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  1. That's why I was only slightly worried. I have nothing against a good dose of NyQuil or a shot of whiskey to get a kid to pipe down. 🤣
  2. I was slightly worried about a bus full of tipsy nursery school kids until I got to this part.
  3. 🤣 I swear on my life, I'm the opposite of energetic. Box 'O Drunk=Shelby's Red Bull Maybe I should start drinking when I get up in the morning.....might get more done. Or at least I'd think I got more done. 😳 I can't tell Ronnie this. He would be in his truck in a hot minute driving out there. It's around 15.99 to 18.99 here. Some places give 20% off when you buy a case.
  4. 😂 I was hoping no one would see that. When we go to town we stock up--it's like 2-3 dollars more a box at the closest liquor store to me. It does seem to be a very popular wine--at times we go to buy some and it's sold out. However, it is very sweet. If you like dry wine, this is not the one for you. What can I say? I'm a cheap date Happy Friday everyone! The guys rolled out of bed at 4:45 again this morning. Chum lifted her head up, groaned and went back to sleep. 🤣 I asked her if she wanted to go and all I got was another groan. She does this occasionally when Ronnie hunts a million days in a row. My girl needs her beauty sleep. So, she's now peacefully snoozing on the couch. I'm sure the guys would be very happy with me if I'd bring her out to be with them now, but I think we need a girls day in . A look at the early morning sky Breakfast for this morning. Smoked venison sausage that our hunter friend brought. Appetizers--with special thanks to @gfweb for the sun-dried tomato dip recipe. REALLY good. I used some of the cherry tomatoes that I semi dried and put in olive oil in the fridge. Worked like a charm. I might need some for breakfast. Also put out some zucchini butter. Our friend brought some pheasant breasts out with him too. He doesn't really care for them too much. Always dry he says. I hoped to change his mind with pheasant piccata. And I did All pounded, dredged in flour and fried. Plated with a white wine lemon caper sauce, my canned green beans and a mushroom alfredo pasta. I think I'm going to do something Asian-ish tonight so that means I need to start right now. I am so slow at that cuisine. I'm not sure why lol. I think the guys are doing some duck/goose hunting (don't tell Chum, she'll be sad she slept in) so maybe we can have those for dinner tomorrow. I best get going. Need some coffee first.........it's a cold morning and coffee sounds good.
  5. I'm sorry! I thought I had complained all over this place so I didn't want to complain any more 😂. I had a tooth pulled, a bone graft etc. etc. on Nov. 4. The list is LONG of stuff I'm not supposed to eat. I still have stitches that are making me crazy. I've cheated. I take baby size bites of forbidden foods and chew on the non-bad areas, but that takes a really long time. Anyway, lettuce is one of the things that gets major stuck in places that you don't want lettuce stuck. Sigh. I have 2-3 more super icky surgeries to go, but I'm not thinking about it. I wasn't supposed to drink wine, either, but I rebelled against that the very first day
  6. I couldn't hit the like button, but I'm glad the food was at least good. Don't they understand that contributing is important??? Sigh.
  7. It was a big day yesterday. I got to bed a little after 10--which is late by my normal standards, but early when our hunter friend is here lol. Without further ado I'll catch up from yesterday. An afternoon view of the shooting house Around dusk I received a text--success already ! I can't remember the last time they shot a deer on the first day. A nice buck. Here he is hanging in the garage. The guys shot a little pictorial of the gutting process and of removing the prized tenderloins--you want to do that first thing because if you don't, they dry out. I completely understand if some don't want to see this so scroll by these next few. All of that gets dumped in that tub and then they took it down to the river. I'm sure the coyotes had a feast last night. Next they cut the tenderloins out They are in the fridge --probably will be eaten either Saturday or Sunday night. Meanwhile, while all of that was taking place, I was making pizzas for dinner. Oh but first I made the usual breakfast sandwiches for this morning--ham, jalapeño cheese and eggs. Simple appetizers last night (I really did do some searching for some new ideas and just didn't hit upon anything that tripped my trigger) Pimento cheese and deviled eggs Pizza dough rising Salad--there is pasta underneath there. I ate a bit of that since I still can't eat lettuce🙄 Sigh. My plan was also to make that momofuku dressing, but I pooped out. I'm sure we will have salad again sometime this week and I'll do it then. I realllllly want to taste that. Even if it's just plain off of a spoon lol. Venison cheeseburger pizza And pepperoni and mushroom pizza And this is what's happening as we speak. They are all tucked into their house--heater is going--binoculars out They told me Chum got so dang excited every time she spotted a deer--she had to be told to settle down lol. When the buck was shot she tracked it like a champ. I'm going to try to come up with something exciting for dinner. Maybe pheasant piccata? Oh, and sigh, an appetizer. Oh and breakfast lol. Be back later!
  8. The guys have eaten and are on their way to the shootin' house. With Chum, of course. Lunch was: Pickled stuff Ham and beans and cheesy cornbread
  9. Happy Deer Day Been up since before dawn. Need to jump in the shower. But first a few pictures. Major tragedy a couple days ago. My Thermapen died! I thought it was just the batteries, but Ronnie replaced them and still no good . When I open it up it says "lo" and immediately says "err". Anyone have any ideas on if it can be fixed? I haven't googled yet. Thankfully, good 'ole Thermaworks pulled through and I got a new one delivered yesterday. Red for @rotuts You'll have to enlarge these pictures--I took them with my iPhone and I didn't want to go outside because it would scare them, but 8-9 does came right up to the house yesterday evening. They know they are safe here I've had these two mallards brining in a salt/water mix for a couple of days. Made for a nice, quick meal last night. I'm addicted to rubbing them and stuffing them with lemons. Very non-fancy sides to go with. My canned green beans and bakers. Ronnie will be picking up our friend from the airport in a couple hours and then coming back here for lunch. I better get a move on. Be back soon
  10. Will do! There is for sure room in the "deer shootin house" for a tripod....but....getting them to do that --plus my camera isn't super great--would be asking a lot lol. They promise to take pictures though, so we will see what transpires.
  11. No. Years ago he and his brother would go and get back just in time to eat Thanksgiving dinner. My sister-in-law and I kinda decided that wasn't fair and now they stay home and help out 😁. But believe me, they were out bright and early the next day.
  12. It really is a lot of work. From mowing paths, to building blinds etc. A lot of guys just show up the morning of the hunt without helping to do any of the prep. The ones that help prep get special treatment
  13. Hello! I didn't get a chance to welcome you on your thread so I'll welcome you here Glad you joined and I can't wait to see your dinner posts and glad you're along for the week! Well, he hunts all the time and is very good at it, but it's just because he loves doing it so much. So, yes he's full-time, but doesn't get paid lol. (((hugs)))) Thanks Anna. I was just wishing that I was at the meeting with Rotuts so I could have a brownie. Or six.
  14. Good morning and Happy Day Before Deer Season 2019! It's been a busy busy fall. I think Ronnie has hunted more than ever before. Many early mornings waking up at 4:15 🙃. Ronnie loves it. Me? I like my sleep lol. Lots of waterfowl. Not so much on the pheasants and quail. Maybe due to all of the flooding? I don't know. Pheasant season has been on the decline around here for quite some time, though. I went out a couple times to help Ronnie like I did last year. Strangely, even with all of the rain earlier this summer, the prime duck hole needed to be filled up again. I snapped a few pictures. The windmill and water that we use to prime the pump We run plastic tubing that draws water from the tub using this pump This tubing runs over a small hill (truck doors left open--Chum likes to supervise from there) and allows us to prime this pump That we hook more tubing to it that runs water out to the place we want to fill. It takes a couple days. Kind of a pain because it was freezing every night and a trip had to be made out each evening to shut it all off so it didn't hurt the pump. This year we used clear tubing which was strangely mesmerizing. I stared at the running bubbles for longer than I care to admit.🤣 Anyway, all that is set up and good to go. As usual, there will be major deer hunting and bird hunting this week. Chum is beside herself with anticipation. Our hunter is staying an extra day longer than normal. We went to the big city and got groceries yesterday. Nothing super exciting except stuff from the Asian Market. I love that place. I could spend hours in there. I made egg rolls and froze them a couple days ago. Needless to say, some kind of Asian dishes will be made between tomorrow and Monday I put the big head of cabbage in the freezer. Maybe some cabbage rolls one night? Freezing the head and then thawing it out makes the leaves super easy to remove and stuff. I'm off to wash the ceiling fans and lights, clean the extra bedroom, put the flannel sheets on the bed (a special request from our friend lol) and hopefully do some more food prep this afternoon. If you recall I made a lot of extra beirock filling in September so I need to whip some of those up for lunches. And, as per usual, the guys have strict instructions to take pictures of anything remotely interesting. So, here we go! Deer season 2019!
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