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  1. I've read most of those books, and I can see why the author didn't recommend them either. The author doesn't name check every book, but I think its clear he's familiar with those books you listed. Cookwise and I'm Just Here for the Food are probably the books he writes about how McGee's "On Food and Cooking inspired a number of cooks and cookbook authors to integrate scientific approaches into their practices, and some of them have produced cookbooks that read as more populist versions of McGee’s book." Techniques and Cooking fall into the "in-depth guides to masterin
  2. With how you described Shoreditch, I don't think that'll be one of my tourist stops. I'm only in London for a number of days and there's so much to see and do that I don't waste too much time traveling for food if there isn't aren't any sites around to see. For St. John, do I still need to make reservations even for their bar menu? With jetlag and unfamiliarity with the area, I don't want to tie myself to a scheduled time. And, has anybody done a Taste of Yauatcha for two? Is that 29 pound price for each person or the total price? Speaking of Rick Steves, do
  3. Even with Brexit and the pound dropping, everything in London still seems really expensive for a visitor. So, are there any recommendations for something good while still affordable for somebody on a budget?Ideally, I'm looking for something that's not too far off from sights and attractions like Tower of London, London museums, etc... I'd love to try a salt beef bagel from Biegel Bake, but it seems too far away from tourist sights. I know Indian food would probably be my best bet, but I'm not a fan of that cuisine.
  4. What about the Alessi flatware? Anybody have any experience with that?
  5. Has anybody ever tried to cook fava bean soaked in scallion oil? I read about it on culinary backstreets where they listed various Chinese fava bean dishes, but I can't seem to find a recipe for it. http://www.culinarybackstreets.com/shanghai/2013/spring-food-break-3/
  6. And, they also make faux foie gras... Anybody ever notice that some of the most vocal supporters of the shark fin ban were also the most vocal opponents for banning foie gras. I hate the PETA extremists but you've got to credit them for consistency.
  7. Which region would the dish of steamed pork ribs in lotus leaf come from? I'm trying to identify the regionality of the dish to try to see where its from so as to know if you're supposed to use soybean paste or broadbean paste to make it. I've found two recipes that seem to be about making the dish- steamed pork ribs covered in rice powder. But the first recipe used broadbean paste while the latter used soybean paste. http://www.holyshitake.com/archives/2004/11/steamed_ribs_in_rice_powder_with_sweet_potato.html http://www.nicolemones.com/pork-ribs-in-lotus-leaf.html Anybody else have any more
  8. Since tommorow will be the tenth anniversary of Barbara Tropp's death, I thought we should honor her by starting a thread so we can talk about her life and her accomplishments. For those who've never heard of her, it might seem strange that we're talking about a Jewish woman with regards to Chinese cooking. But, oftentimes, it takes an outsider to break the surly bonds of complacity and conventional thinking. Albert Einstein, Sigmeund Freud, Betty Friedan, Ralph Lauren were all outsiders who ended up gaining a deeper understanding because of their outsiderness and thus revolutionizing their r
  9. There was no footage because most, if not all, of that stuff never happened. Gordon Ramsay's lucrative contract with Channel 4 in the UK is up for renewal, and he was scared because his ratings have been declining. So, in a pathetic attempt to goose up buzz and ratings, Ramsay flat out made stuff up or exagerrated something minor into an international incident. If any of stuff really happened and the cameras were rolling, there's no way they wouldn't have aired that footage. Let's look at that article's claims and what was actually shown on his documentary: From what I saw on the documentary
  10. You know, its not that difficult to google Gordon Ramsay and hypocrite or Gordon Ramsay and endangered species. But, since you asked... Obviously, just because it wasn't shown on one of his TV shows, doesn't mean he didn't fish for sharks for fun. A year before he filmed his shark documentary, even though he now descibes how 'barbaric' and 'wasteful' for others to go after sharks for food, Gordon Ramsay went on a private fishing expedition and hunted down two sharks for sport. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1351577/Gordon-Ramsay-hypocrite-How-TV-chef-defended-sharks--previously-c
  11. If its anything like her cookbook or TV show, then the consensus on egullet is that its not what would be called authentic Chinese food.
  12. And, the original Lotus of Siam is really no better. Their Vegas restaurant has okay flavors, small portions, and high prices. I kept returning to Lotus of Siam each time I went to Vegas, trying to understand all the hype. Finally, after eavesdropping on another diner, I realized that almost everybody there was from NYC. When you think about it, its not a suprise that New Yorkers will think Lotus of Siam is great. There's not a lot of good options for Thai food in NYC so they'll go Lady Gaga the first time they encounter decent Thai food. And, food prices in NYC are going to be high just from
  13. I remember hearing from those who've talked to him that he totally plays to the camera- he has a accent in real life but he will totally take it to the next level when he's being filmed.
  14. I was listening to an interview with the state legislator who proposed this ban, and it kinda seemed like a total ban on any shark meat was going to be his next move. Otherwise, it seems like a waste that if fishing for shark meat is legal, then why couldn't you use those fins? For whatever reason, he really seems intent on a total ban on any fishing of sharks and rejected any possible compromises that could have kept shark fin soup available to Chinese-Americans even it was done in a more enviornmental friendly and sustainable method. One of my problems with this ban is that its so broad- no
  15. So, Columela is the best sherry vinegar you'll find in a grocery store?
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