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  1. oh and a tall rack thing and fridge. And here you can see the window open-LOL, but now it cannot stay open. Hope this hels somewhat. sink:
  2. you are right, I apologize. Medium here is probably small for you North American folks also. I will post some pictures of it but it is at a messy stage in the photos . It is about 24 square meters. There is a sink, a door and windows which are always closed. I have air cond, and a dehumidifier, 2 tabletop chocovision x3210 or whatever they are and two 6 kg melters.
  3. oooh!! Can he come here? I horde...
  4. that sounds so much like me. I am so bad at being organized. At least I feel less down on myself!
  5. I hope I am not making a double thread. I looked to see if one already existed and saw all of Kerry's beautiful photos of her basement workshop. I am trying to get back into things slowly and need to do a lot of organizing and re organizing of my basement workshop. It has sat virtually untouched for two years. I am washing molds right now. I am desperately hoping that things will be positive around here and am even considering, after a while of being back into "it", of opening a proper little store. But that is not the NOW. I am insisting my hubby remove all the things he put in my workspace, as he has this gigantic fish hobby and about 20 aquariums on our back patio and in the house. He has all sorts of tools, stones, and I dont know what on my tables. He is being very cooperative, I must say. I am looking for tips. How do you store things? Organize? I dont want to spend a whole lot on shelving and cupboards etc. My space is about the size of a medium sized bedroom. I have stainless steel tables all around the walls and a stainless stell sink, 2 wooden chests of drawers under on table, a rack with trays and a bunch of storage plastic bins, a plastic chest of drawers. Anyone talented at organizing? Thanks in advance.
  6. thank you, Lana!! Yes, I have not been around for too long. Been a bit up and down round here and I am now trying to get back into chocolates. Hope you are well and all into chocolates!! xx
  7. I don't know if you people know this, but I found it while researching (www.novosina.ch): Typical Chocolate Values Raw Materials and semi-products: Type Typical aw-values Cream 0.99-1.00 aw Butter 0.95-0.98 aw Glucose 0.70-0.72 aw Sorbitol Powder approx. 0.30 aw Couverture 0.30 aw Milk Powder 0.20-0.25 aw Fruits, nuts and other fillings typically have an aw-value of 0.40-0.90aw Fillings: Type Typical aw-values Fat-based fillings as Gianduja or chocolate truffle fillings 0.20-0.35 aw Caramel 0.65-0.70 aw Almond paste (marzipan) 0.73-0.80 aw Sorbitol Powder approx. 0.30 aw Couverture 0.30 aw Chocolate without filling: 0.4-0.5 aw
  8. I showed my husband and one of my kids and they also couldn't believe it. Again thank you and we will meet.
  9. I am shocked to find this. Photos of my T-shirt!! My gosh. You are all so humble, waiting for me to find this. I seriously don't cry easliy, but this just shocked me. I am speechless. I am touched and I guess that is why the tears came. Thank you sounds awfully empty, so please accept it with a lot of feeling from my heart. xx
  10. I love this thread. I love reading little anecdotes about the doctor (fish hook, etc). You seem to live such a charmed life, doctoring, cooking, baking, chocolatiering and mothering!! SIgh!! Thank you for sharing. It is inspiring. I don't know how you do it all.
  11. really interesting. Now this can be done with other types of suitable cookies...even perhaps homemade ones...
  12. just read through the whole thread. So touching. I have tears in my eyes. May his memory always be for a blessing.
  13. I love the age span-shows what a great and warm group you are. Would love more details of what is what and all! Thanks for the photos!
  14. wonderful looking at everything and imagining being there!
  15. wow, everything so far looks incredible! Thank you for sharing! That fruit plate and the cheese- does it for me!
  16. I was pretty happy bout my eldest daughter's idea of making lots of tortillas quickly using my pancake maker! Worked really well!
  17. Liron! That would be fabulous!!! Darienne, wouldn't that be amazing!!
  18. This is now my 4th effort at posting. I did clear cookies etc. Thanks for a great thread!! I very nearly missed it. I will, in the future, always put out a post to the forum of the country I am visiting in order to avoid missing out on meeting interesting people and seeing places I may not know about!! There is a chocolatier here on egullet, named Jeff Stern, who lives in Quito. Once when my hubby was in Guayaquil on business, they met up. The result was me getting a bunch of delicious chocolates. This was a good few years back. I enjoyed the Republica del cacoa chocolate as well!! Here are some photos of what I received.
  19. The flan recipe is enough for "8 normal people"!!! That is so funny!!!!! Oh, I also wanted to add that I have no idea if it all tastes right. I cannot use bacon in the refried beans, cannot get the right cheese to grate for the topping to the tortillas, but it will be fun anyhow.
  20. well well!! I went through dozens of recipes and most had a condensed milk. I did found one or two that didn't. I don't like shortcuts when possible. A long shortcut would be to make my own condensed milk-how funny is that? But so many times I have not made something due to lack of condensed milk (we do have a yucky kind here but it has vegetable oil in it and I hate the taste). Thank you for the lovely story and recipe. In the end I will make it tomorrow as I have run out of time. SO Mexican will continue tomorrow as well!! With lunch from tonight's leftovers. I have tried to be as Mexican as I can although I lack many touches... I used a sheet for a tablecloth. Here are the photos of pre Mexican Shabbat Dinner. I will have to do this all again when all my kids are home for the weekend. They are writing exams at univ so they didn't come home this weekend and they would so love the theme. Thanks everyone so very much!!. Hope it dopes not look gringo big time and silly. We are having fun, though, so who cares!!
  21. Darienne. thank you very much. Have printed them out and my family and I are about to sit down and read them with great excitement
  22. wow. Thank you so much. I will go to look at the recipe. Bu chance I have powdered milk, which is also unavailable here, but I got some in the USA a few years ago and never opened the can. I assume it is still okay to use! I so appreciate you efforts-wow. Thanks
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