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  1. ArtistSeries

    Tom Colicchio's new Coke Commercial

    I think it was well done. I see nothing wrong with poking fun at food fads. Let's face it, many of us have been served meals that resembled architecture projects, used the technique of the day (wood planks anyone?) or have used exotic ingredients when all that was required to satisfy was good tasting food. That said, I find the taste of Diet Coke to be insipid and watery compared to the "full sugar" version... and wonder what demographic they are targeting with that commercial....
  2. ArtistSeries

    Hells Kitchen US season 5 [2009]

    I'm not sure that you can change that perception.... Should we start to taking bets on who will win?
  3. ArtistSeries

    Hells Kitchen US season 5 [2009]

    Collen Cleek, the cooking instructer just does not seem to clue-in and seems shameless about self-promotion... Her website is kind of amusing, in a pathetic way.... Owner Colleen Cleek is a Columnist for One Magazine writing Food For Thought and contributing recipes to several local news stations and publications, she is also the KETV-7 Local Food & Wine Expert and the Host of The Classy Gourmet Television show. Since its inception The Classy Gourmet has had a unique focus on business in the Omaha community, offering such services as; Team Building, Corporate Events, Private Events, Holiday Parties, and Boutique Catering. Our website is filled with delightful photographs, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Source
  4. ArtistSeries

    Le Pois Penche

    Given his track record, I'd be surprised... All sizzle no steak seems to be his motto...
  5. ArtistSeries


    Should a restaurant’s menu not adapt with the availability of fresh local ingredients? “Simple, fresh” seems to be the mantra, so it should naturally follow that chefs adapt to that – and what is available. Our distinct seasons are perfect for menu changes. I’ve found that climate does affect what I’m graving.
  6. ArtistSeries

    Barbque North of the Mason Dixon

    I have checked - hence why I find them so-so. My review would echo wattacetti's. Can time improve this place? Yes. As much as I'd like to find great sushi in Montreal, that seems next to impossible. The same seems to go for great B-B-Q....
  7. ArtistSeries

    Barbque North of the Mason Dixon

    I know that Steph N. has been fairly successful in the past with his menus mainly because they are middle of the road with hints of “higher” cuisine. This seems more of a family-type restaurant. Honest food? Yes. Great food? No. There is a fair amount of hype around this place and frankly I am wondering about the amount of praise some seem to be giving it...
  8. ArtistSeries


    This was one of the weirdest posts I have ever read on eGullet. ← For some reason, I understood that post...
  9. I have to agree with you. We have decent selection, good QC and prices. I've been able to build good cellar that would have been more difficult elsewhere.
  10. ArtistSeries

    The Faceless Critic

    If you go to the Queue and complain about prices, perhaps you should not have gone to the Queue. The price is not an issue. The value of what you get is. I’ve eaten there often enough (reluctantly I may add). One does not go there to enjoy the food, one goes there to be “in”. The experience of eating there is akin to an Outback steak house with better décor. It has never been memorable and has bordered on the awful. I expect some puffery in advertising from restaurants, but Queue seems to mistake it for quality – and worse actually believe their own tripe … So you say they have “outed” Mrs. C. Wow,how childish of them. Did it make them feel good playing the role of a bully? I can assure that I feel no “envy” towards Queue – it’s just a sub-par restaurant masquerading as a good steakhouse. “It is a successful steak house that caters to a client base who appreciates the experience.” Gee, the same can be said about “Baton Rouge” and “Scores” – it does not make them good. I don’t “hate” or “love” Queue de Cheval, it’s just not that enjoyable and leaves me indifferent.
  11. ArtistSeries

    The Faceless Critic

    Just goes to prove the old adage about suckers....
  12. ArtistSeries

    The Faceless Critic

    Might depend on how.... uhmmm private it is.... I much prefer critics to remain anon...
  13. ArtistSeries

    Montreal Smoked Meat

    To me, there is only one Schwartz's. Bill Brownstein wrote a book and did try to explain the secret... http://www.canada.com/cityguides/montreal/...bf883ab6&k=2257
  14. ArtistSeries

    Quebec province beers

    Quebec beer - microbrews are readily available for me. I've found the microbrews in Quebec to be some of the best in the world but am always pleased when I travel in to the U.S. and discover new beers that are great. I enjoy Blanche de Chambly in the summertime but favour St Ambroise offerings overall. I love Cheval at the Pub but not in bottles...
  15. ArtistSeries

    Hell's Kitchen (US) Season 3

    Or elevating someone who will be remembered for picking out of the garbage..