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  1. I made sweet potato muffins last year, they were decent. I added pecans instead of walnuts. I found the texture to be a little strange...not denser, but different in some way. I don't exactly remember...it's probably because of the amount of starch in the sweet potatoes. They were good though, lots of flavour. The recipe I used was fairly similar to chefpeon's I believe, although there might have been a higher ratio of sweet potato to flour. Sorry I can't be more specific, my notebook is at home, but I expect chefpeon's recipe is better tested than mine anyway
  2. Oh my god everything looks so awesome. I want it alllllll Thanks rachel They were a big hit at work. Rambutans are pretty similar to lychees in my experience (at least on the inside...). So they are quite sweet. A little grapey. I don't know how better to describe them. The pastry is just a pate sucree, and the strawberries are unbaked. I brushed a bit of the jelly on top to make them shiny and pretty.
  3. eskay

    Baking 101

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up doing it the next day anyways, so it turned out to not be an issue, but I'll remember for next time! This is what I made.
  4. That fathers day cake is seriously cool. I made little mini strawberry and rambutan tartlets. They were going to be strawberry and lychee, but the lychees didn't look very good and it's basically the same thing Theres a layer of vanilla custard underneath a layer of strawberry-rambutan jelly, and the fruit on top.
  5. eskay

    Baking 101

    I'm making tarts with a baked custard filling. Is it possible to make the custard and refrigerate it overnight before baking it in the tart shells, or should I make it right before baking? It contains milk, heavy cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla.
  6. eskay

    Dinner! 2008

    monavano that quesadilla looks wonderfully crispy Continuing the pasta-and-poached egg trend that seems to have been triggered by SobaAddict's foodblog (at least it was for me), I had spaghetti, garlic, kale, oyster mushrooms, ricotta salata and a poached egg. Rather puny looking yolk shot...
  7. Raspberry and pistachio...although I can't figure out if the reason I like that combination has more to do with the colours than the flavours
  8. Somehow I suspect that Bravo really doesn't see the website and the recipes as being a high priority On the 'overworking the meat' thing, I always assumed it was because there was a danger of squishing it together too much so that it got dense, but that isn't based on anything authoritative. I really liked this episode. I liked the quickfire, I liked the things that people made for the challenge, and I agree with the elimination...although like others have said, Nikki's really gotta go. I wouldn't be surprised if the oil was preheated actually. I know its not really comparable, but on iron chef I think I've seen them use pots of stock that has been heated up ahead of time (at least that's what it looks like). I'd be interested in knowing if that's the case, though.
  9. Wow, what an amazing gift. And the cake looks pretty good, too!
  10. I'm suddenly tempted to dip tortilla chips in nutella
  11. eskay

    Dinner! 2008

    Wow, the edges on that are perfect I kind of like the way the "wrong" one looks...it's zigzaggy
  12. I try to use my reuseable bags and usually remember to bring them with me...the problem is that the way the grocery store I go to is laid out, I usually exit where there are only self-serve kiosks. And since I only ever have a basket's worth of stuff, I like using them. But you can't use reuseable bags with them (well, not very easily because they don't fit on the carousel well) so unless the lines are huge I usually just go through the manned checkout
  13. eskay


    I found rhubarb in the store here! I used it to make a strawberry rhubarb pie for Easter
  14. I've done it. Works pretty well, but I agree with the above commenters in that it's "different" from real ravioli. But still good. And faster
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