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  1. 21 hours ago, patti said:

    I’m not sure if I want to be you or Moe


    Im not sure if I want to be you or Moe when I grow up. Well, considering my age, maybe I should say “in my next life,” instead. 

    You be Ann, I'll be Moe.

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  2. UGH on the hail.  We still have damage on the front of our house from not very big hail, but the wind was a zillion miles an hour.  However, when the insurance adjustor came out his exact words were "hail doesn't cause paint damage" 🙄 Um....okaaaaay.


    Your salad looks delicious.  I'm wondering around the kitchen as we speak trying to think of something for dinner.  Sigh.


    Hope your husband feels better ASAP.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Kim Shook said:

    TikTok pasta

    I'm trying not to look at the skins

    I'm trying not to look at the skins

    I'm trying not to look at the skins





    Yeah, I LOVE that bread bowl....I don't need any bowls...I don't need any bowls....I don't need any bowls

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  4. @liuzhouYour shrimp are always so fresh...they just jump out of the water on to your plate!


    @TicTacI want clams.


    Fries, hot wings and salad night before last










    It was chilly yesterday and we had to run into the big city TWICE so I prepped a lamb stew in-between trips and then threw it in the IP when we finally got home.



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  5. 2 minutes ago, Tri2Cook said:


    Thanks! Sounds tasty. I'll hang onto it but I want to do this round with the smoke, it's gonna be part of a bbq meal. I found info for times and buttons for short ribs but I don't know enough about the thing to know what adjustments to make after they've spent an hour or two in the smoker first.

    We have only cold smoked our ribs--around one sixty F--some of my number keys on this laptop aren't working, sigh.  After that into the IP for 50 mins. on high and let it naturally release.  

  6. 59 minutes ago, weinoo said:

    You're quite welcome.


    And don't know if it's the same exact fruit, but pixie tangerines this year are also amazingly sweet, if....hmmm...pixiesh. From Ojai, CA.








    What’s The Difference Between Oranges, Mandarins, Satsumas, Clementines, Tangerines?

    Yes!  I think that's what these are.  They are very small but SWEEEET.  

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  7. That food looks delicious.  I love chili rellenos and I hardly ever make them. And, no, I could not have resisted buying those glasses.  I, too, have some of the thick blue rimmed glasses.  I think I got them at Pier One a zillion years ago.  I'm down to three.  And, I broke my pitcher also.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Ann_T said:

    @Shelby, are your chicken strips just floured or bread crumbs?  It looks like a nice light breading.    If I didn't already have dinner planned I would be making chicken strips.

    Just seasoned flour.  Soaked in an egg\buttermilk mixture first.

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  9. I've skipped a couple weeks in order to whittle down the veggies, but I'm back on this week.  Also, I'm SO excited.  Misfits has become available to my mom where she lives (a pretty remote area)!  She got her first box a couple days ago and was delighted.  This will help her SO much.


    My Misfits






    I've already pickled all of the radishes--addicted to those right now.  




    I have a cabbage coming from Imperfect too.  I have a craving for bierocks and I need to start another jar of sauerkraut because I'm almost out.  Those Mandarin oranges are the best ones I've ever tasted.



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  10. All of you guys with your seafood.  Every bit looks delicious.


    Chicken strips with the required mashed potatoes and gravy along with Nirvana corn from the freezer ( I have a lot of corn yet to eat....summertime is fast approaching)






    Breakfast last night.  Wonderful eggs from my egg person, potato patties using leftover mashed potatoes and boudin.  Oh and along side in little bowls, the best Mandarin oranges I've ever had.








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  11. Ugh that high temp --yeah time to go for sure IMO lol.  I hope you are having a good trip home.  Be safe....I just can't not say enough to wear your masks and wash hands etc.  It's not over yet around here for sure.    


    I'm pretty sure you're ready to get back to your house :). 


    Thanks for alllllll of the photos and taking us along.  Always loved by all of us!!!

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  12. 37 minutes ago, KennethT said:

    Shelby - you are the Mistress of Deep Frying!!!  How do you do it? Specifically, what type of pot do you use and do you constantly reuse the oil?  Where do you put the oil between fry sessions?  It seems that you're not frying very much at a time - since, like us, it's only the 2 of you.  My problem is that every pot seems way too big (meaning that it would use a ton of oil for the amount of food we have).

    Lol!  I've never been anointed a Mistress of anything before.... ;) 


    I use a 10" wide 3" deep cast iron skillet.  I fill the skillet with a little less than 2" of veg oil.  I guess you'd say my method is shallow frying.  I do reuse the oil several times.  I've learned if you're frying correctly the oil doesn't pick up a lot of "scents"...meaning even if I fry fish or shrimp, I still keep it and reuse.  When it starts smelling strong, I dump it in a huge coffee can and when that gets full it goes out to the burn pile.  The skillet with the oil resides in my oven.  When I use my oven, I just set it out.

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  13. Sort of a puttanesca sauce--lots of olives and capers and hot pepper.  Very good and I'll be making more of that sort of sauce over the summer with garden tomatoes hopefully.  Roast chicken and salad also.




    Got some more shrimp and scallops for the freezer so fried shrimp last night along with leftover scalloped potatoes and bruss. sprouts.





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  14. 18 minutes ago, Kim Shook said:

    @liamsaunt– I would do a LOT to have a scallop and a lobster roll.  We have two lobster tails in the freezer and Tom Leonard’s has them for $4.99 this week.  I’m putting them on the shopping list!  I’ll at least have the lobster rolls😁!


    @patti– I’m “liking” all of your crawfish posts (especially that incredible looking bread), but I know it would probably be too spicy for me.  If I ever want to eat crawfish, I think I’d have to order and cook my own.  Maybe with Old Bay – if I go easy on it, I can manage that level of cayenne. 


    @kayb – delicious looking Easter dinner!  We served a lot of the same things.  Like I told you, I wish I’d thought of mac n cheese.  When Jessica and I looked at your post on FB we both thought that your corn casserole was pineapple casserole (like hers)!


    @Shelby – Wow!  A slew of great looking meals.  I am really craving some smoked turkey.  Your ham is truly drool-worthy.  And your grandma’s deviled egg plate is adorable, but is it hard to get the eggs out?  Also, this is for you:




    @Dejah – I hope you are feeling better.  Back pain is a difficult thing to live with.  My mom lived for years with it and I know it’s not easy.


    @David Ross – beautiful potatoes.  I love having leftover potato casseroles.


    @Ann_T– as always, lots of love for that chicken dinner.  For me, the logical next meal would be open faced hot chicken sandwiches with gravy!


    Our Easter dinner - Ham w/ Maple/Pineapple sauce:


    This looks a little dry but wasn’t at ALL!


    This was delicious on the ham but extremely sweet.  I think next time I’ll add a squeeze of lemon juice or something.


    Jessica’s Watergate salad & Pineapple casserole:




    The pineapple was really, really sweet.  I said to Mr. Kim that this is the kind of thing Europeans mean when they say American food is too sweet.  But, especially in the Southern states, this kind of dish IS traditionally served with a celebratory meal.  Growing up spending summers in NC all holiday meals and Sunday post-church dinners came accompanied by things like spiced apples and crab apples, “congealed salads” and Cool-whip “salads”.   They were served with the meal, not as a dessert.


    Jessica’s Deviled eggs, along with all the relish/crudité items:




    She and my MIL make the best deviled eggs in our family. 


    Jessica’s Roasted asparagus Caesar:


    She and Mr. Kim thought this was the best asparagus dish they’d ever had.


    Creamy Dijon Garlic Potatoes Dauphinoise:


    Small pleasures, but I love it when a potato dish lines up like this:



    Jessica’s salad & dressing:


    The salad was various baby greens, arugula, mango, blackberries, blueberries, and candied pecans.  The dressing is one that she developed with honey, lemon juice and zest, oil, poppy seeds, and paprika – among other stuff.  It was amazing.


    Jessica’s liptauer cheese and cocktail loaf pumpernickel bread:


    A family tradition.  I learned to make it in college.  I fell in love with it at the deli around the corner from my apartment, but couldn’t afford it very often, so I started making my own.  Jessica has always loved it.


    Sweet potato rolls:


    These go so perfectly with ham. 


    My coconut cake was a disaster (chronicled in the Sweets thread).  Luckily on Saturday Mr. Kim and I went to the Ukrops Food Market for the first time since it opened.  I’ve talked about it before, but Ukrops was a local and successful family owned supermarket that was open from 1937-2010.  It closed business, but never really went away.  It still produced it’s most popular prepared things and sold them through the grocery stores in the area.  Even Publix and Wegmans, which only opened in Richmond in the last few years, stock the Ukrops products.  In December of last year Ukrops finally opened their much talked about food hall.  They have their bakery, prepared savoury foods, fried chicken, pizza, panini – all their most popular stuff - on hand.  There is usually a line for the chicken/panini orders and when they first opened, you had to go early in the day and get a ticket with a time to pick up your chicken.  Things have calmed down some and it was fine on Saturday.  We got a package of Coconut cream tarts:


    So, dessert wasn’t all chocolate bunnies and jellybeans! 😁


    What a beautiful table!!!!  The fresh flowers and the plates just really set everything off.


    YOU HAVE THE SAME DISH AS I DO!!!  OMG!!!  That was also my Grammy's.  We have to be related somehow lol.


    Yes, the eggs are a bit difficult with just fingers, but I used a little cocktail fork and it worked like a charm :) 

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