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  1. Banh Mi Factory is located right on the corner of Keele and Finch (across from the Petro Canada). It is a fast food vietnamese restaurant that has a whole variety of good vietnamese food such as banh mi, pho, salad rolls (chicken, satay beef, or shrimp), spring rolls (with taro) and delicious desserts. I've personally tried the satay beef sandwich and it is pretty tasty! they have fresh pickled carrots, cilantro, peppers and all the fun stuff. Other things I've tried are: cold cut sandwiches, curry chicken bowl, and pho : they are all pretty unique and delicious: The subs are flavorful but not too saucy, the baguettes are crispy but also very soft. Also the bread is thin, so when you bite into your sandwich you can taste all the ingredients...not just bread. Ive been told they make everything from scratch. The atmosphere is pretty nifty too - very spacious, clean, and colorful. I believe you can also use the internet there as well. PLUS!!! they make their own french baguettes. You can watch the bread being made as you order. Nothing better than eating a sandwich that came right out from the oven. Hope this helps!
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