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  1. We had a fantastic time in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Although it was not as warm as we’d like, it was sunny everyday…we were glad to be away from the snow/rain in Vancouver. My husband and I ended up going to See Saw. What a phenomenal meal. Every course was excellent; my husband claimed it the best meal he had ever had. I was still thinking about the following few things for several days after: Part of Hassun – oyster/uni shooter in tomato water – the oyster and uni were really fresh and greatly balanced with the tomato water. Great way to start the meal. White Fish Carpaccio – white fish in a sea of sesame garlic oil that is so flavorful that I wanted to mop up every last drop. Just as I had that thought, a plate of bread materialized in front of me. Heaven. Foie Gras – what a way to finish the meal. Crispy on the outside, sweet and rich once you bite into it. Hmmmmmmm…… The rest of the dinner - the sashimi, tuna tataki, mushroom, lamb – was all good…great actually. I am not good at describing it all, but if anyone wants a meal that is truly memorable where all the layers of flavors marry happily, go to See Saw. We are also fans of the La Grande Orange group – we have tried the pizzeria (loved the sausage and fennel pizza), the gelateria and Radio Milano. Food was great and the service was even better…very kid friendly which scores big in my books. We also went to the Farm at South Mountain a few times…fantastic. This was our first time to Phoenix and we can’t wait to come back to explore further and try the other restaurants we didn’t get to the next time we come for our family vacation. Thanks for all the recommendations.
  2. We are staying at the Legacy Golf Resort on S. 32nd St between E. Southern Ave and E. Baseline Rd; I think it's pretty close to the airport. How far is a drive into Scottsdale? There seems to be a lot of choices there. Binkley's menu looks good with great fish selection which I love. I have also looked at the pictures of all the meals you had at See Saw, molto e...I am drooling just thinking about them. Greasewood Flat looks interesting. The kids will love the open space and a different dining experience. Please keep the suggestions coming. I am complying a list to bring so we can go to a recommended place wherever we happen to be. Thanks again.
  3. We will be in Phoenix for a 10-day vacation starting Dec 12. Our 2 kids are 4-year old and 1-1/2 year old. I would love some recommendation on restaurants that serve great food and still family friendly. Pizzeria Bianco and Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles look fantistic but I am afraid of the wait for a table since both places do not take reso's. How does a pizza from Pizzeria Bianco travel? We can always pick up and take back to the hotel. I also thought the Farmhouse at South Mountain looks interesting but I didn't find much about it in the Forum. Any comment? My husband and I are also looking to go out one night on our own...leaving the kids with our nanny. Where should we go? We are gamed to try anything and price point will not matter much as this dinner is our holiday gift to ourselves. See Saw? Zinc Bistro? Lola Tapas? I know they are all different, but help us decide on a place that we will remember as that great dinner in Phoenix. Thank you.
  4. We will be in Seattle this weekend for a wedding. Unfortunately, we won't be able to try any of the dinner spots that mentioned in this forum but we will have most of Sunday free to do our own thing. We are staying at the Fairmont downtown and are planning to head to University Village shopping (perfect timing since the Canadian $ is at par)....Where should we go for brunch?
  5. We are planning on checking out the Fall Okanagan Wine Festival this year? I looked through the Festival brochure quickly and there are many wineries and events happening through the week. If we go for 3 days, is it better to go on the first weekend (Sept 28) or the second weekend (Oct 5)? Are 3 days enough? We want to take a somewhat laid back approach; we don't want to rush to 6, 7 or 8 wineries a day, but to savor and enjoy the places we choose to go. What are some events and wineries we should not miss?
  6. I just finished reading Menu from an Orchard Table by Heidi Noble. A very interesting story with recipes about the Heidi and her husband turning an orchard in the Okanagan wine country (in BC, Canada) into a winery and a cooking school highlighting local producers and seasonal ingredients.
  7. Cooking through a complete cookbook sounds very ambitious. For variety, I think I may try to make one recipe from each of the cookbook from my collection of around 50. A cookbook may not be used again until I have gone through the whole collection. This will make me to actually use all the cookbooks I have, instead of going to the same ones all the time.
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