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  1. Since I can only carry a limited amount what should I look for?
  2. I know to hit A H Riise, but is there a distillery, or anywhere else I should go. I'll be going to St. Thomas and St. John, but not St. Croix. Thanks
  3. Has anyone out there tasted Prichard's Rum? Its made in Kelso, Tennessee of all places, which is only about 45 minutes from here, but as yet I do not know of anyone who has tried it. Opinions?
  4. I was on the Gulf Coast of Florida this weekend, and being from Alabama, I took the opportunity to go to a good Liquor Store. I picked up a bottle of Appleton's Estate 12YO. (The ABC just won't carry it consistantly in AL.) I also on a whim bought a bottle of Marti Mojito Rum Liquer (sp?). The bottle states that the rum used to make the product is "Imported," but from where? I'm just curious as to the origin of the rum. Thanks, JPH712
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