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  1. there is a trader joe's on route 17 north in paramus, also. past the container store and the west elm. i take exit 163 off the parkway. it's about 30 seconds (depending on traffic, of course) from the exit. i drive from belleville, and it only takes me 15 minutes. but then, i only go on sundays. ;-)

  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there's no plans for a Trader Joe's in Clifton. I emailed them and asked for a rumor confirmation and this was the reply:

    "We appreciate your suggestions and enthusiasm regarding opening a store in Clifton ,NJ. We regret to inform you that at this time we have no confirmed plans for a store location in this area."

    waahhh! oh, well. i shop at wf in west orange and montclair, too. it would have been nice to have something so close to home as i work in secaucus and going to west orange/montclair after work is too much.

  3. my sister and i were driving back to my apartment in belleville on franklin avenue on sunday and she noticed this between centre and harrison.  does anyone have any info about this?  we passed it again, but i was driving and couldn't really take the time to really look at it.

    I just passed this place the other day. Here is their website http://farmbistro.com/home.aspx .The sign outside said they also deliver now. I hope to check it out soon.

    thanks! i searched for a website the day i posted but didn't come up with anything. looks good! i will try it this week.

  4. my sister and i were driving back to my apartment in belleville on franklin avenue on sunday and she noticed this between centre and harrison. does anyone have any info about this? we passed it again, but i was driving and couldn't really take the time to really look at it.

  5. so, any new info? the stew leonards wine store is open i think. yes tj's? no tj's? i know trader joe's is not a real supermarket, but it would be nice to be able to stop on the way home after work for some specific instead of having to wait until sunday to go to paramus (you won't catch me there any other time; i hate route 17).

  6. i saw stamna a while ago but kept forgetting to ask if anyone here had ever been. i finally got there last night with my greek friend.

    we ordered the assorted dips and a small horiatiki salad to start. my favorite is the taramosalata, and it didn't disapoint. the other dips were good, too. the salad was good -- no lettuce -- which is correct. ;-) all very authentic and yummy.

    my friend ordered the paidakia (lamb chops) with the horta (dandelion? greens -- sometimes it's some other green). she said they were excellent. i don't like lamb (i know, how can a greek not like lamb), so i didn't try it. i ordered the karpathian makarounes (pasta w/onions and cheese), and i have to say... eh. kind of tasteless and the pasta was overcooked. not terrible, but not that great. this is not something my family makes (we are from the north mainland), and i wanted to try it. i want to try the soutzoukakia next time. yes, i will definitely go back. my friend, too.

    we ordered frappes (oh, how i miss frappes!) and the waiter surprised us with a plate of baklava and a plate of galaktoboureko. both were really tasty, but we were really full.

    i'm so excited for a real greek restaurant near me! now i don't always have to go to astoria or uncle nick's. greek delights is really good, but stamna has that extra (and obvious) authenticity.

  7. i've been to after athens a few years ago with my family (my parents are from greece). say, 5 or more years, before my parents retired to south carolina. from what i remember, the man that seated us and waited on us was also native greek. in greece (and i think this is true for most of europe), you have to ask for the check. they will not offer it. not because they don't care, but because it's the culture to allow people to enjoy their meals. they will let you stay for hours and hours without saying a word. so, maybe they are still in that mindset and forget that americans expect the check and a "short" meal.

  8. i think massaman curry is supposed to be mildly spicy. but my experience has been that what thai people consider mild or not spicy is very different than what westerners consider mild or not spicy. pad thai is the iconic thai dish, and it is not spicy at all. you can also order the pad khing, which is a stir fry. the menu has the little chili pepper icon next to the spicy dishes.

    i was there three days ago, and it was great! i got the pad cee euw (or however you spell it. everyone spells it differently), another noodle dish that is not spicy.

    i have to mention, though, that the service can be a little inattentive sometimes. don't go if you are in a hurry.

  9. the best i've ever had was at the rockleigh country club. the gigantic shrimp on the dinner salad was the tenderest, best shrimp i've ever had. (hmmm, maybe i don't get out much). the cocktail hour spread was mind-boggling in breadth and scope and really fresh and delicious. not just good food for a wedding. gooooooooood food period.

  10. athena, Elysian isn't walking distance from the Path, but there are always cabs for 5 or so dollars.  it *is* walking distance from the 14th street ferry, however.  and that's a wonderful ride.

    the room at the elysian is, i think, absolutely beautiful.  they've restored the old space (at the cost of $1M i'd think).  wonderful ceillings and walls and big windows.  just perfect for a sunday afternoon to my mind.  the photos section of their website shows the room.  it's also a more "adult" place than a lot of hoboken.


    oh! i guess i didn't look at the address (or a map). good to know. thanks!

    and that sounds like exactly the kind of atmosphere i'm looking for.

  11. thanks for all your replies!

    i've been to the chart house recently for a small function, and while i thought the food was good/ok (not spectacular, not bad), it's really not this group's scene. they do appreciate good food. also, i think most of the guests would prefer to take the PATH, so walking distance from that is ideal.

    amanda's and anthony david's look really wonderful but a little pricey for me. i'm basically footing the bill as there are no other bridesmaids. i'm thinking the elysian cafe. i like their menu. it seems interesting without being too out there, and it's in my price range. also, this will most likely be a sunday luncheon.

    a friend also recommended the gaslight. any opinion on that (the gaslight menu)? their menu looks kinda... um, pedestrian? but if the food is really outstanding, i'd like to know.

    thanks for the mention of the $35 tasting menu at AD. i'm going to suggest that to my friend when we go out next week. also, must try cucharamama.


    please continue with all on topic AND off topic discussions.

  12. hi! i'm new. :-)

    i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for an affordable but nice restaurant in hoboken that can host a low-key bridal shower (i.e., no games or squealy present opening) for about 18-20 people.

    my sister is the bride and she lives in queens. most of the guests will be coming from nyc. i live in belleville, and i think this might be a good compromise so i don't go crazy. i hope.

    any advice would be appreciated.

    athena :-)

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