reading, alone while doing laundry.


    Our local bakery does something similar.  They call it a Debbie bar.   They add potato chips on top and drizzle caramel over the whole shebang. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Anna N said:

    Hmmm.   After a 2nd cup of coffee to make sure I’m awake I’m having some serious doubts about this recipe. The ratio of egg to stock is certainly off by most other Japanese recipes. Chicken stock is certainly not the usual liquid preferred. Will do further research.


    What ratio do you use?   I typically use about half a cup of fluid per egg, but it is by no means perfect.  This seems to be the same ratio that Serious Eats uses:





  7. On 1/12/2019 at 1:54 AM, Anna N said:





      Breakfast yesterday.  Still trying to perfect my chawanmushi. After much research and putting together a chart of different times and temperatures and ratios I managed to become distracted and was able to harvest not one scrap of useable data from this experiment.   But the result was tasty and I have another one to eat today.  Science is so damned demanding. 

    Have you tried to sous vide the chawanmushi yet? 




    I imagine you in your kitchen with a texture analyzer









  8. 1 hour ago, Kim Shook said:

    I could live without them if I had crumpets.  Those deep holes hold so much more butter!!!



    Have you tried the crumpets from Trader Joe's? 


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  9. 52 minutes ago, Darienne said:

    David Lebovitz, The Perfect Scoop, p.170, Creamy Caramel Sauce.  The only one Ed will accept on his homemade ice cream.


    And Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce.  Don't have a written recipe for it...simply know how to make it.  150 gm chocolate; 100 gm coconut oil.  Melted and mixed.  Add a dash of salt.  That's it.  It solidifies depending upon room temperature.  So in the winter, it stores solid and I heat it a bit in the microwave before serving.  Kids and "youthful" (gave up trying to find a suitable adjective) men like it.   Oops.  Does not need refrigeration. 



    Is this the same recipe?



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