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  1. The lamb leg is tender to begin with and has had the bone removed. The expected result would normally be well done gray meat and very (falling apart) tender, though I've warned them to expect a pink result with more taste than they normally get. The lamb chops colour started to show them the way. Part of the marinade recipe is pineapple, I suspect because it aids in tenderising. Along with yoghurt, a little oil, garam masala and other spices. Not exactly sure which others they used at the moment. You're right about the chef expecting gray meat, though I don't think he would object to the meat being pinkish as long as it's tender and tasty. I guess he would prefer the meat to be more medium than too rare. ( the bloody look scares them a little) BTW shanks are marinating right now ready for the next experiment, followed by a Beef Madras and Rogan Josh curries.
  2. Hi guys, I'm new to this site and want to thank you all for the great reading over the last few weeks. We have an Indian restaurant in Australia and have had a chamber vacuum machine for a few years for use in marinating and food storage to retain moisture etc. Recently we've discovered SV and have bought our first 20 litre circulating water bath a few days ago. We did our first experiment today with lamb chops and we're delighted with the result. (58°c or 136°f for 6 hours with garlic, rosemary and EVOO) Hardly Indian I know, but this is just the start. Meat was very tasty, however a bit firmer than we would usually like, though not tough at all. One of our chefs wants to do a (boneless) roast leg of lamb for a family special occasion in 2 days. He has asked if we can do a "Raan". This is usually done by boiling the lamb until tender then roasting in a tandoori oven with the spices basted over the meat while roasting. He wants us to do it SV. We yesterday we placed the leg of lamb (it weighs about 2 kg / 4.4lb) with the usual spice marinade into a cryovac bag to marinate under vacuum in refrigerator. Today we are ready to SV and we're not sure at what temp or for how long we should leave in the bath. We want to SV in the marinade. Usually the marinade has rum as part of the recipe. We left the rum out because I recall someone on this site mentioning that alcohol affects the texture of the meat during SV process Then we want to follow up after the SV with finishing off the outside roast in our combi oven at say 220°C, and again basting with the marinade while roasting the outside. Does anyone have any experience with what we about to try and have any hints that may help?
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