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  1. Wow!! An increase of $25 for the fast pass! I have 5 people that we are going with, but my guess is that $200 in food will be enough. To avoid buying 3 passes, does anyone not use the guest pass? I'd be willing to buy it off someone. I guess I can also buy a third pass and sell the pass that is redeemable for food and keep the companion for myself. If anyone doesn't need the companion pass let me know,
  2. They are come in from Penn Station. Does this help at all? Is there some other place that stands out where we should go for lunch? They are coming from upstate and will be in NYC for the first time.
  3. I realize that is a rough place to get something good. What is the closest pizza place that serves great pizza? Even if we need to leave this area.
  4. I have some friends who are visiting the city and are doing the Times Square, 5th Ave, Christmas Tree circuit. They want to have some good pizza. Are there any good pizza places in these neighborhoods? They also want to find place to have a drink. Can anyone recommend a place for us to grab a slice and also a separate place to get a cocktail?
  5. Your tip percentage shouldn't change based on the amount of the bill.
  6. Are there any other cigar bars in the area? It doesn't have to be in the east village.
  7. We were actually planning on going to Velvet Cigar Lounge after dinner. There will only be five of us so we won't need to rent the entire lounge. I have never been there before so I don't really know what to expect. I think it's byob so hopefully there won't be an issue with having a minor.
  8. The minor will not be drinking or attempting to drink anything with alcohol. These are not my intentions. This is for a bachelor party where we will be eating at Momofuku Ssam and afterwards those of us that are of age were hoping to get a drink somewhere else. The plan is basically go to Ssam, smoke a cigar at a cigar lounge and get a night cap at a different bar/restaurant. I wasn't sure of the whole drinking thing and a minor.
  9. I will be in NYC in May with a few friends. My 18-year-old brother will be with us. The rest of us are 27-30. Will any of the better drink places let us in with an underage person? We were thinking PDT or D&C. If not, does anyone know a place that will let an 18-year-old in to have a coke? I know he can't sit at the bar. I will call both places later today to confirm.
  10. I was at a restaurant last night and tried a glass of Highland Park 18. That is some tasty stuff. I was going to buy a bottle but I figured as a newbie I would stay with the 12 year and not spend the $75 on the 18. So, I have a new bottle of Highland Park 12 year that I will try later tonight.
  11. I just finished my bottle of Cragganmore 12 Year single malt. I am new to drinking scotch and I want to pick up a new bottle to try. What do you recommend? I did like the Cragganmore, so I guess something similar. I want to try as many as possible to find exactly what I like/dislike. I guess $50 +/- a few bucks. Is it possible that the nose changed on this scotch? It seemed as if the last glass had a butterscotch smell that I did not remember in previous glasses.
  12. This is probably who you were thinking of. Although I am not sure about those prices. Japanese Knife Shapening
  13. I'm gonna be in Philly next Tuesday for work and I need a place where I can get some good pasta for a solo diner. I am training for the NYC Marathon and I am in Carbo-Load mode. I am going to be there alone so preferably a place where I can dine at a bar. I'm looking for good, fresh, possibly home-made pasta and red sauce.
  14. I going to see Norm at Caroline's tonight and I was looking for suggestions for a place to eat dinner after the show. I don't really care what type of cuisine as long as it is tasty. I would prefer something in walking distance and nothing too expensive. I would guess around $30ish per person, there will be three of us. I know there are a ton of places being in Times Square, I just want to go to one of the better ones. Caroline's Comedy Club Broadway between 49th & 50th
  15. Aburiya Kinosuke & Sugiyama look really good. How is the ambiance? Are they regular sit down restaurants? My fiance has always wanted to go to a place where you sit on the floor or even the tables that are recessed into the floor. We don't to skimp on the food.
  16. I want to take my Fiance to an authentic Japanese restaurant for her B-day. I was looking for a place that either had tatami rooms or sitting on the floor. We have been to Japanese restaurants for sushi and things like that, but I was looking for GREAT food and also a nice experience. It will only be the two of us dining. Anyone have any suggestions?
  17. Did anyone get a chance to attend the Brewfest? I'm curious how it was.
  18. Has anyone been to Brewfest before? I came across it on Eater. Looks like they have beer, music, and food. Seems like it could be fun, but its kind of expensive at $50 a ticket. Here is the info: Brewfest NY 2008 South Street Seaport Friday - September 12 - 5-10 pm Event Website
  19. They must have mixed feelings about tourists. I will take a look at the cafe your friend mentioned. My goal besides sitting on a beach and doing almost nothing is to try some local Caribbean food. I will take notes and post on my findings when I get back.
  20. I'll be going to Provo in August and I am trying to find some good place to eat. Where do the locals eat? I am looking for some real caribbean food.
  21. Speaking of glitches...I was finally around at 10 am with nothing going on at work so I tried to get reservation today. I sign in and keep refreshing until 10 am hits. I pick 2 people and click on 8:15. Eureka!!! I get a reservation and all I need to do is confirm. I click "Accept" and I sit there watching a clock count from 60 seconds down. With about ~32 seconds left I get an error message and I lose the reservation. This was my first time getting through to a confirmation page. I have only tried about 10 times, so the odds are against me. It was pretty frustrating getting "through" only to have an error cost me my reservation. Given the amount of available reservations, to me, it doesn't make much sense to have a hostess taking reservations. Like others have said, the reservations are gone too fast!! You would be hiring someone just to repeat that there are no reservations. My only issue is that I am rarely around at 10 am to give it a shot. I have read/heard rumors about them adding a lunch seating. Does anyone know if this is true?
  22. I also just bought two tickets to see Bourdain. How is the Grand Tasting? Is it worth $150?
  23. Perry Street sounds like the way to go. I'll be going there in the next few weeks.
  24. Not sure where you live but the restaurant depot in Queens, NY offers a day pass at no cost and no questions asked. The only drawback is that you have to pay cash for everything. I have been there a few times and as I move into my house I will buy a lot more things there. Other locations in NY wouldn't allow me to buy anything. I guess it depends on the location
  25. I would say Rao's as well. Not sure if it is only me, but I have absolutely no desire to go to Rao's. I doubt I would ever have the opportunity to go, but something bothers me about this place. They have this tiny little restaurant in NYC which always gets recognized as a great little Italian restaurant that is impossible to get into. Unless you know Di Nero or are a relation of the Dapper Don you have no chance of getting in. All of this exclusivity and what do they do? They open a restaurant in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas? I don't get it. They get all of this great press here in NY and they Sell Out. I better watch what I type. I don't want to be the next shooting victim of Rao's, but this place just bothers me. They have no business in Las Vegas. They are a NYC institution and they should have stayed there. Do people actually feel or think they're having a dining experience anywhere close to that of the NYC location? I wonder... This bothers me so much that if I ever got the impossible reservation or invite(which I won't) I'm not sure if I'd want to go. Sorry for taking this post off topic, but I still think its the hardest reservation that I would never want to have.
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