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  1. I worked for Peter Kromberg for 18 months as a commis chef at 18 years old,straight out of collage. If it wasn't for that man i think I would have left the industry. He was remarkable, clever and was never stressed. Not many people could send out food to his standard under the pressure of a kitchen like his. He was a Legend in my eyes.
  2. Sorry I didn't say. Restaurant Nathan Outlaw
  3. Read this topic and thought I might find out about some new and exciting pastry chefs. Instead no one has really named any new pastry chefs working in good restaurants in the UK. So here goes Gordon Gray at my restaurant. I am biased because I am a big fan obviously, but someone had to start it off. Great breads and desserts. Simple, clean flavour combinations with solid technique. I am very lucky to have him working with me, with pedigree of glenegles, vineyard and Micheal Caines. Gordon has total dedication to his craft as a pastry chef. Well there you go who's next to plug there own pastry chef?
  4. I can not believe that Noma didn't get it's 3rd star. I ate there in January and I have to say that I had the best meal ever (so far). I also ate at two other 3 stars on that gastro tour and they didn't come close. Keep going Rene it will come!
  5. None of the restaurants will be open on may day. They would be crazy to open, it's madness in Padstow on may day!
  6. I really rate this restaurant and it's food, but must agree with Gary. Sometimes it just gets really busy and you wait a bit to long. It is certainly worth a star though, but lets not get in to that. Paul is a great chef and his food is really tasty. There is no doubt the awards will come!
  7. Just returned from Copenhagen. Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the best meal I have ever had and not just because of the food the service is fantastic as well. Highlights of my meal - Langoustine with oyster/parsley mayo, served on a hot rock. The sorrel granite and sheep milk mousse. Then Salsify with milkskin and truffle puree from Gotland. Rene is truly gifted in his cuisine. Texture and the clarity of the produce take all the dishes to a different level. I have eaten in at least 12 3 star restaurants and this just beats them all. Will be back as soon as possible, hopefully for the summer menus.
  8. I have Lived in Cornwall for 8 years and can say that I have never had a pasty with the crimping down the middle. The link Lapin dor has left is to chough bakery in Padstow. They are the best I have eaten so try that recipe. Maybe cut down on the pepper though for someone in a nursing home, because chough pasties are very peppery. Good Luck
  9. That is a great loss - a meal there in June was simply superb. I can appreciate the effort exerted takes its toll. ← Paul Ripley is one of the best chefs I worked with. If you didn't get a chance to eat his food I feel sorry for you. Passion for ingredients and cooking. A great loss it will be!
  10. The way I see it is if you are going to a restaurant like this why would you want anything different than what is on the menu. The dishes themselves sometimes take a lot of development and planning. Why put things under pressure and receive a dish that may not be up to standard, because you want it?
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    I would say the food is not Australian. Knowing both of the chefs are British I would hope not. Michael and Ben are very talented cooks coming from good kitchens, Daniel NYC, Le Manior, Rick steins Seafood Restaurant and Anthony's in Leeds, oh and that Gordon Ramsay Gaff. Michael also worked for me. They will do what they set out to do cook good simple food.
  12. I had a meal here back in January and have got to say as a chef this is one of the most inspiring places I have eaten. The ham and the salt were amazing. The ingredients that stephan uses are top notch. His passion pours through the whole place. Keep up the good work.
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