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  1. I, too, experienced this with my carrot cake. I solved it by always peeling my carrots even though they are organic.
  2. I have made the Nigella cake. I like beer okay but am not a huge beer drinker. Both hubby and I liked the cake. It is different for sure. It is one of those recipes that you have to make yourself to get a sense for what we're talking about. I'd make it again, but can see why others aren't sure.
  3. Aria B.


    I've made this vanilla pudding recipe before and I thought it was good. Has cornstarch but no eggs. I love pudding! http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/21/dining/2...agewanted=print
  4. Has anyone tried making ice cream sandwiches with either of the brownie recipes in David's book? I am in search of a good brownie ice cream sandwich recipe! Thanks.
  5. I've made some interesting desserts out of the book "Retro Desserts" by Wayne Brachman. I checked it out from my local library.
  6. I had in my mind that room temperature cream cheese is easier to incorporate smoothly into cheesecake batter. Is this true? Can it just be softened in the microwave if so?
  7. I have a recipe that calls for eggs, butter, and buttermilk all at room temperature. I'm not worried about the butter, but would it be okay to leave eggs and buttermilk out overnight if I'm planning to bake first thing in the morning? How pertinent is it that they are room temp.? It is a pound cake recipe. I've also wondered this with eggs and cream cheese in cheesecake recipes. As usual, thanks everyone.
  8. What is the technical difference between pastry cream and vanilla pudding? Sorry for the silly question....the vanilla puddings I've made use the same ingredients if I remember correctly. Eggs, milk, cornstarch, sugar, etc.
  9. Thanks, Pam. You were right. I followed your advice and the soup turned out wonderfully.
  10. Can I peel and dice a couple of yams today for soup I'm making tomorrow? If so would I just put the cubes in a container in the fridge? Thanks in advance!
  11. I've never been willing to try fruitcake, until I considered it after reading this post. There's a picture of the list of ingredients if you scroll down. I have yet to do it, but I've wanted to try to replicate this recipe and then, just maybe, I'd try fruitcake. http://accidentalscientist.blogspot.com/20...door-stops.html
  12. Not a pie, cake, or cookie, but Molly Katzen's Yogurt Herb bread from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. My girls love it.
  13. I've done a few searches (local stores, online, etc.) for unbleached cake flour since the only kind I've found before is bleached. Is cake flour always bleached by nature of it's purpose?
  14. It is so funny how some people can love the same recipe while others really don't care for it. I am a World Peace Cookie lover. My palate detects sweet, salty, and chocolaty flavors in perfect combination. This recipe is one of my favorites for sure. But, to each their own!
  15. Oops....looks like the one I suggested (from America's Test Kitchen on Leite's Culinaria) is the same as the Cooks Illustrated one. I know that ATK and CI are the same group, but now I'm wondering if most of the Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen recipes are the same in their various publications?
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