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  1. can't wait to get my hands on these. I love indian mangoes. just haven't had them since I was kid in India 24 years ago. I use mango in a lot of different recipes. should be fun to play with. I live down the street from Patel in Elmhurst. will go check it out today and find out from them what the availability is going to be.
  2. Sorry folks for being a little crabby. Didn't mean any disrespect. Once again I think a good hospitality/contract lawyer is the way to go. cheers.
  3. thanks k8memphis. having a good contract lawyer will help a bunch as well. It will cost 1000 dollars or so but it is definitely worth it so when the time comes to leave the place it is less painful.
  4. Are there any online resources as to such documents that you know off?
  5. Hey folks I have never done a employment contract. What all should be covered in here? Any advise would be great. I don't want to get nailed to the wall by my future employer.
  6. They have great drunken noodles and Som Tam Lao(papaya salad). I also love the Khao Soi egg noodle in curry dish. I have never gone wrong with these 3 items.
  7. Your trip sounds wonderful. I have been a lifelong newyorker and I haven't experienced half of what you accomplished in a few days. hats off to you mate.
  8. The reason I posted this topic was just for the reason stated above. I am so dense when it comes to pastry. Temperatures et al.. You can't wing it. It can easily turn out horrible. I am good in the hot kitchen and that is where my strengths lie so I won't even attempt to indulge my ego by thinking that I can train someone on pastry. You guys really came thru for me today on this topic. Pastry has to be really good to be noted. I am not willing to put out mediocre stuff out there. Especially when the food is going to be unbelievable.
  9. How many are too many and how many are not enough?
  10. I was thinking the same sort of situation.
  11. Yes I am setting up a new place. Trying to budget for salaries for all the burgeoning stars who are going to be in my kitchen. I feel pastry is very important at the same time I don't want a Varietal happening to my operation. I change my mind about everything thousand times a day so it is nice that I can get some input from you all. cheers.
  12. I agree. Pastry chefs are never going to be history.
  13. But can it be done with a really good pastry chef/consultant who would have an annual contract. Someone like Jehangir Mehta.
  14. How important would it be for a place to have a pastry chef full-time? I am just looking at it from a fiscal standpoint. Pastry sales aren't that great say in 2-star joint. Would it then be better to have a consultant who can train a crew? Or is it still worth it to pay 90K to a pastry chef?
  15. There is always a first time. I just don't think it has been done in an effective way. But two good chefs with a good working relationship can make the place shine. Marketing and PR would have to play a big part in making it succeed.
  16. great stuff folks. I think two chefs who can work together well can be very effective. It is about putting the best product out there for the customers.
  17. can you give me names of some other restaurants that have done it.
  18. Hi all, This is my first post. I wanted to know how would a restaurant with 2 co-execs go over in New York market. Is is frowned upon? Would it work? Would it confuse the restaurant goers? How would the PR company handle it? Is it a marketing nightmare? thanks all.
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