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  1. I can't really argue with the suggestion of the fibrox. If I was starting all over again, I'd probably go with a cleaver. Dexter, Town Food service and CCK all make excellent chef's cleavers that can be had for <$40. But what do I know.
  2. What you are describing is not exactly a pancreatitis diet. You want to be careful to avoid foods high in fat mostly. I'd be very cautious with dessert. But I think you need to be a little clearer on what's going on.
  3. Thanks for all the responses. I live (ironically enough in light of the Post article) in the Maryland suburbs of DC. And somewhat for the record, the share is a 13 week fall share so I had been hoping for some more fall vegetables (squash, more sweet potatos)
  4. I joined a CSA for the first time about two months ago, and I think it's not an experience I need to repeat. Every week a 13 dollar bag of Hakurei Turnips, one small baggie of salad greens, a bunch of arugala and a couple of lonely radishes arrives. Usually there is my surprise for the week, a head of tat soi or a single sweet potato the size of a child's fist. Aside for the general feeling that I could get more for my money shopping at Whole Paycheck who the hell wants to eat turnip greens and turnips twice a week. I feel like I'm back at my Parent's house where I eat what's put in front of me. The person who talked me into the half share told me she thinks it makes her a better cook to learn how to use ingredients she doesn't see everyday, but really, I think the learning curve has flattened out, and besides who doesn't know how to cook turnip. I know it's part of being a good foodie to think that CSA's are the be all, end all but I think I'm though. Anyone else had the same experience? Is this just a bad CSA or a bad season?
  5. I own a Hiromoto AS 190mm I bought at the Christmas sale at Japanese Chef Knives Direct last year and I've been pretty pleased although I'm not a Santuko guy. Per the folks at the site this is far and away their best selling Santuko, if that means anything. I agree with Bob, I wouldn't go smaller than a 190mm if your looking for a general prep knife.
  6. I'm not the knife expert Bob is, I only have one really high end knife, but it's a nakiri. I do have large hands however and have been very pleased. Let me suggest you look at the Watanabe 180 Kuro-ichi. I had a custom handle put on mine and it's very nice. I'll try to post a picture.
  7. I only caught one of the episodes without Batalli, but I think the part of the show I have the hardest time with is how joyless it seems for all involved. Watching Bittman, Paltrow and the spanish woman (I didn't catch her name) drive around Spain in an 80,000 dollar car and eat fabulous food with all the enthusiasm of a 6 year old visiting the dentist seemed rather depressing. Maybe it's better with Mario in the picture, I can't imagine him not having more zest for the experience.
  8. This discussion is absurd. Cake cannot carry pie's cape. Cake advocates need to take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves if they really have what it takes to be a foodie.
  9. Raw corn from the farmer's market. Pasta with olive oil, garlic, red pepper.
  10. Finally saw it. Was it just me or is the talent level more like the first two seasons (mix of chefs, caterers and a student or two) than the third and fourth(deeper pool, mostly high end restauraunt folks)? My early money is on the Finnish guy.
  11. Just so I'm clear on the rules, does cooking oil and such count as an ingredient?
  12. I would approach the problem as follows. 1) You live in a brewery and thus have beer to spare. 2) You live in Brooklyn and thus random shotgun blasts are not likely to be reported to the police. Perhaps a bounty in beer for each mouse? My hunting dog and I can be at your place by sunrise. Have pug, will travel. Or if you don't have kids and pets around the place I'd suggest poison. YOu probably don't one mouse you have tons. Poison tends to wipe out whole nests as the mice eat the dead poisoned mouse.
  13. Arugala, cannelli bean and caremelized onion salad. Baby arugala Canelli beans Onion Vermouth or white wine Olive oil Slice onions, cook over low heat with 1 tbls olive oil for 30 min turn up burner to high, caremelize, deglase with wine, repeat. Salt and pepper off heat, combine onions with beans. top greens with mixture
  14. Dr. Teeth

    Rump roast

    Rump Roast is from bottom round unless I'm mistaken. That's a pretty hard working piece of muscle. I'd braise, rather than roast.
  15. Dr. Teeth


    I'm not an expert on plantains by any means, but I've used some with the same kind of mold you describe. Seems to always happen about the time the peels turn black. As long as the mold is only on the outside I usually will still use them, and it's always been fine. But I'd prolly wait for someone with a little more experience to weigh in.
  16. I think the 14.99 is more a byproduct of Kosher first cut, rather than Manhattan. Kosher sells for about that a pound here (Maryland, close to DC) but you can pick it up in supermarkets for about 3.99. Briskets all look good, but I have to say I usually take slicing a brisket as a sign of failure. I've cooked a fair number including (maybe explaining my bias) some for barbecue competitions and I find sliced brisket doesn't have that 'tender but chewy at the same time,' quality.
  17. Any of you candy and fudge making folks have a suggestion for a candy thermometer? Is there anything to choose between the various ones for sale?
  18. Dr. Teeth

    Dinner! 2008

    Mifi, that tart looks incredible.
  19. Unicorn Magnum is a nice product. I've had one for about 4 years and I'd buy another if I lost mine.
  20. Soup. 1/2 and 1/2 with butternut squash.
  21. Hi, MD here. Luke warm pork sitting in an oven all day is perfect set up for Staph food poisioning. Does that mean it's 100% people will get sick - no. But to serve that pork is irresponsible.
  22. Dr. Teeth


    Looks like an eye of round?
  23. Dr. Teeth

    Slush Science

    Lemme take a shot at it before somebody that really knows the answer comes on. Ice forms in the temperature it does in part because water molecules which are polar (positive charged end and negative charged end) line up so neatly - positive end of one next to negative end of another. Kind of like how the suitcase looks when my wife packs it. When you put in forign molecules that are soluble in water, like salt or sugar they disrupt the neat positive to negative end matrix. Kind of like what happens when I try to pack 2 books and a pair of jeans into the neatly packed suitcase The ice becomes less stable, the freezing point goes up and it melts faster.
  24. Awesome. I'm on board. Make with the recipe, please.
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