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  1. Bruce, have you tried Sylvia's? They have a good assortment.
  2. how much do you want to spend?
  3. Wife and I just moved into the Heights and are exploring the new neighborhood. We made our second visit to Alma Latina on Shepherd around 22nd street. Thus far we've tried the Enchiladas Suizas, Enchilades Verdes, Beef Enchiladas (fajita), Chile Relleno, and Quesadillas. All have been really good, with particular attention paid to the Chile Relleno. They serve breakfast all day long and I'm looking forward to the near future visit where I can try the Chilequilles. We're really excited to find this place within a few blocks of the house. Best, M
  4. I'm with John. Pesce=snore. Reef for fine-ish dining and Tampico for gritty.
  5. Yeah, restaurants are probably the best option...g'luck
  6. Nothing? There's nothing good to eat in Mississippi? Did I post this in the wrong section?
  7. Whoah...good luck Chris. The best bet you might have is to crash the bars at Fearing's, Stephan Pyles, The Mansion on Turtle Creek, etc. Still, the best you'll do there probably amounts to just different takes on margaritas and what not. Dallas is kind of cocktail dry. Let us know if you find anything...
  8. I'm going to be in Jackson, MS for two days in the middle of November. Obviously, Vicksburg is a quick jaunt down the road. I'm looking for places to eat. Suggestions? M
  9. Alright folks. I'll see if I can remember what all we had. I have pictures that I can throw up here at later date. The night started with an amuse bouche of what I think was thinly sliced, cold pork tenderloin, wrapped around greens, with maybe an accompanying sauce to moisten things up a bit. Honestly though, I can't remember what all was with it. Also included were four squares of delicious, fried pork belly--near and dear to my heart. Course 1 was, what I can best describe as a caramelized onion strudel, presented how spring rolls might be typically presented at a nice restaurant (on en
  10. My pleasure foodman. The menu that we had on Wednesday had a decent amount of a la carte items. Also offered for $85, was a 5-course degustation. The captain informed us that a 7-course was soon to be appearing, although it was not available that night. Also, it was BYOB because they hadn't gotten their liquor license yet. I think that was remedied yesterday though, so that was probably just a one-time thing. We started the meal with a tasty amuse bouche and ended it with some Kraftsmen shortbread, fudge, and brittle. It was a great way to end an evening.
  11. We were delighted to secure a table last night at Textile for what we were told was the first full night of service. I think their soft opening for friends and family might have been on Tuesday. We went knowing that they were freshly opened and we were ready to overlook obvious opening jitters. Fortunately, and to our surprise, service at Textile mostly ran like a well-oiled machine. The dining room at Textile is a really cool blend of rustic hardware, French antiques and modern dining furniture, with of course, wonderful textiles of varying shades of whites/neutrals hanging from the ceil
  12. Just found a few 750ml bottles of Malacca in a tiny liquor store. I'm keeping a few for myself and figure I'll get rid of the rest. Message me if you're interested in procuring a bottle or two. M
  13. Man, $288.00 at Amazon Free shipping...
  14. Like Morgan, the idea of simplicity/automation is very appealing to me. Even if there are slightly higher operating costs involved, I think it would be worth it. I have a Weber Smoker, which gets the job done I suppose, but man...it is a pain to keep the temperature controlled. Keeping the fire going too, is no day of leisure. I might run down to Bass Pro Shops and pick one of these puppies up. My grandpa would probably roll over in his grave..."an electric smoker? not in my day..."
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