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  1. Shelby

    Dinner 2019

    Venison tenderloin--salad and potato on the side, but I was mostly obsessed with the steak Noodle bowls using up leftover pork belly Lemon chicken and taters with mushroom gravy
  2. πŸ˜‚ I love sharpies, too. I think you've hit the nail on the head.....I like the folding of the paper and the taping. Using the VacMaster would probably save room in the freezer though.
  3. I dunno. Habit I suppose. ☺️ Or maybe I was a butcher in my past life and I have a strong attachment to that white butcher paper.......
  4. Oh believe me, she did. She got some for her and then snuck around the side of the garage and got the outside cats portion πŸ™„I was worried we were going to have an epic throw-up but all was well lol.
  5. I'm back from the big city. Had a periodontist appt. Got my stitches out after over a month of having them! *happy dance* and I have a little break before a next yucky appt. So, yesterday we did the grinding. I know I've posted about it before, but this leg of the blog seems incomplete if I don't do it again Pot of meat that I dumped into cold water in the sink--the guys did a really good job of cleaning it up so there really wasn't much for me to do. Beef fat to grind with. We have a big pork roast too. The next deer we will grind with that. First run through the grinder Second run through Wrapped in cling wrap Then butcher paper Got about 30 lbs now in the freezer I'll go ahead and post last nights dinner here since it ties in. We're always hungry for fresh burger after we're done so I saved some and made mozzarella stuffed meatballs Again, thanks for keeping me company this week and I'll see you back here maybe in the spring , for sure next fall
  6. Hi hi!!! Sorry I haven't finished up today. Did the grinding and packaging this afternoon but am pressed for time. I'll post tomorrow afternoon I promise
  7. Shelby

    Dinner 2019

    About 20 glasses of wine.
  8. Shelby

    Dinner 2019

    Hot wings, blurry fries and salad with some more of that cilantro lime dressing
  9. I've not had that problem......but then again, mine are the most basic things ever lol. Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage and puff pastry.
  10. The really bad part is that was the first thought that I had (to look inside the dishwasher) but I thought "Nah, they would have done that".
  11. This new dishwasher actually washes the dishes 😳
  12. Montrose!! I used to live about 80 miles from there in Lake City, CO! Montrose and Gunnison were the "big cities" to us Our big city is about 400,000.
  13. Every single one of you guys have made my day Thanks to all who read here. You guys keep me motivated. We decided to make burger out of the rest of the deer--we've been going through last years like crazy so need to re-stock. There is another week of deer season plus a doe season in January so another one will probably be gotten. I'm going to go get the bag of meat here in a bit and begin cutting and cleaning it up. Might grind this afternoon. I know I've shown it before, but I'll take pictures and post here of that process. Back to yesterday: After the dishwasher installation issues (ahem....they drove all the way to the big city to get parts and come to find out, the parts they needed were inside the dishwasher πŸ™ƒ) the decision was made just to hang out here and watch football. So, I poured a wine and started on dinner. The guys wanted Mexican. I rummaged around the freezer and found a piece of pork loin. Not my fave to make enchiladas out of, but oh well. I did that in the IP along with some chicken broth and some orange juice and cumin etc. then mixed it with some sour cream and diced onion. Easy peasy because I had some Hatch chile sauce made and in the freezer. Threw some RG beans in the other IP and dinner was double easy. Rotel cheese dip Oh and I also tried a new recipe for lime cilantro dressing. A keeper Plates The guys were going to go out this morning before our friends flight, but the wind is blowing a zillion miles and hour and nothing will be moving around. It's blustery, just how I like it . I'm going to finish my coffee and then attack some venison meat. Be back later or tomorrow with grinding pictures
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