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  1. Traffic Jam & SnugPlease check out this local Detroit resturant. Sorry for the strange format.
  2. I find it interesting because I have no idea how to identify the hottest topics on a forum. Or, by "Heartland site", are you referring to some website other than this forum (the one we're posting in now)? ← I will be the first to confess that I know next to nothing about computer jargon, so yes, I am refering to this forum. Also, I have been told by others who know more than me that the little red folders designate the hottest topics, if I have been misinformed please let me know.
  3. Again,I would like to point out that three of the four hottest topics on the Heartland site are related to Detroit Am I the only one who finds this interesting?
  4. I would also like to point out that three of the four hottest topics on the Heartland site are related to Detroit
  5. I agree 500000000000000000000% But, now the question becomes: How do we go about changing the situation you have discribed so well?
  6. There are a number of affluent communities in the Cultural Center\WSU area. I speak of the gentrified section of Canfield and the Park Shelton Apartments( I mention the Park Shelton because -in my opinion- it is so huge that it qualifies as a community. Also, this area is the Cultural Center, there are many museums in close walking-distance, not the least of which is the Detroit Institute of Art, a world-class facility on a par with the Metropolitan in NYC and the Art Institute of Chicago(yes, I have been to both ).My point is that monied individuals do spend a lot of time in this area. That's why it can support resturants like The Whitney and (my fave, Traffic Jam & Snug)
  7. I agree with the people who have commented on the transportation problem. No one wants to travel 45 min. to dinner I would also like to point out that the Cultural Center/Wayne State University area has a very high "deliciousness- per-block" rating. I realize this may be an exception to the rule, but it is a fact nonetheless.
  8. So, what's your favorite sake; that is available in the U.S Somebody...anybody.......
  9. Is the sumac sold in Middle Eastern stores in the U.S. the American or the Middle Eastern variety ?
  10. Hello- Since you are planning trips to Chicago and Pittsburgh, I will assume you are willing to go as far as Suburban Detroit So I can recommend my favorite places: Cantoro's Market on Middlebelt north of 7 Mile is the absolute best place for anything Italian also, there is a Chinese market in the strip-mall at 14 Mile and Dequindre.
  11. Hi Greenspot: Thanks a lot for the informtion. It was just what I wanted I'm curious about one thing: in the photo, was the third cup of tea in a gaiwan? Was the third cup you had served in one?
  12. Got canned tomatos?...you've got tomato sauce. Once you have that, you can make tomato soup. Rip up some bread,add that to thicken it,maybe some hot sauce...
  13. Way to go These are the kinds of things I am looking for. Does anyone know how to make hunelly(a spice mix)?
  14. Yes,I agree, normal setting is important. But, so is normal way. I wonder if the results would have been the same if they had kissed in their prefered fashion
  15. I know the Chaldean grocery (Kashat) they have the best olive-bar I have ever seen. Yes, Shiro is a Japanese-French fussion restaurant. My favorite Japanese palace in Novi is Happy Sushi at 10 Mile and Meadowbrook. They don't do sushi alone, they do many other Japanese dishes,too. They do amazing soups and they do zorasoba(sp?) in a classic presentation The sushi is classic too. Yes they have the ever-present rice-wrapped in sea-weed but they have the wonderful stuff, an incredable slice of fish(they have many types) on rice. This is where the local Japanese community goes
  16. I realize that Oak Park,MI is not near Novi, but it is home to my favorite Middle Eastern place: at Coolidge and 9 Mile is a Chaldean resturant called New Sahara( I don't remember if there is an "h" at the end). Everytime I go there, I think of the best stuff I had in Jerusalem.
  17. Hello- I am very interested in Northern Italian cooking styles. Could anyone tell me what the essentials in a Northern Italian pantry would be? What would they always have on hand? I'm thinking olive oil, wine vinegar, cornmeal, rice, cheese,onions and wine. What do you think of this list? what should I add? What should I subtract?
  18. Naftal

    Making Cheese

    Hello- I make a cheese by draining yogurt. Would this qualify as a type of fromage blanc?
  19. hello- In the Applegate Shopping Center(how much more off the beaten track can you get for a serious foodie?) are two of my favorite places: a wine-store called Cloverleaf and an authentic French Pastry shop.No I don't know the name . The Appelgate Shopping Center is at 12 Mile on Northwestern.
  20. Hmm. Well, it's hard for me to get up the gumption to drive all the way out there (approx. 30 minutes) for, well...Chinese. I guess my experience with most Chinese places is that there really isn't much differentiation between one and the next. Exceptions, of course, can be made (and some are quite nice), but it'd have to be something really exceptional to get me to drive back to Ny's neighborhood for Chinese food. Any recommended dishes? ← Chef Kelly Chang and I both feel that the best thing is for you to go there and tell him the kind of food you like. After asking you a few questions, Chef Chang will be able to fix you up with the perfect dish. Suggesting food is like suggesting books or movies, the fact I lilke it does not guarantee you will like it. Different people have different tasts. That's what makes this whole food thing so fun
  21. OH- I did not mention that China Cafe does some interesting Korean-style food too. If you are interested in going beyond kimchee, try it out. Can you tell I love this place?
  22. I am wondering about this too, all the trees in my area are by roadsides. Does anyone know if/how dried ground sumac is used in this? Could I use it the way I use any loose tea ← We are really curious about this...
  23. Does anyone else have a favorite use for this wonderful spice? i love the taste of sumac but I have few occasions to use it
  24. I loved Dinner Rush. Has anyone see Tampopo? it is a Japanese comedy and it is one of the very few films I own.
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