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  1. i love cooking and i'm on a strict budget for the rest of the year, so i try to save up for 1 or 2 really good meals a month rather than eating so so meals 2-3 times a week. but on average i'd say i eat out 5-6 times per month. but this month i have fully taken advantage of summer restaurant week. i've taken advantage of 5 RW menus already and have 3 more to go.... here's my run down: (# times this year/# times before this year) Artisanal - 1/0 Asia de Cuba - 0/2 Atelier - 1/0 Aureole - going tomorrow Balthazar - 1/4? Cafe Boulud - 1/0 Cafe des Artistes - 1/0 Craft - 2/0 Daniel - 1/1 Eleven Madison Park - 1/0 Four Seasons - 0/1 Gotham Bar & Grill - 0/1 Gramercy Tavern - 0/1 Kuruma Zushi - 0/1 La Cote Basque - 0/1 Next Door Nobu - 0/1 Peter Luger - 1/0 Pico - 1/0 RM - 1/0 Town - i have appetizers and drinks there all the time, never a full meal Union Square Cafe - 1/0 i have only lived in NY for about 18 months now. when i am willing to splurge, i am willing to make a trek and i usually try to pick a place i haven't been to. and i definitely do my research on egullet first! hope this helped!
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    had brunch at Ouest on sunday. i called ahead to see if we needed a reservation, but the hostess told us to just come in. when we arrived around 1:30, we were quite surprised that the dining room was only about half full. a look at the menu revealed the most obvious reason - the the only brunch option was the $24 prix fixe menu that didn't even include a free mimosa/bloody mary or dessert. but still ouest was one of the most enjoyable dining experiences i've had in the city in awhile. *amazing and still warm, freshly baked bread basket - minis of blueberry coffee cake, cranberry scones, sesame mini baguette, raisin walnut brioche *choice of appetizer- we had the spicy tomato bisque- noncream based tomato soup with a small perfect kick, drizzled with a bit of cream and chives sprinkles (other options: fresh house made granola or yogurt) *choice of entree- i had the spinach and gruyere egg souffle which was rich, decadent and enough for 2. it was served in a beurre blanc sauce and i was pleasantly surprised to find a bit of shitake mushroom in it as well. my companion had the fried poached egg with smoked duck carpaccio. the contrast in textures was amazing. it was served with a bit of ruffage (frisee, i believe) and drizzled with a light balsalmic vinagriatte. and the service was fantastic!
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