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  1. VRK

    stage left

    I believe that the chef was let go a few weeks ago. i don't think that they have hired anyone so far.
  2. VRK


    I didn't care for it.
  3. Its all about braising it baby. untill it falls of the bone then reduce the braising liquid to a sauce and throw them back in to coat them. Serve with some rice and maybe a veg and its all good.
  4. VRK

    Fish Tales

    now heres the thing with bass. There are many many members of the bass family. So say you go to a restaurant and the menu sais bass as the item. It could be anyone of the fish like striped bass, black bass, sea bass. So what you have to look for is whats in the name. Most restaurants will say what kind of bass it is for the ones that dont your waiter should know what it is. If he doesn't dont eat it LOL
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