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    Hi. Thanks for the detail of your replies. What I want to do is learn how to snorkel, walk through the waves, read a book, work on some writing , see the ruins and explore the culture. I am not a bikini-wearing party girl looking for the bar scene, I am looking to play in the waves, go for long safe walks along the beach, see some fish in the water and eat awesome food. Am definitely open to suggestions for location and itinerary. thanks. lesley simpson i will go check out the meixcan holiday web site when i am finished work. this note has turned into my coffee break as this site is addictively good!
  2. lesley


    yes I am flexible and not familiar with authentic mexican cuisine. the more detail the better, and yes i would be very willing to travel. plans are not yet finalized. thanks lesley
  3. lesley


    Location to be determined based on availability. Duration: one week. lesley simpson
  4. lesley


    I am going to Cancun and am looking for both authentic street food and authentic local dining. Any suggestions? lesley simpson
  5. lesley

    Dinner! 2002

    I just bought a barbecue and decided to maximize grill space. I made a marinade of Spanish paprika, cumin seed, mustard and olive oil and marinated chicken and then threw onto the grill some potatoes, corn, portabello mushrooms. The next night my son suggested we grill fruit so we did plums and nectarines and then drizzled them with a sauce he made from maple syrup, lemons and brown sugar. he is seven years old. the sauce was exquisite on the warm fruit, like a cobbler minus the crumbles. lesley
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