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  1. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    White bass caught by Ronnie
  2. I've found that I like my corn better when I blanch it first. It adds an extra step, but it's worth it IMO.
  3. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Hot wings and a salad --a few fries too. Little by little we are digging potatoes. Still getting a lot of the really small tender taters--my favorite--so I had to make creamed peas again. Garden squash and an excellent beef t-bone done on the grill.
  4. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Venison burger and pepperoni last night
  5. I have a very dark and cold basement so I store some of the ones that look hardy down there. The others I store in the fridge. They last a long time that way.
  6. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Had some squash to use, so I made some sauce using my canned tomatoes from last summer. Venison meatballs and Italian sausage to go with.
  7. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Just homemade ranch dressing. Nothin' fancy lol.
  8. Picked a few onions, taters and greens this morning
  9. Shelby

    4th of July

    Are you getting garden 'maters already? Super jealous if so.
  10. Shelby

    4th of July

    Wow. Last year's Independence Day seems like a million years ago. Times have certainly changed. Holidays now seem to turn into virus hotspots. I hope everyone stays safe, distances and wears a mask but still can enjoy the holiday. I don't know yet what we will have. I really want to make some type of fruit dessert but I don't know that I will get to a grocery store this week. I could go maybe before my periodontist appt that I am truly petrified of and dreading. Anyway. We have both some pork ribs and beef ribs. I think maybe two beef steaks in the freezer. I know we have hot dogs. I really want seafood like king crab legs or lobster, but that ain't happening this year lol. OH I do have a bag of frozen blueberries ....might do for my fruit fix. Smoked chicken sounds good too. I'll report back when I have a more solid plan lol.
  11. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Chicken fried venison steaks and the first cucumbers from the garden
  12. Thank you I will. Still debating on periodontist this week. Have a vet appt. also, but it's curbside. They come to your car and take furry babies one at a time. Our puppy is due for shots.
  13. Hmmm.... I don't know. I'll look thanks for the. link!!!
  14. Shelby

    Lunch 2020

    I've done it with only zukes or a mix of both yellow and zukes. All good.
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