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  1. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Ran across a new (to us) recipe that I had to try-Brazilian Cheese Bread. There are several different ways to make it, but, this looked like the easiest. Reminded me a tiny bit of popovers only they were "chewier". We liked them and gluten-free folks might want to try, too. Ate them with the homemade pasta and oxtail ragu that seems to be never ending. I keep freezing the ragu and then I can't get my mind off of it and I have to eat it again.
  2. Pretty well actually. If I was doing a ton of meat, not so much, but I didn't want to get the huge slicer down and slicing with a knife wasn't working at all lol.
  3. Made muffuletta bread in the CSO--turned out ok. Needed more salt. I am one that thinks all baked goods usually need more salt though. All the meats Forgot to picture the cheese but I used fresh mozzarella and munster and of course Boscoli olive salad My mom sent me these cake pans along with a recipe for "little cake and frosting". Perfect fit for 2 in the CSO or one in the Instant Pot. A normal sized cake is always too much for us so this size works great. Cake decorating is not my forte lol. But it tastes good.
  4. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Me too! I boiled them for 3 mins. and then put them a med-hot skillet with butter for another minute or 2. Still perfectly runny.
  5. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    I had one more batch of pasta dough in the fridge that I needed to use. I've seen ravioli with an egg yolk inside around the internet and probably here, too. Every time I see it my mouth waters. I never attempted here at home to make it because it seemed waaaaay above my skill level. Well, last night I guess I got brave. It wasn't that hard to do at all! Plus with the sauce and pasta already made all I had to do was put it through my pasta roller and cut the circles out--well that and make the ricotta type filling. I only filled two ravioli with the egg....seemed like over kill to do more than that lol. Anyway, it was fun and oh man, they were good. Might even be on my last meal ever list. Definitely not the prettiest picture though!
  6. Nah, you are not. Well, you're not alone. I thought it was an acorn 🤷‍♀️
  7. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Cabbage/ramen noodle/smoked chicken salad with beans and ribs
  8. I wondered the same thing but somehow I was afraid to ask lol.
  9. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    @scubadoo97's grouper piccata looked so good that I had to copy . No grouper here, though, so I used sea bass.
  10. I'm overwhelmed with the choices.
  11. Just received a huge set of all different kinds of stocks to try! I can't wait to "explore" Lecter was extremely interested in them too!
  12. Ditto Love these! @KennethT Do the cabinets go clear to the ceiling?
  13. Yep, it's that time of year
  14. I wanted to be some kind of artist when I was in school...didn't happen, but IMO your back drop isn't bad at all. Too much empty space at the top though. Maybe everything could have been moved up a bit. But really, one gets all the information that one would need when walking by. Or am I missing something?
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