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  1. Why moan about the price of the evening ? Don't go if you can't afford it , simple....and if you did go you'd probably pick fault in something, step a side and let somebody who appreciate's exciting cooking go
  2. Thanks for those ideas guys, pub sounds good for a couple of cheap one's! Will post soon on how lunch goes......
  3. Anybody know of a good place to go for a pre lunch drink within walking distance from maze?
  4. Danesfield house ? It has 4 rossettes.....
  5. Going to eat in a couple of weeks, can anybody recommend which menu or amount of dishes to order?
  6. Doesn't Plas Bodegroes have a star....or did maybe? ← It did but lost it .....
  7. Slate tiles are at every restaurant of late, I can only reason that they are popular . in that, in the chefs eyes they display their food to maximum effect. It won't be long surely before this fad takes a back seat. ← I'm not sure that it's a fad,every restaurant i've worked in has used slates (the past 8 years ) I don't think we should under estimate Stephen Terry he's a seasoned pro !!!!
  8. On my mini tour of the Cotswolds last weekend ,I decided to give Lords a try as i'd read it had, had a £2m re-furb and a new Head Chef Matthew Weedon.Enjoyed a fantastic meal £50 carte including canape's ,bouche ,coffee and really friendly service not perfect but solid.Re-furb quite contemporary but still in keeping with the old style of the manor,may be worth another shot if passing was very impressed but couldn't afford the bedroom rate!
  9. Stumbled across a little gem of a restaurant on Saturday ended up having dinner,warm welcome ,lovely food and not to pricey (How refreshing!).Found out while I was eating that it has 2 rosettes, v impressed .Anyone looking to eat in the cotswolds must try. Just found the website Jesmonds of Highworth
  10. If you've never been ,start with the introduction @ 11 courses,if you enjoy it give the place another go and have tour .I personally think people with no understanding of modern food go straight for the"BIGGEST" tasting menu leaving themselves open for off the wall dishes/letting the chef experiment on you etc.As for thick accents from waiters thats probably our fault in the UK for not accepting that being a waiter is a career ,so these jobs are filled by foreigners who will work long hours for little money.Slagging off a fellow north west chef is pretty low too..........sigh rant over!
  11. The Crazy Bear , Stadhampton amazing place 2 restaurants One French /English and downstairs Thai.Reception is a double decker bus etc ,will leave the rest a secret incase you go
  12. Voted the same way Andy imagine serving a trifle as the starter how very British.Thought Tom,and Jasons dishes looked good to.Have actually worked 2 days with Horridge,he gets worse when the cameras aren't on him.........
  13. Sketch is Overated,expensive,pretentious and not worth its accolade.I will never forget that meal.....it was horrible.And the image still sticks in my head of walking away from the table looking back and seeing the £1000+ in cash that we used to pay the bill ,must dash feel sick !
  14. Am sure I can find out just need to ask a few people myself,thought you were gonna spill the beans nevermind.
  15. Had dinner a couple of years ago at Jessica's,it held 2 rosettes and a star, 4 of us ate all chefs one being an ex-employee so got looked after from the off! He did us a "menu" Most dishes sent out were solid and some, we were guinea pigs for.He came out after to speak to us and see what we thought really nice guy .Very focussed and full of energy and enthusiasm for what he was doing, and that was at a restaurant that he didn't own.Would love to give purnells a go and before it gets rammed from the current tv series.Ihope he does well but am unsure how he will do against Sat...?
  16. Sparling and Stanley House have nothing to do with each other.......
  17. Why did they not pick 2 of the chefs who are at the forefront of cooking in Scotland, In my opinion Martin Wishart and Andrew Fairlie. I know tom very well, most of his training has been classical french and tony serving up smoked salmon..... I know he has been getting slated for it by so many chefs in Scotland and the local paper......... So to judge the level of cooking in Scotland ---"over the border" on these guys dishes is a bit harsh. Scotland has still got a fair bit to go....but no way the difference is that great. Remember only 5.5 million people in Scotland. 7.2 million just in the center of London!!!!!! ← surely the population doesent determain the standard of food?? ← Very good point
  18. To reply to both comments above......I really think serving up a plate of smoked salmon "garnished " as a modern plate of food on a national tv programme is signing your own death warrant,and as to compare London to Scotland (restaurant scene) I think there both as bad as each other.I truly think you can have a better meal outside the capital nowadays.I think they all copy and try to out do each other ,more original food is cooked outside the the capital.Seeing the programme would love to give Toms Kitchen a go it looks very good , I just think Scotland could have been represented better.
  19. Having now caught up and watched all 4 episodes on iplayer ,the one thing that struck me is the difference in cuisine over the border? The 2 England heats(Central,North) looked so advanced in cooking techniques and presentation.Not slating the scottish chefs effort ,as i'd have gladly tucked in to what hey had produced.But does anybody else agree about the presentation/techniques??
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