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  1. I made eggs and tomatoes today
  2. Langavulin is in fact one of my most favorite SMSW.
  3. I had an email from a tea expert who corrected me. It seems Emerald Oolong is a type of Bao Zhong Oolong. Indeed. Bao Zhongs are in fact described as "buttery".
  4. Hello- Single Malt Whisky is one of my passions, but I know very little about them. About the only thing I know for sure is that I seem to prefer Lowland and Island (Islay in particular) varieties. Can anyone suggest bottles that I should try?
  5. Katie Meadow- Is Emerald Oolong similar to Milk Oolong? Milk Oolong has a very pronounced dairy flavor.
  6. Also, how old is the oldest known mortar and pestle? I would think it goes back thousands of years.
  7. Hello- That picture is great, truly amazing. I am thinking that we should continue our discussion on this thread. What do you know about the origin of the ice cream scoop?
  8. My almanac is wrong again!!!! It claims the apple peeler/corer goes back to 1864
  9. Andie- You are amazing!!!!!! Thank you for all this info :smile:
  10. Andie-I am glad you like this. BTW what can you tell me about the history of the double-bladed mezzaluna? Does it really exist? My almanac says it does, but I want the facts. Thanks
  11. According to the 2015 edition of Harris' Farmer's Almanac: mezzaluna 1880 wire whisk 1765 box grater 1540's
  12. A clarification- My question is not: Which had its earliest prototype? Rather: Which first existed in its current form? I apologize for any confusion the sophomoric wording of the original question may have caused.
  13. ......a culinary history quiz,of course: Which of these three kitchen utensils was invented first? the wire whisk the mezzaluna the box grater
  14. slkinsey- Have you ever combined genmaicha with matcha? My favorite local tea house serves it this way.
  15. Hassouni- You did mention this elsewhere so I assumed it was not a secret. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/149966-winter-teas-what-do-you-drink-when-its-cold/#entry1995993
  16. Hassouni- Lapsang?!? BTW, my favorite spirits are whisky and rum
  17. Hassouni- You are a spirits expert, what do you think of lapsang and whiskey as a winter drink? Personally, I think this is a natural pairing which I would drink. But, do you think it is worth serving others?
  18. Duvel- I really need try this!!! Stash Tea Company makes a tea similar to the one you described.
  19. Well, the polar vortex has returned and I am drinking teas that go well with cold weather : strong black tea and powdered green tea with butter ("Tibetan"-style). And, I was wondering: What do you drink- tea-wise- when cold weather hits?
  20. Hello- I need at least one bottle of shaohsing
  21. Hello- Today I made a really strong pot of Ceylon Black. The temperature is dropping and that means -for me- more black tea.
  22. Naftal

    Dinner 2014 (Part 6)

    Hello- Today it was a congee, topped with spinach and soy sauce. This was my take on the more traditional Chinese greens and salted chicken
  23. Greetings! I too am a fan of Asian food, Gluten and soup Have you ever made congee (rice porridge) or seitan (with the gluten)? I have been to Aspen and to Boulder (CU has one my favorite football teams ).
  24. Quesmoy- Try this eG thread http://forums.egullet.org/topic/32778-infusions-tinctures-at-home-the-topic/ They are experts.
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