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  1. I stopped off for a vanilla cone the other day and noticed the DCBs are $1.70!! What an outrageous price.
  2. Haha, wow, what difference a year and a few months make. When I made this thread I was about 1 month into the CIA. I'm graduating in January and have to laugh at myself for being so unaware just 15 months ago.
  3. I haven't seen a DCB on a Dollar Menu in at least 6 months. edit: typo
  4. 2 coffees filters perched in a chinois, repeat til desired effect is achieved. Perfectly clear consomme in no time.
  5. Wow. Really? A friend and I both had the strawberry dessert when we were there on August 9th. We both agreed it was phenomenal. My friend said it was better than any of his three savory courses. The snow cone was intensely flavored and delicious. The pop rocks were a pleasant surprise that took us both back to our childhoods. The cheesecake was a nice twist from the usual cheesecake laden with Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The sorbet was different, but excellent. Edit for a typo.
  6. Some of them are OK...but so many of them are lame. The Disney Cake Challenge comes to mind.
  7. Just saw her on ICA last night, and her plates looked like garbage. Just piles of ingredients slopped in sauce. I will not be watching.
  8. Chili is a fantastic idea, especially for the cold Saturday afternoons later in the fall. How were you thinking of doing the fish? Fried?
  9. I love my Koobi Kit. Well-made and plenty of room. I have all my tools, 10 knives, 2 steels, and a cleaver in mine.
  10. Yeah, I can see how an employer insisting on formal training is knee-slappingly funny.
  11. WiscoNole

    Ask Aida

    I admit, I'll check it out purely because of her looks.
  12. Unless you're just warming the sauces it doesn't seem very practical.
  13. I am thoroughly pleased by the result, though I do feel a little bad for Adam. Edit to add that I will definitely be checking out Aaron's show.
  14. I'm currently in my 2nd year at the CIA, and if I had to sum up the school in one sentence, this would be it. All the CIA cares about is how many more thousands of dollars they can bring in and then spend on landscaping. Edit for a typo.
  15. This brings me back to my days in Meat Fabrication class at culinary school. I know exactly how you felt when they suddenly made the cut...I had to watch several slaughter videos and no one really told us what to expect. The butcher in the video hung the animal, pulled a pistol out of his pocket, and that was that. Shortly thereafter I picked my jaw up off the desk. ETA: Great thread.
  16. I do hope that you are not running the thing empty. For most domestic microwave ovens running empty is serious abuse. Beyond damaging the machine, worst case, you could start a fire... http://www.repairclinic.com/0088_6_2.asp http://www.fda.gov/consumer/updates/microwave112107.html Unless you have specifically checked your manual for a statement that it is safe to operate empty - don't do it, please! Its cheaper and safer to use a simple purpose-built timer. ← LOL. What portion of microwaves don't have separate, designated "Timer" functions? 5%?
  17. WiscoNole

    Dinner! 2008

    When's the last time you made a meal without a fanned row of sliced cukes?
  18. WiscoNole

    Catering Questions

    Why wouldn't you cook the salmon after portioning it? When you cut the whole side into servings you're going to get ragged edges.
  19. You would have to inquire about shipping, but the guy who runs JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com is a pleasure to deal with.
  20. WiscoNole

    Summer Peach Salad

    I would look into finding a nice cheese that pairs with the peaches.
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