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    Quiznos Subs

    I like Quizno's. It's better than any other sandwich shop I've been to, which isn't that many, but still. Subway sucks, and Panera still pisses me off that they have pre-made sandwiches where the onions are cooked into the damn things and they can't take them out, but that's another story. Anyway, things I like at Quizno's: the tuna sub, honey mustard chicken, mesquite chicken, and even the turkey guacamole (of course it's not fresh, you really want your "sub artist" to stop everything and mix up a tablespoon of guacamole?). I also really appreciate the fact that they have unsweetened iced tea. I guess if you really want a kickass sub you have to be willing to make it yourself.
  2. KateW

    staff meal

    The kale soup looked pretty good today so I had a cup of that. These days I've been on a soup streak--it's usually the beef stew, chowder or soup of the day.
  3. KateW

    Canning salsa

    Leave it out. That way if you ever give to to someone who has an adverse reaction to cilantro, they can eat it. I agree with topping (or mixing) it with cilantro at service if you want the flavor.
  4. I'm not embarrassed that I don't like cilantro since I've met more people who feel the same way than people who do like it. I guess I'm embarrassed that I don't like desserts unless they are savory, like a cheese plate. I'll go for a fruit something but that's about it.
  5. I wish I knew my store that well. No matter how many times I've been there I always end up aimlessly wandering the aisles for something. "I know the chip aisle is here somewhere..."
  6. I was making my shopping list just now and realizing how vague I've become. I started with ingredients for my first attempt at making hummus. To sidetrack a bit--for those who remember another post, a bunch of us missed our family reunion because we went to see my uncle's band play, and the rest of the family missed that portion of us so much that we're having another reunion this Sunday, and I get to bring an appetizer, no French dessert this time! Anyway, my list went through the specific ingredients, then went as follows juice soda milk breakfast lunch dinner I wondered, how specific are people on their lists? Do you write ingredients for the whole week's meals? Names of dishes? Food groups?
  7. A woman after my own heart. I've always admired her. I wrote a short paper about her in leadership class last year. The paper didn't do well, but I don't care. I still think she qualifies as a great leader.
  8. That is so cool. I think it's amazing that people don't take the time to show up just a few minutes early. As for the experience factor, I think most cooks don't go to cooking school before getting a job, and even a few cooks are right out of (or still in) high school. When I got my first restaurant job the summer before I started culinary school, I did basically what you did, down to the outfit and accessories, showing up early, admitting I knew nothing, etc. I got hired for like 3 days a week on the line. (Ended up hating it, but a) I didn't give it enough time and b) the atmosphere didn't jive with my style.) Good luck! This thread totally renewed my excitement for cooking. (of course, I have the next couple days off, so I can say that now...)
  9. My fiance used to cook for a living (the usual fast food gigs at first and then a slightly better place called The Cooker) but he never cooks at home. Sure, he can fend for himself if I'm not home but nothing creative at all (frozen fish sticks, maybe a steak if he's really bored)...he even has a hard time coming up with snack ideas...thinks I'm a genius when I suggest crackers and cheese. He's certainly not an adventurous eater either so I guess it's okay. It's not like he's thinking, man I'd really like some Coquille St. Jacques, but I just don't know how to make it!
  10. I never used to really like sandwiches when I was a kid and then I figured out why-- 1) I hated the bread my mom used (Branola) 2) I don't really care for cold sandwiches, as someone mentioned early on. Cold sandwiches are so blah, you can taste each thing separately but not together so much. I usually take apart cold sandwiches and just eat the insides because I feel bread on cold sandwiches is just something that holds the insides together. Put the same cold sandwich on the grill or in a pan with olive oil or butter and it's so much better. Everything blends. The bread has to be either really soft (I like Pepperidge Farm soft whole wheat) or really crunchy (like a baguette) but not dry, or crumbly. There was a sandwich at this little shop where I grew up. I believe it was avocado, melted cheese and bean sprouts on cracked wheat bread. I'd forgotten about it until someone mentioned avocado in sandwiches somewhere early in this thread. And to think I've just been making guacamole
  11. I didn't know it was the same family! I just saw a thing about cheese on FTV--tetilla does look a bit like a breast, or, for the kid-friendly, a Hershey's kiss.
  12. Maytag blue cheese always makes me think of dishwashers.
  13. I always run cold water on them and rest them on something cold for a second (like a freezer door or a cool stainless steel counter) every few minutes if they keep burning. We have burn cream at work that works well. When I worked at Ruby Tuesday, someone said pickle juice works but I never really tried it.
  14. I never saw the point of washing meat before cooking either. I do blot with paper towels though.
  15. KateW

    staff meal

    Nothing really...I made salad all day and then I worked on the line at night so I had to set up the line when I would usually be going to eat. Nibbled...potato skin here, bite of prime rib there. Normally I'd have something like a grilled chicken sandwich, blt, or a bowl of chowder.
  16. 1 bottle of Ranch for the fiance. I make my own variations of viniagrette for myself
  17. Are the corn tortilla shells really already folded in those things? If so, does one eat them unheated? Just wondering. You just have to stick them in a 350 degree or so oven for 5 minutes. Yes they do come already shaped like tacos and already cooked but yeah, they're pretty nasty unheated. Edit: oh, no meat in the packet...the taco sauce is just the salsa you'd put on top, and the seasonings come dry. You brown the meat, add some water and the seasonings, cook to thicken, and go.
  18. I use kits when making tacos. You know, the shells, taco sauce, and seasoning. Then I top them with pre-cut lettuce, pre-shredded cheese, and pre-packaged sour cream. Oh, but I chop the tomatoes myself.
  19. Why is it that some burns are worse later on? Is it a sign of not taking care of them right away? I got a burn on the roll warmer at work that wasn't really bad that night but I woke up the next day to a really gross blister.
  20. I have no mixer I don't do baking, so I don't really miss it in that aspect, but there are some savory things I could use it for. It's on the registry, believe me!
  21. Thankfully in a couple months my last name will start with S and I hope I fall outside the dessert bracket from then on.
  22. Don't you mean grammar? I was waiting to see if anyone caught that. Did you catch the other errors? I'm not so good with grammar intricacies but unusual or wrong spelling usually jumps right out at me. Anyway, back to the topic.
  23. Don't you mean grammar? "Grammer" is obsolete, but a real variant, sorta like "clew" for "clue". Somebody's showing off... Sorry, guess I don't have a clew.
  24. Does this mean "freeze" or is it an emphasized version of "thaw"? In my experience, people use it when they mean "thaw" or "defrost".
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