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  1. Today's Google doodle commemorates the 151st birthday of the inventor of the scoville unit. Hot stuff inseed...!
  2. Parliament has a curry committee? Why can't congress have a pizza committee, a coney committee, a burger committee...? BTW-for the record- I do see this is important. I would consider anything that could ,potentially, cause mass unemployment an important issue. And, I am glad to see that the government is trying to do something about it. Sometimes my silly/stupid- side gets the better of me when it shouldn't.
  3. MartinW- Phoenix talons are one of my favorite dishes! Vivian darkblood-The har gow at Cai is listed as Super Har Gow and the description reads "Jumbo Shrimp Dumpling". Perhaps it is just a regional thing. I hope ,one day, to try the dim sum on the West Coast, I envy those who have! And, I love siu mai.
  4. If you are in China Town, you should to go to Cai for dim sum. Also, If you can get to Evanston, you might enjoy the authentic Chinese teahouse called Dream About Tea. IMO it is one of the two best Chinese teahouses in the Great Lakes region.
  5. gfron1-Having just discovered this thread https://forums.egullet.org/topic/106143-kombucha/ I realized/learned that there really is a kelp tea that goes by the same name as the fermented tea I am familiar with! I was unfamiliar with it. I now am wondering, How was your Kelp tea? I apologize for any confusion my ignorance may have caused.
  6. Thank you for this information. I read it all, and would have read more . I really find this topic fascinating.
  7. huiray- I think I must have been Japanese in a previous life. I have always felt that one should drink leftover sauce of any kind!!! Do you know of any other times this is done-in Japanese or any other cuisine?
  8. Interesting comment about the half & half. I did not know about its unique qualities!
  9. I am partial to nigirizushi and zaru soba!!! No one has taken the time to teach me how to eat the zaru soba. I would just mix the fake wasabi and scallions into the sauce. comments....
  10. According to this very informative site: http://www.kombuchafuel.com/search/label/SCOBY%20Photos the scoby starts life rather cream colored and gets darker through repeated use. So, my guess-and it is only a guess- is that you have an old, preserved scoby. But the above mentioned website has a lot more info.
  11. Interesting! Does each island have a different culinary tradition, or is there a general regional style? Again, Welcome!
  12. Winter is early this year. So, I am drinking my everyday black with a new twist: I added some single malt scotch
  13. I am just curious... Are you absolutely certain that you do not have the scoby? The scoby is used to ferment the tea.
  14. I am curious- How would this work in a family? Is it one face per person for the winter?
  15. IMO, the most wonderful example of reinterpretation by non-natives is ... Pizza!!!!!!!!!
  16. Deryn- I am also a cynic. I am not impressed by a list of big names that fails to include one major player in particular. I wonder if this issue effects ConAgra. For the record, I am aware that companies do not always state their connection to this giant, and some of the companies listed in the article may indeed be subsidiaries.
  17. liuzhou- I am curious... What is the recipe for green tea shrimp? Can you suggest a simple/basic fish-head recipe, something with 15 or less ingredients ?
  18. Naftal

    Dinner 2015 (Part 6)

    I tried something new. I steamed a whole fish, head and all. I did not add anything to it because I wanted to concentrate on getting the steaming right . the fish tasted great, very light For dessert, I celebrated with a glass of sweet vermouth (the other red wine).
  19. Naftal

    Dong Art

    Liuzhou- It is always a delight to read your posts. I learn sooo much from them. The oil tea is a fascinating dish!
  20. Not that it really matters: Belgium has two National Languages.So, one picture is in French and then it would be reproduced in Dutch.
  21. Naftal

    Dong Art

    What are the people doing in the last picture? Are they all Dong? Is Dong food "hot" or "spicy"? I was particularly pleased to see the painting of the tea harvest
  22. huiray- How were the chicken feet? I am a big fan of this dish, my nephew and I always get it when we see it on a menu. Also, can you recommend a place in Indy that has really good Dim Sum?
  23. I don't know how I missed those last two postings! I have recently been drinking-gong fu style-a wonderful chen nian pu'er from the Golden Bridge Brand. I found it at a large oriental supermarket that opened recently in my area.
  24. I never get tired of the variations that can be played on gin, lime juice, and/or tonic!
  25. My grandfather (who I am named after) was a professional chef. My father was an excellent cook and also had exceptional taste-I was raised on brie, smoked oysters, French bread and hard salami. When I came of age he introduced me to fine wines. I love cooking. An Indian guy living in an apartment below mine once told me that the smells coming from my kitchen reminded him of his fathers cooking.
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